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  1. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    I'd be ecstatic of we grabbed him. Pls lord.
  2. I'd be totally fine with Coleman. Igo (I've been on this board so long I just typed out Zod first), there's 24 hours till the draft. It's so close but yet so far. CRUMBS MAN, WE NEED MORE INFO CRUMBS.
  3. So, all the talk I've seen here and elswhere seems to revolve around these guys. Derrick Henry Hunter Henry Karl Joseph Emmanuel Ogbah Kevin Dodd Vernon Butler Might've missed some but you get the point. Two offensive guys then a ton of defensive guys. Treadwell used to be considered the top WR in the draft, and I feel like "Love to have him but he won't fall" seemed to be a common sentiment around here a while ago. Since then, his stock seems to have been falling and it seems like there's a legitimate shot (albeit still unlikely) that he'll be there at our pick. Big, physically possession receiver that's not too fast. Do you guys think Gettleman would view Treadwell as BPA and go for him? I'm not sure because on one hand, he very well could be BPA at 30. On the other hand, we drafted Funch last year and have KB coming back - it'd be adding another big, tall and not necessarily fast WR to a receiving core that already has that, and a lot of it. Really not sure what Getts would do, just want your guys' opinions.
  4. Anyone else see this?

    poo my bad. Huddle every day brah. Now that you posted that, I remember.Just forgot I guess.
  5. Anyone else see this?

    Saw this on our subreddit yesterday and I don't recall ever seeing it posted here. But god damn I love TD, when all is said and done he might be my favorite Panther of all time. Sucks seeing him like that but to see how much it means to him makes me proud to call him a Panther. Don't watch if you don't wanna cry. :(
  6. Ezekiel Elliott

    Maybe we can get Chubb and Jake Butt. The Chubbybutt draft.
  7. Some fuging conspiracynutjob in the depths of youtube guessed, got lucky, andpredicted the superbowl. Guy is batshit crazy.
  8. Mayocks first rankings

    Really not sure why they don't sort by 4-3 and 3-4 projected DL.
  9. 2003 or 2015.... which one hurt more?

    I was only 9 years old in '03 and didn't follow football, so I can't say. This one hurt a lot though. The worse team played the better game. I truthfully think we're objectively the better team than Denver (as we had been all year), we just played like poo. You play that game ten times and I think we win it 6 or 7, and it sucks to lose such a good opportunity.
  10. Mayocks first rankings

    Oh yeah, I was just throwing it out there. I watched some of Lawson's games and he looked a little slow off the snap, but a lot of people seem to like him so I'd still be cool with it.I know jack poo about scouting players so I'll trust Gettleman wherever he goes.
  11. If injury was a complete nonfactor I just don't understand why he'd bring up the whole "when QBs don't tackle interception returns" thing. Eh. I hope you're right.
  12. I'm gonna value what Cam says himself more than what it "looks like" he's doing. I only heard him acknowledge the hesitation out ofa fear of injury, not trying to make a play on it - unless I'm remembering the interview incorrectly, which I could be. I still love Cam but I'd be lying if I said the whole fumble ordeal didn't bother me at all.
  13. Mayocks first rankings

    I'd love to get Coleman, Cash, Ogbah, Lawson, orNassib with out first pick.
  14. I don't understand. Why do people keep saying he was trying to make a play when he explicitly said in his interview that he didn't want to contort his leg and talked about how people don't blame QBs when they don't chase INTs? Did I miss something?
  15. I agree with you man. I've loved Cam since he was drafted, but seeing him say he didn't want to dive on the fumble out of injury fear when guys like TD are playing with a broken arm just bums me out. I wanna give him the benefit of the doubt and believe he just did it out of instinct without thinking about it, but I don't know. Cam is our franchise QB, and completely changed this franchise for the best. Doesn't mean he should be immune from criticism on this board.