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  1. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    I guess I'll wait another 10+ years or a lifetime for another chance to see my team win a SB
  2. Calm down you cotton headed ninny muggins

    Spot on. I honestly did not envision a 14-1 season. In fact I was being conservative at the beginning of the year with a 8-8 prediction after Benjamin went down. I'm so glad I was so wrong.  #perspective       
  3. The Zone Defense needs to be revisited. I think your point about the receivers catching balls in the slot is spot on. I have confidence in Rivera and McDermott and think they will make the adjustments. I'm just trying to figure out if they are waiting to make the switch for the big game or if there is another reason they are holding back. We need more QB pressure too, because it's giving these WRs more time to break free from their routes to convert on big downs.   I'd say let Norman shut down his guy and push Safety help over to the other DBs. It's time to lean on our talented guys to come up big. 
  4. Official Panthers - Falcons Gameday Thread

    Thank god you're not coaching the team. Cam might not have had a chance to put together several 4th quarter comebacks like he did this year. 
  5. Official Panthers - Falcons Gameday Thread

    A lot of teams struggle to go 16-0. No reason to get butt-hurt over it. It's one game and teams have been playing out of their minds against us because we have that target on our backs.  if you want to bench the player who you claim has gotten us this far, then don't celebrate when he delivers a big win for us.  The Jets just beat the Patriots. 
  6. Official Panthers - Falcons Gameday Thread

    Anybody that comes out against Cam Newton today can jump off the bandwagon. Real fans got it from here - thanks. 
  7. Official Panthers - Falcons Gameday Thread

    Anybody that wants to come down on Cam Newton shouldn't pretend to be apart of the 14-0 run. Bench a potential NFL MVP? Get the hell outta here! 
  8. Official Panthers - Falcons Gameday Thread

    What does it take to be MVP? A perfect season and flawless executive each and every game? You need to set reasonable expectations.  Cam probably would have put together a comeback had he had better pass protection on that last play. 
  9. Official Panthers - Falcons Gameday Thread

    Our defense has been weak over the last 3-4 games. We really need a wakeup call. It seems like offenses have adjusted and yet we are still running this zone D that allows teams to throw down the middle and over the top. Maybe this L will cause us to go back to the drawing board.