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  1. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    Isn't Ron on the board? He probably won't say anything anyway
  2. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    It's the new WWE
  3. This is crazy

    The ref's name is Clete? Hmmmmm...
  4. There has been an awakening...

    sounds like you took a step back.  The pain will fade.  Be strong.  I'm still getting over it too
  5. You are crazy!!! Who cares if the No.1 defense in the league knows what play you're running before snap?  Players have to execute no matter what! (sarcasm)
  6. Tom Brady: The Winner

    Denial exhibit A 
  7. It's obvious the execution was bad. How was it smart to run the ball down 2 scores with 4 minutes left? Who cares about keeping the edge rushers honest when the fuging time is running out. Denver didn't even play for the deep ball. They didn't have to. Shula ball works when you're in control of the game. You can't go full Shula when you're trying to play catch-up. This thread is about the coach fug ups. We already know what happened on the field. 
  8. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

    TD Jared allen and Peyton Manning probably would've broke their own legs and dove head first for that ball. That's because they know they're at the end of their careers. Cam knows he has a shot a 7+ Superbowls. He made a smart decision. Cam's position near the ball and experience diving for fumbes, as Igo said, are good enough reasons for me. 
  9. Well Isn't That Convenient...

    It's all just a distraction. Don't be fooled. Hell, I even forgot we were getting the ball back after halftime because they used Beyonce twerking maneuvers  to hypnotize me. Fool me 3 times can't fool me again 
  10. Well Isn't That Convenient...

    But Clete is white and he's the ref in charge and the charlotte ref is black. They put the charlotte ref there so you couldn't say anything about the Denver ref. It's kind of like how people say Obama is in the white house so there can't be racism anymore. Plus he's a partner at a law firm in Omaha of all places. Dead give away. I also heard he has a membership at the same gym the Manning use to workout. I think it's called the Bilderburg Gym or Club? Something like that
  11. Who Should Go or not resign

    Max protection? What is this sorcery you speak of?
  12. I agree with you about the players not executing, but there's truth to those long developing plays and runs up the gut while the clock is against you in the gotdamn super bowl. It would have been smarter to use a rb to help block since they weren't really doing much after stews td anyway. Players were bad and coaches were worse.  Disclaimer : This is just an opinion. This is not intended to start an argument with PhillyB. I do not feel like pasting in Google translate right now
  13. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Cam waves to the fans and yall are ready to go in because he didn't stop to kiss any puppies. I suggest that yall step away from football for a while. It'll be therapeutic 
  14. When we played the Texans, part of the game plan was to take away Watt. We totally ignored Miller while he dominated Remmers the whole game. Thats strictly on coaching. 
  15. Racist peice of poo

    It's funny because they do it and then try to flip on you and say you're jumping to conclusions.  It's makes them look dumb as hell.  Thinking the average person can't pick up on things like that is idiotic. Believing you're smarter than them is also kind of ironic, IMO.  If you truly didn't get it, then it's not your fault you've never been exposed to inner workings of racism.  The piece of poo that said it works in the media and knows damn well how it would be received. He'll just deny it like the rest of them. Who has a better life right now, Cam or that guy? lmao