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  1. Racist peice of poo

    It's funny because they do it and then try to flip on you and say you're jumping to conclusions.  It's makes them look dumb as hell.  Thinking the average person can't pick up on things like that is idiotic. Believing you're smarter than them is also kind of ironic, IMO.  If you truly didn't get it, then it's not your fault you've never been exposed to inner workings of racism.  The piece of poo that said it works in the media and knows damn well how it would be received. He'll just deny it like the rest of them. Who has a better life right now, Cam or that guy? lmao
  2. Bayless and Stephen A on Mike Shula

    And what about the defensive game plan?  Our defense played good for the most part, but it seemed like they averaged 7 seven yards until they reached the red zone . McDermott's blitzing only worked once and allowed Peyton, of all people, to pick apart the weakest links in our defense. Adjustments man adjustments. We got out coached and outplayed. I'm glad this happened early with the guys with have. Hopefully they learn from this, add some talent on offense and stay healthy next season. 
  3. Bayless and Stephen A on Mike Shula

    There's no excuse for the way the coaches managed the clock. The players did not and could not execute the game plan. Even my teenage son could see it was bad game plan to begin with.  I didn't see any adjustments or urgency from anyone and that starts at the top. 
  4. You won't see any of the "he's getting what he deserves" crowd in here lol. They're the real Panther fans?
  5. Winning with grace

    Taking pictures with the team and celebrating plays is not the same as directly speaking negatively about the opposing team. Like I said earlier we will back next season and I'm glad they're on the menu
  6. Panther Fans Will Get Their Team Back Now

    Rocking my Panthers gear today just as hard as I have been all season. 
  7. Cam was let down by his offense

    We're playing it already. It's Cam's fault (sarcasm)
  8. Ok help us out. Under the circumstances Cam was in last night, what could he have done better? Our protection was poo against the no.1 defense, slow developing pass plays, tight d on the wrs, bad calls and when he does make good throws,the wrs drop half or tip one up for an int? You're Cam. How do you overcome this?
  9. It's obvious he didn't have a good game.  He missed two throws the entire game.  Yall act like he played in a clean pocket and was missing receivers all game. How was he supposed to drive us down the field with a hand-off to the running back every first down?  How was he supposed to complete a pass under pressure with no receivers open and 2-4 guys getting to him in under 3 seconds?  How was he supposed to throw the ball, block, call plays, run the ball, and catch the ball?
  10. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    Good, keep it coming. 19-0 next season bitches!
  11. What qb ever had a good game and won when he he's running for his life the entire game?  Was cam supposed to shake off 4 defenders in the backfield for the entire game?
  12. Draft and free agency

  13. Horrible clock management. We need to come out strong next half. Keep pounding 
  14. I love hearing that keep pounding on tv
  15. Gameday Menu Superbowl Edition

    Shiiiiitttt... I wish