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  1. All inclusive resorts

    Punta cana or Costa Rica Liberia. Check out with funjet, vacation express they do flight and all inclusive packages.
  2. He just signed a extension with the Bears last week.
  3. Yeah the Facebook feed has 3 white flags.
  4. So you're coming to Chicago

    Looks like it is $5 for single ticket from Ord and the other are $2.50. So you are looking at around 12.50 for the 4 passes. If you are sure you won't be catching a bus in the city then yes. http://www.transitchicago.com/travel_information/fares/unlimitedridecards.aspx
  5. Welcome to Chicago the crime capital of the US. Yeah that is what you probably are thinking. Well get that out of your head. Chicago does have its issues but like any big city it is only certain parts of the city. Which the areas you will most likely be frequenting are pretty safe. Just be aware of your surroundings and watch out for the homeless. They are going to be your biggest issue. With that said thought I would pass along some suggestions and info. Like I said the homeless up here can be a issue. You have your professional homeless that sit at the same spot every day. You either ignore them or give them a dollar your choice. It's the crazy homeless you have to watch out for. These are the ones that will be walking around mumbling to themselves. You see them on the streets and the El. Best to avoid eye contact and not engage them. Onto the fun stuff. You will most likely be flying into either ohare airport or if you fly Southwest airlines midway. I will do ohare first. Since this will be a weekend trip you will probably only pack one bag. If this is the case forget take a cab $45 or rideshare $17 from ohare. Your best option is just take the blue line train. For $20 you can get a CTA pass for $20 or just buy a pass with a certain dollar amount. This is good for both the train and buses. In the long run it is the cheapest option. Bus fare is $2.50 and you need a pass for the train. Important *make sure to use the bathroom at the airport* it is a 45 minute ride to the city. Once you arrive in ohare you will need to follow the signs for baggage claim. Once in baggage claim look for signs for train to the city. That will be the blue line. There are kiosk at the train to buy a pass. For midway the orange line train will take you to the city or you cab it. Sorry to say I don't use midway alot so not sure on the fare. It is very difficult to get lost in Chicago. sure it has alot of tall buildings but after the great fire they made almost all the roads east to west and north to south. You have a big lake to the east and building to the west. Also at some corners they have compass rose to orintate you. If you have a smart phone your life just got easier. Best to save your hotel in the maps. If you are staying out by the airport be advised it is a 45 minute train ride to the city. Well to the the city. Some important place to remember. Chicago is broken up into different areas. The loop is where most of the business offices are located usually busy during the weekday but very dead at night and on the weekends. Only people you will see is people working or going to the theatres museums and the bears game. The there are 4 areas north of the loop River north, Near north Gold Coast and Streeterville. This will be the place you will spend most of your time in it runs from the river North to division street and from lake Michigan to wacker street. These areas has the navy pier Michigan avenue (shopping). Hubert street bars division street bars. With restaurant all around. Food can be expensive but there are a few cheap places too. One thing about Chicago is the food options are plentiful. Some of tall are doing the roaring riot tour they have picked some great bars and you will enjoy them. If didn't both Hubert street and division street have different bars you can check out. You will want to have a good pair of walking shoes if you are going to explore the city. I have walked 13 miles before in one day just walking around checking it out. The bus system is also a good option to get around and you can use Uber or Lyft. On game day if you are North of the loop the best way to get to Soldier field. You will want to take the red line train or bus. If you are coming from the airport you will need to take the blue then transfer to a bus. Soldier field is right beside lake Michigan so it is usually 5 to 10 degrees colder than the rest of the city. So make sure to dress accordingly. Some sites that I would suggest Millennium Park had the bean Chicago art institute you could spend all day there and not see everything. The architecture river cruise about a hour and a half boat tour. The riverwalk Navy Pier Eataly itilian grocery store with dining very interesting store Michigan avenue different shops There is a area on rush street that has some excellent dining options Lincoln park zoo. Free zoo just North of gold coast. If you are looking for deep dish pizza I would suggest Pizzanos on state street. Not only is the pizza good but the decor of the place is great. Wrigley field is North if the north in Wrigleyville. They have some great bars up there and defiantly a place you need to see. To get to it from the Loop or river North area. You will need to take the red line train to Addison. There are alot more to do i just glossed over some of it. My biggest suggestion is just walk the city. You will enjoy it. Forgot dinning. Make sure to make reservations. On the weekend places can be crowded. If you are a breakfast person expect to wait A little bit.
  6. Who's going to Chicago?

    Yeah it's a good schedule. Some good bars y'all will be hitting.
  7. Who's going to Chicago?

    Once in a lifetime trip couldn't pass it up. Will post some photos when I get back.
  8. Who's going to Chicago?

    Wish I could but have to go to San Diego.
  9. Trump wanted 10x more nukes

    Oh if Obama did it then it's alright.
  10. Cubs Win, Cubs Win, Cubs Win !!!

    Fly the L!
  11. Cubs Win, Cubs Win, Cubs Win !!!

    Looks like it will go to 5 games unless cubs rally.
  12. Cubs Win, Cubs Win, Cubs Win !!!

    He was "sick" don't know the whole story but that is the team line.
  13. Cubs Win, Cubs Win, Cubs Win !!!

    So Arrieta against Strasburg that should be interesting.
  14. Cubs Win, Cubs Win, Cubs Win !!!

    Go Nats!
  15. MNF Thread - Bears VS Vikings

    Bradford got pulled.