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  1. The Greenbrier in West Virginia. Don't laugh it could happen
  2. Why worry about once the new owner is found Hurney will be gone.
  3. A little ownership news

    Didn't think we would hear news til after the Superbowl. Things will pick up between now and end of March.
  4. Hunting Land Lease opportunity?

    Certain counties in NC don't allow rifles. Cabarrus county used to not allow them. I was part of one in WV. It was owned by a major timber company that leased out rights to hunt. Might research for something like that in western nc.
  5. Hunting Land Lease opportunity?

    What are using to hunt with?
  6. Whoever paid her to do that. Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!
  7. The economy

    Imo bond and commodities market are better indicators. The Dow is the laggard. 10 year bond is up 40 basis point year to date. Analysis are now predicting 3.25 by June. That will increase interest rates on loans and mortgages. So we will see some volatility.
  8. Olson next to jump on the wagon?
  9. The economy

    Inflation concerns. Can see this lasting for the next month or two.
  10. Congrats to Johnny Rockets

    Philly! Philly!
  11. NFL Man of the Year

    Didn't he win it one year?
  12. Yeah talking about media and fans. He is actually taking the Panthers philosophy on drafting and implementing it to the Giants.
  13. Anyone rooting for the Patriots should be banned.
  14. Raleigh in running for Amazon Hub

    If I was a city leader I wouldn't them. 50,000 new resident will be hell on infrastructure and housing.
  15. Graham Gano Builds Huge Snowman

    Yeah the luster will wear off in Buffalo.