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  1. Rocket Man (Not Elton John)

    Space cadet.
  2. WP - Power Ranking

    Panthers haven't beaten anyone. Get use to it til Patriots.
  3. Airlines have lost all common sense

    Speaking of losing all common sense. Price war going on right now. Get your tickets while there cheap. Round trip Charlotte to San Diego 179.00
  4. Panthers vs McCoy

    Sorry wrong subject.
  5. Yeah was going to post this. Low scoring game. Gano shanks at least 1.
  6. Which might cover his lease if he is lucky.
  7. Airlines have lost all common sense

    Anyone flying out of Charlotte or Atlanta tomorrow. Most flights will be oversold so if you want to make some extra cash take a deal and catch a later flight.
  8. Essential Oils

    Horse liminent just make sure to get the one that has safe for human use.
  9. Irma

    Yeah the winds are the issue now. Can't land aircraft in high crosswinds. Next few days will be recovery days at the airports. So if you are flying the next few days. Check the schedules before you leave and give yourself enough time.
  10. Irma

    Not a good day to try to catch a flight Delta over 400 cancellations in Atlanta , American has about 300 cancellations in Charlotte. Tomorrow will be terrible at these two airports.
  11. Irma

    They do mostly but Irma doesn't have anything to steer it North. Also with it in the gulf it can reform with the warm water so it isn't done yet.
  12. Irma

    It will strengthen again. Getting sheared by the mountains in the Dominican republic right now.
  13. Irma

    Walt Disney world will stay open. Lines should be short.
  14. 8.2 magnitude earthquake mexico

    Near the border of Mexico and Guatemala just off off the coast in the Pacific. Luckily the tsunami was shallow. But you have to figure it is going to be bad down there.