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  1. Squirrel added a post in a topic Taking a trip, any suggestions for stops?   

    81 sucks.  Couple of suggestions stop at Appomattox Courthouse. Also stop by Charlottesville and see Monticello.  Then hope on 95 stop by colonial Williamsburg and Yorktown. After that stop by Petersburg and then hit Mt Vernon.  
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  2. Squirrel added a post in a topic New $600 Million Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Coming To The Charlotte Region   

    Hopefully they have table games. 
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  3. Squirrel added a post in a topic Self Checkout   

    More people need to learn how to use the self checkout. Also same thing with checking in for flights. No reason to go to the agent do everything at the kiosk.  
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  4. Squirrel added a post in a topic Carowinds   

    Need customers to have lines.  If I didn't get on the first train I got on the second.  Point being a amusement park is more than just roller coasters.  
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  5. Squirrel added a topic in The Lounge   

    How many coasters do you need?  Hadn't been there in 13 years place is just one rollercoaster after another.  
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  6. Squirrel added a post in a topic How do You Just Pick up And Leave?   

    First step is to save money. Depending on what you want to do.  If it is college. Just enroll in UNCC. 
    For moves outside the state like Imicus said take the least amount as possible. Also budget money for a return trip.  Nothing worse than being stuck in a place you hate.   
    Best thing to do is have a job in the city before you leave. Easier said than Done specially if you don't have a skill.  I would advise no less than 3000 in the bank for travel and first month expenses.  
    Easiest way is to join the military. But you are committed for 3-4 years going that route. 
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  7. Squirrel added a post in a topic what's the maddest you've ever been as a panthers fan?   

    Jake's extension. 
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  8. Squirrel added a post in a topic Preseason Predictions: Training Bike Champion   

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  9. Squirrel added a topic in Nerdvana   

    ARK: Survival Evolved
    Anyone tried this out yet looks interesting.
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  10. Squirrel added a post in a topic Vacation Starts in Las Vegas   

    have fun take rain gear. 
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  11. Squirrel added a post in a topic Marines killed in TN   

    couple things. 
    1.  a lot of soldiers live offpost so the need to wear the uniform off base is required. Also sometimes you dont have time to change.  When I was in the Army I took classes at night and wore my BDU's to class not because I wanted the attention but because I didnt have time to change.  Also sometimes you have to pick something offbase on your lunch break not like you have time to change before leaving.
    2.  Served with a lot of people I would considered unstable or irresponsible.  Letting them carry arms all the time is just asking for trouble.
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  12. Squirrel added a post in a topic Marines killed in TN   

    You're making to much sense in this thread. Agree on all points.   Regular Soldiers shouldn't carry as there is to many dumbasses. but like you said recruiters specially around the office should be able too.  Atleast let them have a pistol.
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  13. Squirrel added a post in a topic Best Buy sold thousands of $200 gift cards last night for $15   

    They can if they want. 
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  14. Squirrel added a post in a topic YOU CAN'T PAY FAST FOOD WORKERS HIGH WAGES!!!!   

    Businesses don't operate to pay employees.  They operate to give investors a return on their money.  Employees are just a nuisance that companies have to put up with.
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  15. Squirrel added a post in a topic Confederate Flag.... Hate or Heritage?   

    ah the you lost argument.  Funny do you really know why the Confederacy  lost the war?  Funny you mention America wins. 
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