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  1. Squirrel

    Pssst.. New Coaster at Carowinds for 2019

    Oh how shocking another roller coaster.
  2. Squirrel

    North Korea Summit

    If you told me in the early 90's that Trump and Dennis Rodman would be negotiating a Peace treaty with North Korea I would think the future is screwed. So yeah we're screwed.
  3. Squirrel

    Oliver luck CEO of XFL

    Bet McMahon plays the red states against the blue states. Trump will be right there prodding it as they are buddies.
  4. Very interesting he would leave the NCAA for this. Did a good job at WVU when he was AD and had previous experience with NFL Europe. Know some don't care for him due to his comments when Andrew didn't come out. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/23702411/oliver-luck-commissioner-ceo-xfl
  5. But free agency did start til 1993.
  6. Still on the outside right now.
  7. Squirrel

    Best offseasons, per Gil Brandt

    No more JR best off-season ever!
  8. Squirrel

    Tuesday OTA tweets

    Who was it against though?
  9. Squirrel

    "Why would I care?"

    Yeah he just screwed up his recruitment.
  10. Squirrel

    The Wall, Immigration and racism

    Please share the data. Apprehension was down during Obama's presidency. But during Bush's 500 thousand to a million was apprehended a year. That's apprehension not making it through. Nc Hispanic population grew from 80,000 in 1990 to 800,000 in 2010. In 2016 it reach 1 million.
  11. Squirrel

    The Wall, Immigration and racism

    Which is true. Another thing that needs to be fixed is foreign ownership of property. Alot of countries bar foreigners from owning properties US should start that too. Businesses I can understand but foreigners owning condos land and houses should be illegal.
  12. Squirrel

    The Wall, Immigration and racism

    Which is my point the system is the issue they love cheap labor America was built on it. But we have come to the point in History where it doesn't work. Historically even with cheap labor people could afford a home. Now we are at a point where that us not attainable for even the middle-middle class. You have to be in the upper-midfle class to afford a home. Or do like you said earlier live with multiple people to have one. I lived in Honolulu where the only way people can buy a house now is to have a multiple generation home.
  13. Squirrel

    The Wall, Immigration and racism

    No it is but between 2000 and last year it was a problem.
  14. Squirrel

    The Wall, Immigration and racism

    Not saying they don't work. Just saying they have held wages down.