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  1. Bruce Arians is kind of upset

    He probably  has  had  time to  look  at  the  game again  and now is pissed at how they were  beaten.
  2. Happy New Year

    Happy  New Year  to all !!!! 
  3. What are You Drinking Right Now?

    Has anyone tried Ommegang Wit ?
  4. Panthers lucky to have Proehl

    I really like this guy and we are fortunate to have him as has been said. It would be so cool to get him to the side and have some down to earth talks, He wouldn't be able to talk as free as I would want, but more info on his real thoughts on players, Does he really think Hill is going to make an impact or it's just not there, Who does he think should be the WRs,,,,,,, What was his scouting report on the potential draftees,,,,Stuff like that,