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  1. What if.......

    Wait a minute, is Hillary the Godzilla character in the Grimm fairy tale above?
  2. The Bears Have Released SS Antrel Rolle

    But not in the 2nd Everyone thinks we picked up a 2nd rounder, no so. We picked up a UDFA an hope he makes and helps the team
  3. The Bears Have Released SS Antrel Rolle

    The point was that the projections were obviously WRONG. They were worthless. 32 teams passed over him with every pick. Projections were wrong. If the projections has said UDFA, you would not feel anything right now. Not dissing the kid, just the devotion to predraft "projections" by guys who miss it wildly sometimes can skew your views
  4. The Bears Have Released SS Antrel Rolle

    An UDFA makes you feel better?
  5. Trump vs. Hillary

    Two people who have embodied the "system" are running for President. Glutton for punishment is the new theme for all voters
  6. Agreed on injuries Wins will take care of the media
  7. Besides the Tunsil deal, the 49ers moving back into the first round to get a Guard who cannot yet pass protect? What is your head scratcher (not the Pathers 3 CB's)
  8. He's got a really good beat, and you can dance to him
  9. True, between her and ECU88, I think they could come up with something very nice for the Huddle. Lord knows these yahoos around here need some perspective during draft time
  10. ECU88 would be the only one here capable of putting this kind of thing together
  11. Offensive Line

    We could also sign Oher to another couple of seasons. Draft one next year if we think Williams won't work out. Cordy Glenn, Riley Reiff and others will be available in FA When you have cash as we do, then you are not always behind the 8 ball
  12. Offensive Line

    We have Williams who will probably start at RT this year We picked picked up a C Grodkowski (spelling) Remmers can back up RT and C From other team cuts, I would expect a veteran G Next year, Stew will be leaving, we will have even more cash with which to buy some good guys. At this point, we are in good shape
  13. how do i change my user name

    Its all in the marketing
  14. About those corners...

    It takes our entire Panther draft team 10 months of full time, intense visits, interviews, road trips and film room sessions to evaluate value. But a guy that has a website done in his spare time all of a sudden holds sway over the Huddle faithful.
  15. Amini Silatolu

    Wasn't he visiting Seattle or something? Don't remember him signing I don't think