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  1. At this point, Wentz and Watson are no brainers, DROY is up for grabs Again, at this point for all three
  2. klein

    Boy, Hurney is somewhere shaking in his boots
  3. Luke needs to retire

    When he left the field, I thought he had a collarbone issue, so hated that the protocol stuff came out
  4. Luke needs to retire

    Our LB crew is pretty shorthanded after this season. If Luke is gone, and TD close behind, we have Shaq and.......
  5. Luke needs to retire

    Wonder if that thing around his neck gives any indication of what happened and its seriousness?
  6. Is Kuechly done?

    how many of these threads will we have?
  7. Luke walking into BOA

    Honestly, it looks like he is headed to band practice.....not that there is anything wrong with that
  8. Luke walking into BOA

    "Somebody" would probably regret that decision
  9. Last few games, Cam has had all day to throw I got no complaints
  10. Most responses are formed after checking for the D and R beside the offenders name
  11. Draft Order for 2018

    After week 5 Cleveland, surprisingly, is not first, but not because they are not doing their part. Cowboys in top 10 1 49ERS 0.0% 48.1% 2 BROWNS 0.0% 50.0% 3 GIANTS 0.0% 52.6% 4 BEARS 20.0% 55.8% 5 CHARGERS 20.0% 55.3% 6 BENGALS 40.0% 48.1% 7 CARDINALS 40.0% 43.6% 8 COLTS 40.0% 45.6% 9 COWBOYS 40.0% 50.0% 10 RAIDERS 40.0% 55.3% 11 TEXANS 40.0% 47.5% 12 TITANS 40.0% 43.0% 13 BUCCANEERS 50.0% 56.0% 14 DOLPHINS 50.0% 59.2% 15 REDSKINS 50.0% 46.2%
  12. Power, money, corruption Bill Clinton, Roger Ailes, Harvey Weinstein, Bill O Reilly and on and on and on. The list knows no political parameters, just the defenders and hypocrisy of politics
  13. QB mobility and breaking contain will be concerns for both DC's 3rd and long turns into first down This can be an issue good and bad for us