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  1. Aren't they sweet Not so much http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/12/16/virginia-woman-killed-in-grisly-mauling-by-her-dogs-cops-says.html Very few redeeming qualities for these dogs, at least for me. Ticking time bombs
  2. Their offensive numbers mean less once you factor in Rogers being gone for a couple months. Basically, if we run the ball well, we should win
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misconduct
  4. How do we know it is discrimination? Just said workplace misconduct. You guys have gotten about every crime in the book here mentioned, so I will go with murder since ya'll left that one out. Do none of you give 2 chits about how silly you look? Anonymity makes the world go round I guess
  5. GB's only chance of post season is winning and they cannot do that in Carolina without Rogers. He has to play
  6. Saints seem to have our number for some reason. Vikings Oline is in shambles, not good Wentz gone for Eagles, not good Rams, are a good team Right now, I'd say Saints Rams Panthers Falcons Vikings Eagles
  7. Late Games Thread

    Same record as Saints and Panthers as of today
  8. Hypothetical, if Minny scores, should they go for 2?
  9. Early week plan on hitting Cam seems to be working as well as the plan to miss Case by the Panthers
  10. Panthers offense rates about a 4 and the defense about a 6. Vikings offense rates about an 8 and so does their D Hope I am wrong, but this one could be ugly, like 31-16 ugly
  11. Andy Benoit on Panthers D

    "Hey Benoit" "I need a story by 4 pm today" "Spit something out, NOW"
  12. Greg needs to comb his hair?