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  1. Last "big" Pub debate

    nice talking points there, but ABC conducted the debate Fox mentioned Flint in their debate, so take it up with ABC
  2. You live by the sword, you die by the sword
  3. Last "big" Pub debate

    Dems privately say that they would not look forward to running against Kasich.  He has great support with women and blacks, from a must have state, and they can't demonize him nearly as well as the others. But, he does not foam at the mouth enough for his own party, so NH will probably be his last rodeo
  4. Perspective (too early?)

    McD and Rivera were able to bring in a Defensive decent game plan and after moving away from the blitz over and over on the first drive, played a great game Shula and Rivera however did not come up with a good Offensive plan and seemed to have no plan B.  The offense did not execute well, fumbled, sacks, interceptions, etc.
  5. It's like swearing off girls when your first girlfriend dumps you, luckily, the feeling won't last. It is draft time now, start looking at your draft boards
  6. Big congrats to the Broncos

    Less stormy than where most of Panther Nation seems to be living
  7. Big congrats to the Broncos

    Zod is correct. Grow up you bunch of football novices
  8. Offseason - Offense or Defense for DG

    and also a safety
  9. Good season, folks

    Been a long time since we started concentrating on the draft in Feb instead of November.  Good season on to the draft
  10. 30th Pick

    Is ours It is now draft time, 2 weeks till Indy
  11. We got out coached and out played No use whining Manning did not have to score much at all tonight as it turns out.  Phillips coached a good D
  12. Defense played well Offense and special teams, not so much it is what it is
  13. Fozzy forgot about the out of bounds there
  14. Special teams and offense, still on EST