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  1. in custody now supposedly
  2. Luke Bryan

    Hip Hop + Country = Luke Bryan The hybrid sucks
  3. Props to Oher

    Always good to be playing with a big lead.  Makes the pass more apparent and the rush that much better.  When the rush is better, QB's have to rush throws.  All works in our favor
  4. Props to Oher

    The left tackle position has made a bigger turnaround than any on the team this season.  Kudos to Oher and Gman for signing him
  5. Bernie = Spam?

    Happy Thanksgiving CWG
  6. Bernie = Spam?

    Hmmmm Microcosm?
  7. The news media would lose it's mind if Hillary had knowledge of all this, of course, they will run cover.  Bernie and O'Malley cannot win, so cover will be provided
  8. What Really Pisses ISIS Off

    If advertisers thought it would work, we would see them along with back to school sales.   I am with you, figure we get Halloween over then have Thanksgiving, then have Christmas.
  9. Not sure what all kinds of hoops a PD department has to go through to convict one of their own, but thank goodness for dashcams.
  10. Well, you know the old saying......
  11. Sounds like there needs to be some red lines drawn
  13. Donald Trump: Because I Said So, It's True

    I see Bush moving up because, Bush As I have said before, foreign policy has taken Carson down and it could do the same for Trump.  "bombing the ish" out of someone is not exactly the most presidential of statements.  People might cheer at the moment, but walk away less convinced he is the guy
  14. Riviera can only hope to get that kind of odds every week for the next 4 weeks
  15. The Money Grab is On! Clock Kid Wants $15M

    We are the land of opportunity after all