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  1. stirs

    For the brain trust on the Tbox

    You and one other person actually thought about the OP Where I am coming from was questioning whether Obamas job was made more difficult when it came to negotiations. How tough could he be when he was heralded in such a manner coming into office. And then the other side of the coin was Trump using "crazy" to his advantage, making his actual lack of protocol and such a quality no longer needed. It was not a statement of worth for either candidate, just some thinking about process, the media, and how candidates respond
  2. stirs

    For the brain trust on the Tbox

    I have been called every name in the book here, so pardon me if I don't jump to call everyone else racist when I have been labeled such repeatedly. Normally, I call pols names, but not many people here. I use sarcasm quite a bit, but I have never called you a name. Hell, I don't even call Rodeo or Cantrell names. I don't call people here "fugging idiots" which is the response dejour. I mention budgets, I am a racist, I mention immigration, I am a racist, I mention any conservative issue vs progressive issue, I am a racist. Hell, I wanted Marcel Dareus over Cam, I was labeled a racist. It is everywhere. I think the word is thrown around here entirely too much. It seems at the end of every argument, when ideas run a bit low or arguments are being lost, here comes the racist label, and not just from the left. That is the remedy for lost arguments or to piss someone off on an anonymous message board. I also hate a lot of the ways people conduct "debate" here, but don't need to write a 3 page topic. I concede that he was probably making a racist statement. But I won't jump in on the name calling. That is everyone else's job here when their ideas have ended. And guess what, I will be labeled a racist because I don't call other people racists. At the end of the day, who's mind is changed? What have you won?
  3. stirs


    Like I said, don't come here for your therapy
  4. stirs

    For the brain trust on the Tbox

    Probably was He knows what pushes buttons and rather than discuss the topic at hand, just pushes the buttons.
  5. stirs

    For the brain trust on the Tbox

    I was referring to the "you suck", no "you suck", no "you suck more" back and forth. Not part of a part either but continue on. There are lots of people without the ability to discuss a subject, so ad hominem attacks back and forth are what most discussions end up being.
  6. Kind of a mixed bag. Very thankful for all Richardsons efforts to bring pro football here to our area, but also very disappointed in him to have let his power and position play a role in the possible abuse of his employees. Time for the next chapter
  7. stirs

    For the brain trust on the Tbox

    round and round and round and round
  8. stirs

    For the brain trust on the Tbox

    True Kinda like daily press briefings Or, daily spin class
  9. stirs


    And here I was giving you the benefit of the doubt Nevermind
  10. stirs


    it will be okay, you are not alone
  11. stirs

    For the brain trust on the Tbox

    Good points, however, I still feel like "crazy" is exactly what Trump wants to project for some reason. I don't care for it, think it makes him look like a clown, but somewhere I feel like he closes the door in the evening and laughs about the crazy tweets he puts out. Who knows, he might sit back and feel understood, which would be scary. I never kept up with Trump in years past, never watched his show or studied his "empire". But I have dealt with all manner of salesmen over my lifetime and most want "the hand" to quote Seinfeld. Being from NYC and in construction, you know he has dealt with mob bosses, big unions, etc. Anyway, just thinking out loud
  12. stirs

    For the brain trust on the Tbox

    I suppose crap is all you can ever offer SZ? Seems the case. I guess better than exposing your lack of an opinion or knowledge on most subjects. Bravo
  13. Just wondering what your views are of the media and their influence on foreign policy. Here is the question. Did the media do the Obama team a disservice by touting him as a peace loving (Nobel Prize early on), would not cause war, bring the military home, close foreign prisons, kind of a guy? Did any country do anything but become a bit more bold because the media played him up as "nice"? Are they doing Trump a favor by telling the world they are moments from him pushing the nuclear button, (I paraphrase). Between Trumps bluster and the media's confirmation of his unstable state, has he gotten deals both on trade and possibly even with N Korea and others, that would have been hard for Obama to negotiate. I know the thoughtful responses will be flooding in any moment
  14. Again, fair minded conservative Never claimed independent Sorry to spoil your LOL
  15. some guy from Rueters was saying that Meuller told Rudy it could be over by 9/1 if they could get Trump to interview in mid July. could just be gamesmanship