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  1. Chuck Todd could have just brought down he campaign
  2. Wall St reform   So, is Hillary and Trump best prepared to actually get some sort of legislation passed?  Or are they foxes in the hen house?
  3. Deion somehow thinks he is freaking Dr Phil or something.
  4. The debate exposed weaknesses on both sides. Bernie seems to have a great grasp of who is gaming who as far as corporate America and Wall St., but he cannot see any further and he has no clue how to fix anything.  She exposed him on this.  Many people can name problems, but solutions are where it gets sticky. Hillary is certainly in the camp where money makes the world go around.  She embodies establishment.  There is absolutely NOTHING transparent about her.  She likes to name names like "Abdul" when talking about foreign affairs to make herself look like she is in the know.  But again, knowing the names of foreign players is not the same thing as good decision making. Overall, both made points and lost points.  Hillary will gain in NH but probably still lose, but not by 30 points
  5. Iowa Caucus Pick your winners

    Hitler was definitely a wolf in Nationalists' clothing. He elbowed his way into office, took a troubled, downtrodden electorate, instilled pride in the country mainly by blaming others for their troubles and actually did a few things that got their economy going again.  A great deal of it was manufacturing for a military they were not even supposed to be building.  The people of Germany did not know the full scope of what Hitler was doing or planning, but overlooked the parts they did know, because they were now working and no longer hungry.  So, Hitler did bring his country back, but with bad intentions.  He was the reason they built up and readied for world domination and luckily, the reason they lost.  He built a great army, had some of the smartest generals in the world, but everything ran through him and his maniacal ass was a vindictive lunatic and not a good military strategist, thus their downfall.
  6. Kemba/Kaminsky Trade??

    Big Frank seems to just be coming into his own
  7. Where she is vulnerable on financial issues, he is very weak in international issues
  8. She is now on her heels Moderators are doing a good job asking questions
  9. She is taking him apart, killing his socialist agenda
  10. Well, so far, we have talked Wall St, Gun Lobby and who is most progressive. Who could have seen that one huh/
  11. Starting now   Probably be a lot of Goldman Sachs vs Gun Lobby, who is the most progressive, we will see
  12. dumb bastard, pisses me off just watching that.  he is like a tall Manziel
  13. she should have crotch punched him so hard....