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  1. Big Boards

    Gettleman to me,I might be wrong, is a system man.  He believes in his system and adheres to it. When I look at the system he came out of, I see DE's, DT's, CB's, WR's, and a few Safety's and RB's in the 1st round.  Very few lineman.  Those guys seem to come from the 3rd round on. So, my thinking is that he would take a DE, CB, DT or maybe even a safety before an OT.  Could be wrong
  2. Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dead

    Man, you are reaching on the gay and pedophile one. He basically said, that the constitution did not allow for special protections and they it should go through Congress.  That is basically their job.  Interpreting the law
  3. Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dead

    And this year, it didn't even need any help
  4. Jerry Springer Show errrr....Pub Debate

    Love  to see a Kasich/Paul ticket
  5. Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dead

    Trump would only take the job if the others quit.  He could be the Supreme Supreme Court Justice
  6. Actually, you will probably see the same hot mess tonight, but instead of 2, there will be 6
  7. Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dead 79 yrs old.  Man, guys never retire it seems
  8. Just saw a report, not sure what happened
  9. 30th Pick

    I thought Wright projected more as an inside LB? Was figuring TD replacement to be more of a D Lee from OSU Who knows though, can't wait for the combine, and, its less than 2 weeks away.  Being in the Super Bowl sure did cut down the wait time for anything meaningful Panther related.  Usually, we have been digging through draft stuff by Thanksgiving
  10. Leading from Behind

    Mostly because of oil pumping?
  11. Probably be hard to tell them apart tonight. Trump threatening to sue Cruz over citizenship if he does stop being mean to him. Bush money will dry up if he doesn't do something spectacular tonight, yeah I know. Rubio, without a Bully on the stage, might do okay, but the red is now off his candy. Kasich, will try to be more right leaning tonight, but will probably be on defense most of the night cause he is not far enough Carson will hopefully find the stage before they call his name, but that usually means about 30 mins into the debate, so he should be good.   Audience will be full of donors wanting their investment to pay off.   I look for a mess
  12. Leading from Behind

    Is it a good foreign policy? We obviously don't want to be the sheriff of the world, but is the world better off with us as it's leader than abdicating that position?    
  13. You don't interact with anyone Red, that's the problem. Let's try an experiment. Why don't your respond substantively to the post I made that got you all wound up.  Nanuq can, Teeray can, ABH can, I might not agree with them, but they will have reasons for their side of the argument, way beyond, "you're a racist pc of poo". Then, you can start proving your racist labels rather than just throwing them around saying you "know" it is the case.  And by the way, don't go to the well on the Zimmerman/Trayvon thread, you were proven to be quite inaccurate on that one. Disagreement on something does not make you a racist, or a pedophile, I apologize for that one.  I was in the fly swatting mode.
  14. Matt Kalil to be cut?

    #60 is already better and on our team
  15. Admit it Red, this stuff called "debate" is over your head.  You don't have the capacity to present a side and argue a point.  you have only the name calling in your arsenal.  You never join a debate, your only hope is to derail them so they don't continue to get beyond your grasp. try it sometime, your head will hurt, you won't get much pie, but you might be a better person for it.