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  1. stirs added a post in a topic RIP Deputy Goforth.... can we end this #blacklivesmatter nonsense?   

    It is not about right and wrong now, it is political.  Presidential election stuff in full swing.  Don't expect anything but further division as pols look to use anything to secure votes.  Both sides will try to scare the other.  Very few will stand in the middle as it doesn't sell well
    Kinda cynical I know, but look at the Tbox.  most of what gets discussed here is about race or funnels to it within about 3 pages of most threads.
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  2. stirs added a post in a topic Video: The Run Game - What went wrong?   

    Not many redeeming qualities on the first play.  Right down the line, you see guys getting pushed around.  Anytime Stewart has to hesitate in the backfield, it generally does not turn out well.
    Someone like CAP or Fozzy might have cut back on the play, but then you had P Brown left to block Chandler, so the power running designed play just doesn't seem to be our thing at the moment.  The quick openers with CAP and the others seem to be our future
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  3. stirs added a post in a topic Ashley Madison scam: only 12000 of 5.5 million female profiles were real   

    That sweater is holding you back dude.  Try a leisure suit or something and your off to the races
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  4. stirs added a post in a topic Who Impressed/Who Depressed vs Patriots   

    Guys that had a good game - Cam, Olsen, Oline before Folkerts got hurt, RB's except for Stew. Dline except for lack of pass rush. LB's and Derek Anderson and special teams had a much better night
    Guys I fret about - Rivera for leaving Folkerts in after he got hurt even though he had the Remmers/Williams combo he could have played.  Stewart, I am ready to move on from him.  His slow, hunting a hole, approach is just not suited for our Oline anymore, the quicker, hit the hole guys are far better suited for us and if it weren't for his monster contract, I would cut him.  Brown had some mental block last night and needed to relax but his route running is getting much better and having a receiver that can get open is exciting.
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  5. stirs added a post in a topic Brown   

    He is having a tough night for sure, but the overreactions on this board are epic.
    How about we cut Stew?  His slow dancing ass cant hit a hole for nothing.  Trade him if you can get anything and just keep Tolbert as your big back.  CAP, Fozzy need to be on the field
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  6. stirs added a post in a topic Preseason Game 3 Thread: Patriots vs Panthers 730 P.M. General thoughts, previews, etc in here   

    Defense looking pretty good tonight
    Offense still struggling a bit.  Losing Kalil seems to be having an effect on the run blocking assignments
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  7. stirs added a topic in The Tinderbox   

    Presidential Roulette
    Was flipping channels and Fox was doing something with their panel called Presidential Roulette.  You have 100 bucks, where do you put it in each race.  I say at this point I would bet
    Dem Race
    Clinton  25
    Biden 25
    Sanders 25
    Warren  25
    Pub Race
    Rubio 25
    Kasich 25
    Bush 20
    Paul  5
    Fiorina 5
    Trump 5
    Carson 5
    Walker 5
    Christie 5
    Where you putting your 100 bucks?
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  8. stirs added a topic in The Tinderbox   

    Should Bernie throw in the towel?
    Looks like the die is cast
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  9. stirs added a post in a topic Virginia TV reporter, photographer shot to death during live interview this morning   

    This is the threshold problem I mentioned earlier.
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  10. stirs added a post in a topic Virginia TV reporter, photographer shot to death during live interview this morning   

    There are a lot of ideas that need to come to the table in the discussion of responsible gun ownership.
    There needs to be a balance between the right of ownership and the threshold to being able to achieve this ownership.
    The threshold is where the rubber meets the road and where I suspect the arguments to ensue.
    Responsible gun ownership is certainly defined differently in our country
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