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  1. Well, when you predict it is "about to get real" every day for a year and a half, it has to be true sooner or later. Trump crazy talk is been going on since he announced his candidacy and will probably long after he is gone as long as twitter exists. Not sure that is the best barometer
  2. stirs

    Trump and Trade

    Fascinating insight Teeray was right to bring his discussion here
  3. stirs

    Trump and Trade

    It's a double edge sword. Free trade is, for the most part good, if in fact it is free and intellectual property is not stolen. What Trump is doing is not good. Or maybe I should say he is not doing it in a good way. Rather than going into ever detail, let's just talk about the steel tariffs since they were first. Raw steel is what is getting hit, so some factory in PA might think they have hit the jackpot and wants to invest several million to get their factory expanded and back online. But, they cannot trust that Trump is not just using the tariffs as a bargaining tool and things will go right back where they started is say, China helps w N Korea or something. From another standpoint, you'd think those same raw steel mills going back to work might be good as far as new jobs, but they will probably be offset by other job losses down the line. Those will come from people that have been converting the cheaper raw steel into usable items for homes, work, etc. If the steel goes way up in price (through tariffs on Chinese metal or the new increased prices from the American steel industry) then their end products will be more expensive and they would be prime candidates for imports since end products did not receive the tariffs. Gain some, lose some. At the end of the day, it is bluster and not good policy, especially if imposed or withdrawn on a whim.
  4. stirs

    Trump and Trade

    your norm Bravo
  5. stirs

    Trump and Trade

    You come here for a serious discussion? You will get pubtard, libtard, dotard, etc. Good luck
  6. i told you over a year ago that the Dems needed to not overplay their hand, that Clinton was made to look like a victim and Americans thought he was being accused a bit too much. He won re-election pretty easily. After 18 months or more, I still say, go with the evidence. And I as said all along, collusion, will be what most Americans will be looking for. That is what was screamed from every TV station forever. Russia 24/7. There is no doubt that if they go back through Trumps past, especially his business dealings, they should be able to find shady deal after shady deal. But if they don't find collusion, then I think they lose and Trump wins. The battle anyway. Trump AND the media screaming at each other is very tiring and yes, people are sick of it. Either he did it or he did not. Get the evidence and we can decide.
  7. You better hurry https://news.gallup.com/poll/203207/trump-job-approval-weekly.aspx
  8. stirs

    The Trump Fallacy Versus Facts

    My true thoughts are a bit cynical. I feel that just like many other things, this can be used to raise money and get votes. Perfect for a politician in an election year. I don't think the pols care one crap. But some pretty nice "banging on doors" photos will go well to their base and the campaign trail. Pols care a lot about a lot of things, just before an election. Not so much afterwards
  9. stirs

    The Trump Fallacy Versus Facts

    Nah, just pointing out the hypocrisy of screaming "concentration camp" when we've been there and done that. Not defending nor endorsing the moves at the border. Did not say anything when Obama did it, not saying anything now. Please proceed
  10. stirs

    The Trump Fallacy Versus Facts

  11. stirs

    Freedom of the Press

    Government overstepping is always something that has to be kept in check. Now, I do have concerns about classified docs getting distributed for a number of reasons, but it's occasion should not be used for a broad sweeping new set of norms I further think if any FBI agent is caught accepting gifts from reporters, that he/she should lose their jobs. The press can ask, but the FBI has to be above being influenced
  12. stirs

    Freedom of the Press

    So what does the Government do when classified info is getting leaked? What do we do when government agencies use their power to attack different groups What to do when law enforcement agencies violate their oath by putting their hands on the scales and letting their favored group skate while hammering a non favored group? All these things did not just present themselves over the last year and a half. One bipartisan bill might make it. What are your thoughts? http://thehill.com/homenews/house/392322-key-conservative-presses-for-shield-law-after-seizure-of-nyt-reporters-records
  13. If Cam can do some of these fundamental changes and D Hall DE can step up big time this season, then we are looking golden
  14. stirs

    "We'll stop it"

    I thought she'd win the whole time. There was no GREAT tightening of polls after Comey She lost it in MI, WI and PA. Those people were union Dems that flipped because of "America First" talk on jobs. Hillary took the union vote for granted Most of the rest of the states ran pretty close to what was expected
  15. stirs

    "We'll stop it"

    CIA, FBI, local police, state police, military, etc., ALL need to be held accountable for their actions. They are given great authority over the citizens and thus bear great responsibility to not only perform, but perform at an honorable level. Pols in general are a lost cause. The media also is given great privilege and need to live up to its high calling. Whenever people are given power, human nature and their own bias will have to be battled.