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  1. Those 5 receiver sets, who needs Olsen anyway
  2. more than one way to skin a cat no offense to cat by the way
  3. We had the luxury of 2 kickers a year ago and opted for the $4-5million per year guy. Probably Rivera and vet thinking on that one. R Kalil could have been let go Good we let Stew go and maybe even Coleman Not sure that Breeland was 10x better than which is what we were gonna pay him Anyway, when you have 10 holes to fill and 20 million to do it, you can't spend 9 million on Poe right off the bat. 3 big money DT's and leave holes everywhere else. Maybe our 2 DT's split time with a 3 million dollar guy Lots of MMQ to do, but these are just some things I question.
  4. I brought up bullying in one of the other threads just so I could hear them talk about misdirection or something. Yes, you attack it from all angles. Bullying and social media, cause a lot of problems with school kids, and apparently some here. Just look at what so called grown adults do here on a football message board. They choose sides and call each other names. They also do the third person thing as if in front of a crowd, not to debate an issue, but to act just like a teenager. "D-Dave thinks we should just let this little btch go" is the way it works. Not addressing you or your ideas. What do you expect from teenagers. I always thought the Huddle was filled with teenagers, till they started talking about their kids and being in jobs for 15 years and stuff, then I thought, "damn, these people have kids". Monkey see monkey do
  5. Trump’s opioid crisis

  6. And if it floods, which channel do you "lol" when they show you pictures and videos of the waters? Does that mean it did not happen for you? Just checking
  7. FBI and disgrace sometimes go hand in hand http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-05-17/fbi-james-comey-trump-with-great-power-comes-great-scandal/8533382 I can't wait till there is a different group in charge where you guys can go back to hating the IC. Must be hard on you to be flapping in the wind continuously. The same intelligence community that gave us WMD's, MLK is communist, had files on John Lennon and half the country, etc, etc. is now the bastion of honor and integrity for you. Laughable Your lives are like big daisies depending on who is in power. Love them, love them not, love them,....... Don't worry, Twitter will give you something else to espouse shortly, then it will change, then it will change again. But at least the "twitter world" will save you from having to think. It is taxing for sure https://www.npr.org/2018/01/26/580677742/the-massive-case-of-collective-amnesia-the-fbi-has-been-political-from-the-start
  8. Trump’s opioid crisis

    Its amazing what the Feds can do with a problem
  9. How did all the stealing pension stuff work out?
  10. At least you don't have to type a resume