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  1. https://www.ncleg.net/representation/Content/Plans/PlanPage_DB_1991.asp?Plan=1992_Congressional_Base_Plan_10&Body=Congress
  2. Probably not in the best interest for the 1st rounders to return to school
  3. Guess we will have to look at one of the Ohio State DE's
  4. Sort of a figure of speech. I am not a cigar snob by a long stretch. Just seeing Cam on the sideline with a huge cigar was the picture I was painting. You can label the cigar
  5. i think Cam should light up a huge Cuban during the 4th qtr the next time we are blowing someone out

    And don't forget the start of FA and the draft. Oh wait, that is where most here "lose their religion". Nevermind
  7. Oh how times have changed No cigarettes or Fresca these days.
  8. Titans part with Mularkey...

    Marty Schottenheimer went 14-2 and lost in the playoffs and was fired. Hard to make sense of the NFL sometimes
  9. http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2018/01/15/house-lawmakers-demand-answers-from-apple-on-throttling-older-phones.html

    Where would the Huddle fit into my "calm" lifestyle? Maybe after 5 doses of number 6 by the looks of a lot of posts here
  11. So the football knowledge runs deep there too
  12. Game over unless there is a PI call
  13. They don't have time to make a 25 yd play and then spike