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  1. Exactly. If anything is exciting about this, it's the uncertainty around it all. How bad is/was Darnold? How much of it was the Jets? Gase? Lack of a real QB coach? With Teddy, everyone knew what he is/was. With Darnold, it's extremely difficult to measure. But the risk feels very calculated, and it doesn't feel like we're mortgaging our Future on what-ifs (like trading up to #2, for example)
  2. Thanks @t96. This is the data I wish I knew how to find before making my post. Makes much of my post pretty much moot. Now they need to add a row for trailing by one score, >2/4 min to go. Trailing for the Jets is often 'let 'er rip and pray' time.
  3. As we all know, Teddy is... not very good with the game on the line. Now, the Jets don't win many games (1 winning season the past decade, and last playoff appearance was 2010), so Carolina looks like a dynasty in comparison. Decided to take a peek at the 4th quarter comebacks of the two. I assumed Teddy would have multiple times the amount over Darnold due to the fact that he has started 49 games over his career, and played in 59. But it's crazy how close it is, and does more to verify Teddy is who he is. Teddy Bridgewater (49 career starts, 58 games played): 5 Career fourth
  4. I responded previously, which covered my thoughts on Free Agent pickups
  5. I'm not debating whether we have had very lackluster free agents, but the examples of the best we've had being Wahle, Lucas, and end of career Reggie. I agree completely about the lack of splashes, and it's usually due to mismanaged cap preventing us from making many bigger signings.
  6. Why does everyone forget about Stephen Davis and how important he was? Also guys like Ricky Proehl. Sam freakin' Mills & Kevin Greene, Wesley Walls. Steve Beurelein exceeded expectations. John Kasay -- spare me the out of bounds kick in the SB, he's a Panthers Legend. We don't hit on a ton of Free Agents, but we did have some good ones.
  7. Does keeping Thomas Davis after 3 straight ACL tears count?
  8. I'm glad we moved on from Clausen after 1 year, which was 1 year too many. Cardinals moved on from Rosen in 1 year, which also paid off for them. It's smart not to get stuck in the sunk cost fallacy. When you know, you know. But also, it isn't always wise to give up on a player too soon. I have no idea where Lock falls.
  9. To add to this, if there were mentions of guns, or chat on the forums regarding the January 6th events, chances are some keywords on the forum itself is what triggered these ads. It's often contextual to what's on the page. This post alone can result in ads about tactical gear on this page.
  10. I also work in the field of advertising. I kinda roll my eyes at the 'based on search history' comment, because it isn't always the case. If an advertiser goes hard and bumps up their spend (very likely), it will show to a more broad audience group. Publishers have the option to limit categories or topics that can be advertised on your site. But it requires a much more pro-active approach by the publisher (website) and doesn't really make a ton of sense to do from a monetization standpoint as you're leaving Ad Revenue on the table. But Igo and company most likely didn't choose to place t
  11. I'm cool with that. Not looking to get into a debate on guilty vs not guilty. Or have it spiral out of control like most other Watson threads. I just wouldn't run a Cosby show marathon while all the accusations started rolling in. Lol.
  12. Hey Admins. Just a request, but any chance we can get the 'Believe' Watson image removed or hidden from the sidebar until he's cleared (if he's cleared). I think at this point much of the forum would like to wait and see where everything goes before bringing him in. Just not a good look to have that image there while there are all the allegations out there about these sexual assault cases.
  13. Different GM this year, so old contracts are moot. (I'm with you on $2.1M being more than reasonable for Obada)
  14. I just had Matt Kalil flashbacks But I know better than to get all up in arms over every free agent signing / non-signing. I'll just sit back, enjoy the show, and hope they know what they're doing. It's insane how many go from not knowing a thing about a player to being an expert after reading a few tweets.
  15. And if the Chiefs stuck with their game manager, do you think they would they have won the Super Bowl with Alex Smith at QB?
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