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  1. You're better than cheap clickbait titles. But on topic, I don't see Rhule leaving, unless maybe there's a huge regression this season or Tepper/Fitt try to pull too many strings / overstep, which doesn't appear to be the case.
  2. I think that was a Mike Shula suggestion back when he was OC here. We scored so many touchdowns in 2015, it probably ate into the bottom line too much. Haha.
  3. I think you were the first person (3 pages deep) to even touch on that. Agreed! He's been great.
  4. Fair enough and great point. That Kalil contract was one of the worst in the team's history. But he was responsible of cleaning up a terrible cap situation, which required some tough cuts. But he handled it terribly. Maybe we just didn't see Gettleman long enough to see poo hit the fan fully with the cap. A few more Matt Kalil contracts would've got us there pretty quick. But he's not off to a great start with the Giants, that's for sure.
  5. The argument on who was worse is almost not worth getting involved in. Gettleman was worse in a lot areas that Hurney was strong, and the vice-versa was true as well. They both had some strengths, such as Hurney in round one, and building a team quick, but the issues with cap management, after round 1, and the loyalty tax were major faults. But Gettleman was better at cap management, being more business first, but he was fuging ruthless, which isn't always a good thing. And bup bup bup. He wants everyone to know he's the boss. Out of the two, I preferred Hurney, but I put more stock into not being a piece of poo human being. I'm glad to have Fitterer now.
  6. My sentiments exactly. Top to bottom. Time will tell on Fitterer long term, but right now at least the silver lining of getting Fitterer looks bright.
  7. Alright, trying to spin this to not be another Cam thread, so it is a thread on two former Panthers / Panthers legends. 1. Thomas Davis has been on Good Morning Football all week (Monday - Wednesday, today being his last day on) and he has done surprisingly well and I'd be okay with him in the running to replace Nate. I thought he'd be very meh, but much better TV presence than Steve Smith (make that a thread about 3 former Panthers, now), and great chemistry with the team. Check out some of it if you get a chance. 2. Talking about Cam and the possibility of WFT signing him, Schrager mentioned Cam being benched by Rivera for the tie, and TD shut that down immediately. That wasn't a Rivera decision, and it was Gettleman's call. Hopefully that's enough to get the okay on being a thread about former Panthers in the main forum
  8. Exactly! I recall watching prime Peyton Manning having happy feet like that all the time. Always doing those little hops in the pocket. And I am not comparing Darnold to Manning in any way. Just saying having your feet constantly moving doesn't necessarily mean happy feet.
  9. Just a friendly reminder for everyone tired of the trolls. Hover over their profile picture, click Ignore.
  10. I would love a "This week on the Huddle" featurette. All the ridiculousness in one place to add some enjoyment to the it. Thank you @TheMostInterestingMan
  11. In the last two weeks, Fitterer essentially traded: Greg Little for Ryan Santoso (used Dolphins pick) Denzel Perryman for Darryl Johnson (used higher 6th rounder -- hopefully Raiders pick) Trade two zero impact players for a (hopeful) improvement in kicker and a special teams ace and DL depth. Two players that should play a significant role. Look at the whole picture when judging these trades.
  12. If wild card was the floor, if be fine with it, but being a one of two and done year in and year out would get old fast I would think. Don't get me wrong, absolutely beats where we've been since 2018, but the expectations should be to continue to improve.
  13. Looks like I'm the one of only a few in agreement. In some ways at least. It isn't a good look when you're on the air roasting your own players. Smitty offers some actual strong insight at time that you don't see from the talking heads. Some stuff that I'd personally like to hear more of. But the constant ribbing on Joey Slye, despite making for good TV, isn't a good look on the brand -- tarnishing your own product. I can get on board for telling it like it is, and being critical of your own players when it's warranted (and it was), but Smitty needs to either learn how be one-and-done with some of his comments or listen to the producers in his ear. I enjoy a lot of the broadcast, but he definitely has a ways to go before he's fully put-together.
  14. 1. That video holds no punches. 2. I want to unsee this.
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