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  1. More importantly, can you figure out what Roman Numeral / Super Bowl this is?
  2. My wife started watching the games with me at the start of the 2015 season. What a fun season to introduce her, though. Meanwhile, I've been a fan since year 1 and the first year that I was able to watch all the games was 2001, which feels fitting. We started off 1-0, though
  3. I run a couple of message boards, and I'm also a frequent visitor at others, like Carolina Huddle. It's a tough line to walk, especially since most ad networks control the ad situation by default, not the site owner. This takes quite a bit of effort, but I'll share what I did to try and create a more balanced ad experience at my forums. For reference / a visual of what I describe to do below: Domer Domain - Shows Subscribe options on the homepage and optimized ad locations Fan Clubs - Early Access, so I don't have subscriptions set up yet, but another place to navigate if you need ad placement ideas. 1. Ask the Ad company to stop managing the ads, and request the required ad codes. 2. Create new advertisement using the ad codes from above. Place them in the appropriate slots using the admin panel. 3. Next step requires the Pages application. If you have Pages, you can use the Custom Blocks feature to create and insert the sidebar ads. 4. Remove any video player ads. If you want to leave it on since it's a high earner, make it guests only. 5. Ask the Ad company to add a close button to the Sticky Ad if you use one and there's no open to dismiss it. 6. Ask the Ad company to remove interstitial ads, if they're being used. 7. Create member groups for subscribers 8. Create an ad-free subscription (requires the Commerce application). Have members go into that subscribers group. Make it more valuable with extra perks for subscribers like more space for profile pictures (gifs), uploads, messages, different color name, etc. 9. Disable ads for the subscribers member group. 10. Add a subscribe widget on pages it makes sense I'm sure I missed some stuff, and looking back holy hell is it a lot of work, but that's what I did to improve the experience as best I could without completely killing revenue, while adding subscription options.
  4. This should be a required watch for all Panthers fans.
  5. Defense, Offense, and Special Teams. We have it all covered
  6. I am also grateful that Short and Star showed Luke how to understand an opponent inside and out, from routes being run to signals and audibles. The way they trained Luke to move the players around him to the best position in order to make a play. Chef's kiss. More people should know that about them.
  7. I never thought I'd see the day, but I'm that's me as well. I've been a fan since '95 and watched every game since 2001 (Lucky me...). It's never felt like this. I miss the feeling of losing a nailbiter, goddamnit. Give me something.
  8. Can you guarantee we have a 1st rounder in two years with Fitterer or Tepper calling the shots? There's always the chance we trade the 2025 as part of a package to get back into the 2024.
  9. When you said Next Year, I thought you meant Next Year (2024). No idea where we'll be picking in two years.
  10. I was right there with you. I'm a Penn State alumni and fan. It felt like fate that he'd be there shortly after Luke's retirement and I was surprised they passed him up. as @pantherclaw said above, it's a moot point now. And Horn does look like he could be a lockdown guy. Unfortunately, he's had terrible stretch of luck with injuries. Nobody could've predicted that. Let's hope the injury bug is done with him after this.
  11. The awareness to not get himself killed on this play at the midway point is next level.
  12. I'm more curious about his reactions to Stroud's performance vs the Panthers. Any insights on that, @Carl Spackler
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