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  1. I don't think there are many examples, if any, where a starting QB took two years off. Would be an extremely small sample size. But you would have to expect there to be a major adjustment to get your conditioning back up, especially since he hasn't done a 17 game season as well.
  2. I thought the first rule of parody threads was to not talk about how we don't talk about parody threads.
  3. No wonder we suck. They're practicing the wrong form of Football / Futbol. Looks like they reached talent parity across both sports, though.
  4. Will the team get close enough this year to notice?
  5. I don't disagree, but it's still better than the last few years of MNF.
  6. They left for Monday Night Football, which should be a BIG improvement over how it's been over the last so many years.
  7. Rivera's first two seasons were losing seasons as well, and he started off 1-3 in his third season before Riverboat Ron was born. The team definitely showed much more promise under Rivera, but by this logic, you could also say "Rivera has had 2 losing seasons (to start his NFL coaching career) so it's safe to put him in the sucks category" as well. Not trying to defend Rhule here. I like the changes made regarding staff and players this season, and I'm hoping to see a big step in year 3 like we did for Rivera. Rhule did show promise in season 1, but without the ability to finish games for whatever reason in year 1. But year 2 was just -- Oof... hopeless. We'll see how this year goes, but you can't put somebody in the "he sucks" category after 2 seasons. Bellichick must be one of the worst ever. His first 3 seasons were losing records. Hell, 5 of his first 6 seasons as head coach were losing records.
  8. Clever wording. I didn't catch the 'up to' part . Just like my favorite sales that are 'up to' 70% off, but the stuff worth buying is 15% off.
  9. Crazy how realistic / possible that is in 2022 after being such a ridiculous claim that was not that long ago. (Would be $104,000 / year).
  10. Every year that goes by, this gets more and more accurate. Give me 1 PM every week.
  11. If we do, probably in the 2nd half of the season, once Corral might get the starting nod. Possibly vs the Steelers (Pickett vs Corral, potentially). If so, hopefully it goes better than our last primetime game vs the Steelers.
  12. Some of the biggest spammers at forums sign up to drop links to betting sites. Seeing somebody sign up, make one very generic post (post above my previous) on a post that's half a year old, specifically on a thread about betting. I think it's a safe bet (pun intended).
  13. This thread is such spam bait. Lol. More coming soon, methinks.
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