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  1. I've seen the interview as well. It only takes a quick Google search to find it.
  2. We're way ahead of the game. We don't even have a GM.
  3. If it comes down to 50/50 between two guys, if he made the final call, it would be the one more likely to put people in the stands. That's it. But that's if there wasn't a clear decision / the two prospects were rated the same. Source: Common sense.
  4. The thing with that QB class and Haskins is it was a very weak class, and it was thought of as a reach even when Haskins was drafted (#15). That 2019 draft we had these QB's: Kyler Murray #1 (Jury still out. Shows potential though) Daniel Jones #6 (Also was thought as a reach at the time) Dwayne Haskins #15 (Thought to be a reach) Drew Lock #42 Will Grier #100 Ryan Finley #104 Where the draft class has looked strong at QB those top 3 guys were more likely a hit than a miss. Where teams that need a QB reach since the talent pool is low, well, we know the results.
  5. I'm just trying to keep it to recent first rounders - 3rd picks. There will be of course a ton of gems throughout the years, but there are a lot more misses at 9th best QB than hits. Lol.
  6. If you go by 3rd QB drafted being the 3rd best QB, here's what history shows: 2020 - Justin Herbert was the 3rd best QB 2019 - Dwayne Haskins was the 3rd best (weak QB class) 2018 - Josh Allen was the 3rd best 2017 - Deshaun Watson was the 3rd best So yeah... if there's a strong QB class and you believe in the 3rd best, you take him.
  7. I really look forward to this kid's future with Carolina.
  8. Yes I have. Outside of Carolina, I've spent more time watching the Patriots / Cam than any other team. Cam's issues passing go beyond the lack of offensive talent in New England right now. He has looked good at times, and he has looked downright awful in other times. And for the record, I'm watching with the hopes to see him succeed. And I still do want to see him do well, despite being on the Patriots.
  9. Are you sure? This season he has a 67 completion percentage. 4 Passing TDs, 9 INTs and a QB rating of 79.8. Obviously he's quite a bit of damage rushing (387 yards, 9 TDs, 2 Fumbles), but even combined, that's 13 TD's and 11 Turnovers.
  10. Did you read my full message? I literally wrote "Butker wins in the overall sample size and consistently, by a wide margin right now"
  11. I hate cherry picking stats, but I'm not going to include the 65 and 67 yarders against Slye because that is absolutely unfair to include looking at the numbers straight-on. Butker wins in the overall sample size and consistently, by a wide margin right now, but Slye has made some GREAT strides since last season. Instead of looking at the grass being greener, I prefer not to live in the past (by your comments, sounds like you're in the same boat, but many here can't move on) / coulda-shoulda-woulda. I'm be happy with his progression. This Season: Field Goals: Butker - 15 for
  12. Agreed about it not being a QB only measurement. I'm just saying the thought that drafting high means a better chance of success is bogus. The same teams are often at the top and it doesn't mean squat. And the Ray Lewis point helps validate my argument. He was also a late first round pick (#26). There's talent all over the draft. High draft position doesn't matter as much as it seems.
  13. So each of the winningest teams of the past decade was just due to lucking out at quarterback? Flacco included?
  14. Because I want the team that I root for to win. I'm enjoying the games, and I enjoy wins. A lot of young inexperienced players on the roster who need to learn how to win and build confidence to carry forward. But most importantly, if you have a good coaching staff, a high draft pick shouldn't be a requirement to win going forward. So this tank for [player] philosophy is always overblown. Best Records of the last 10 Years - How many of these teams are in this bucket due to sacrificing a season for higher picks? Patriots (Tom Brady - 6th round) Seahawks (Russell Wilson - 3rd r
  15. Hell of an effort, and despite it falling up just short, that was right down the middle. Bravo young man. His first real clutch attempt this season, which is always my fear with him, and he wasn't fazed. Wish he hit it, of course, but hell of an attempt.
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