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  1. Yup! It's great to see. Not everyone needs to be miserable when things don't go right for the team. It's not life or death. It's entertainment and it should be a fun experience. Props to those that can still enjoy what's been a rough few years.
  2. There are a lot of people that spend more time reading than posting. Responses like yours are a big reason why.
  3. This is Greg Little all over again, with the exception of Robbie Anderson having fewer receiving yards with his new team than Little.
  4. If I didn't live 3 or 4 states away, I would've jumped at it. Hopefully things work out with the Big Brother program, and I hope they all have a great time! Thanks @Happy Panther!
  5. I don't even think the fans unanimously wanted us to re-sign Peppers in his prime.
  6. Sometimes investing in young players that put the work in, continue to improve, and consistently flash greatness is worth it. Every player has a price, but Burns might be the only player on the roster who I feel has consistently demonstrated they can turn into one of the greats. I'm not sure I can say that for anyone else on the roster, yet. That combined with me picturing the defensive line without him has me at a hard no for trading him unless it's for a serious haul. I would understand if they did take 2 firsts+ a player or something for him. Especially with a big contact not far off. And I don't fault anyone not wanting to keep a player because of 'potential'. For me, Burns has that 'it' factor and is worth hanging onto.
  7. That's subjective and remains to be seen. But I think Burns can be a game breaker, but he needs to be utilized the right way. It would also help if he had more opportunities to pin his ears back and JUST rush the passer on obvious passing downs. Something he hasn't had the luxury of much, since joining three league since we're often behind at the end of games. But that being said, you could replace All-Pro with Elite or even "A player of Burns's caliber", and I don't think the context of the message changes at all.
  8. Damnit. I figured, but I was drinking that Darnold 3-0 Kool-Aid again, and I had hope. P.S. I highly suggest staying away from the stuff. The Kool Aid is good at first, but the aftertaste will have you sick for months.
  9. Are you cherry picking that mistype (for now) [email protected]'s message because you aren't able to argue against his point?
  10. This draft is supposed to be deep at QB and we should have a decent amount of picks. If PJ looks like he can at least play the role of backup, I have no qualms with playing the numbers and drafting two QBs instead of putting all our eggs in one basket. We have other holes to fill, but they won't matter if you miss on your one swing for a QB, especially if you have a second at bat and a good prospect falls to San Fran's second rounder (Panthers 3rd pick). If PJ completely crashes and burns, bring in an experienced vet that can step in if called upon. There may be plenty of realistic options out there, but if we want to keep it cap friendly, any of these guys (if not resigned) would be cool with me: Case Keenum, Geno Smith, Jacoby Brissett, Andy Dalton, Heinecke, Cooper Rush, Trace McSorley (Ignore my Penn State bias), or Gardner Minshew. These guys should not be looked at as another Teddy/Darnold/Baker since their role would clearly be as a backup / vet presence. Edit: Wow, I segued. If they kept Darnold in a team friendly deal with the clear expectation to be a backup, I wouldn't be upset with it. But there better be one player who clearly is the future of the team in place, and another that is full of potential or has previous success to some degree, even if it's as a backup.
  11. Worth of web isn't in the least bit reliable. I'll throw my hat in the ring if Carolina Huddle ever went up for sale. I don't see it happening since it is persistent passive income, but in the hypothetical scenario that it does, I own another Football (College) Invision Community, and know the software like the back of my hand. I implemented a lot of changes to turn a multi-year decline when I took over into an incline, despite the team trending in the wrong direction. Plus it's a ton of fun.
  12. I run a non-Panther Invision Board forum (college football focused). It's extremely easy for an admin to change a username (there's a separate admin panel mods can't cases), or enable it for users to change themselves. But I don't blame Zod for having that disabled for users since things can get messy when a forum has this many members. An alternative is to create a new account, and an admin can merge the accounts together, maintaining post count, ranks, etc. But still, the easiest is to just edit the display name via the admin panel. Should take no more than a minute or two if he sees it and is open to it. Hell, I'd propose opening it up for 30 days to give users a chance to change it themselves without opening up the can of worms of everyone making personal requests. But short answer, easy for admins, but I don't think mods can unless given certain admin permissions
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