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  1. The Texans have a 1 at Center. How is that even possible?
  2. Without Rodney Peete, does Delhomme ever get a shot? Thanks Tep!
  3. You should save those messages for the people who actually bitched and complained about Tepper, instead of assuming that it was everyone. At least check a poster's history first before making comments like that.
  4. Hot Take: I think Tepper cares about winning.
  5. Wouldn't this be a better fit in the tread about if we trade up to #1?
  6. Hey @Jmac, I had the same thought as you on the subject. Lots of discussion on it over here.
  7. I've been giving this some thought, and it's hard to see the Panthers going any other route this year than marrying a new HC with a new QB. If you have a guy that you love like Bryce Young, you have the capital to do it, so you make it happen. I have no idea what trade value would look like, but the Panthers have assets that would be a great fit for Chicago like Brian Burns and/or DJ Moore. I'm in the camp that likes Burns and would hate to lose him, but you have to believe he would be in play and is probably valued at around 2 first rounders+, himself. I think Burns + our first rounder this year (#9) and the 49ers 2nd rounder would be in-play. I could be way off when it comes to value, but I think the Panthers can get that pick without sacrificing the future. If you were the Panthers and coveted the #1 overall pick, what would be your move to get it from the Bears?
  8. First ever person to play in and broadcast the same Super Bowl. Let's gooooo
  9. Is it not obvious that he's trying to earn the a role as a full time HC? Pretty sure that plays a role.
  10. Thought you meant Tommy Tremble for a second. Lol.
  11. Maybe we don't get it, and in 7 years we'll be perennial contenders after benching Burns. I'm sure there's a 1000% chance this benefits us.
  12. This has been an incredible turn around. Context is everything. Despite being in the terrible division that we are in, it wasn't a question whether or not we were one of the worst, if not the worst team in the league when Rhule was fired. Not only did we have a terrible record, the team had major issues in most areas, except maybe special teams, which is baffling in itself. Since Wilks stepped in, the whole philosophy turned around. Players are being asked to play within their skill sets, we're leaning into our strengths and not trying to force a square peg into a round hole. Time management has improved. It no longer feels like we're beating ourselves. I can't think of one area that hasn't improved significantly since he stepped in. There is still a lot that can happen in the next month, so I wouldn't negotiate that contract yet. But as of today, it's his job to lose without a doubt.
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