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  1. I hear their old coach is available, too. He has a better NFL coaching record than ours, so that's another area we can upgrade! On-topic: Luvu was fun to watch all season, and I'm glad his pre-season performance carried over. Loved the pickup after seeing him on the field.
  2. Just going to approach this season hoping something clicks. I don't expect it to, but I still would love to see Rhule succeed. I'll still watch the games, but unless I see something to be excited about early on, I'm probably not going to get overly invested. Which is something that doesn't happen easily.
  3. There are certainly plenty of reasons to argue for keeping Rhule. This being one of them. But I still think it's the wrong decision. Less potential competition next year Why waste paying two guys, when the bed is basically already made for next season & lack of draft capital. We can reset after next season with our draft picks back (assuming they're not traded away), and have tons in salary cap space If you give a guy like Rhule 3 years, then that's encouraging for new head coaches I still think it's the wrong decision to keep him, and would rather take the chance on someone, even if it's not our top choice. Hell, they fail miserably next year and we're exactly where we'd be had we kept Rhule, anyways.
  4. I figured you were a long-time fan. Just busting and looking for a way to knock Rhule. Hopefully at least 1/3 of them start not sucking soon.
  5. You chose your teams as well as Rhule chose his QBs. (sorry)
  6. 1 - This never fails to make me laugh 2 - It's practically the same thing P.S. Happy off-season. Sorry for the thread.
  7. Robby had over 1,000 yards in the 2020 season. And about half of that was after the catch (514 YAC in 2020) / intermediate routes. In the 2020 season, he was 79th in the league in yards per reception at 11.5 / catch. He was also 66th Receiving yards per target at 8.1. So, it's not necessarily a deep threat / passing issue.
  8. You don't think he's worth $250,000 more per year than Davante Adams and just $1 Million less per year than Cooper Kupp? Sarcasm aside, I don't think he's insanely overpaid when you look at most in the market. Guys like Corey Davis at $12.5M / year, Curtis Samuel @ $11.5M / year, Nelson Agholor $11M / Year. But Robby is 100% not living up to that extension so far. And MOST of it is on him.
  9. Sounds familiar. Also, shut up Robby. Edit before it's taken the wrong way: It may be true. It may not be. But he's a shitty teammate. And needs to look in the mirror before making comments like that.
  10. Me too. I'm surprised more carriers with Ball Security issues aren't coached it. High & tight.
  11. Didn't see your comment before saying something similar. But that's exactly how it goes down. It takes a while to get fully incorporated. Probably not before January 2023, but it's only a matter of time.
  12. It's bad. Digital Media is my career (SEO being the primary focus), and the company I was with the last 5 years was just acquired by a mega corp / media publisher. Since the acquisition, it's all about churn + hot take + volume as the priority. Quality has gone out the window. Oh, and ad infesting the site and alienating core audience by flooding the homepage with shopping content. Currently working on moving towards a more ideal situation, but much (not all) of the industry only cares about one thing.... Revenue (obviously), but the path many take is morally disgusting. Revenue = Ad Impressions More Ad Impressions = More Clicks More Clicks = More Hot Takes / More clickbait More clickbait = More websites following the lead Etc. Glad to see they'll be operating independently for now. But it's a matter of time before The Athletic uses the same playbook & policies as The New York Times
  13. I have that same feeling. Looking past the PR, Media statements, etc, and just purely based on success and trajectory, it is hard for me to believe Rhule will be back. Unless there are some major improvements organizationally that we don't see. I won't be surprised if he's retained, but I haven't fully bought into the narrative / media talk about him being a shoe-in to return.
  14. If you have any questions about getting into it, and need to bounce some ideas to find where you might enjoy, feel free to send a DM. I'm sure there's a lot more demand for physical advertising around Philly due to all the traffic. And that's not going away anytime soon. But if you want to future proof it, start getting some more digital experience. Not sure if you ever plan on moving back or not (I'm looking to move to the Cary / Morrisville area by end of the year with the wife & kids), but I was able to switch to fully remote 4 years ago, and I can never look back! And my 3 year old is all-in on the Panthers. But it doesn't hurt that my wife didn't really have a team when we started dating (her family is full of Bears fans, but she didn't give a hoot about football back then.) Now she also doesn't miss a game
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