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  1. Gorilla killed at zoo

    This is why people need to know as little as possible about others
  2. Caption this McDermott

    Vernon............. he goes by the name.......... of Matty
  3. Gorilla killed at zoo

    None of that matters. A kid fell into the gorilla exhibit and xyz had to happen and quickly. For all the public wanting vengeance and social media loonies, the parents will be big news and give them reasons to further make asses of themselves. Kid could have had doctors as parents or whatever. Second guessing is a losing proposition on this one. Guess they will put fences up now. Also, you can read about people jumping into lion exhibits trying to commit suicide, so it is not impossible to get in for sure.
  4. VP Bets

    If only Hillary and Trump and fallen into the gorilla exhibit....... I would have tackled the quick response team myself
  5. 2 years has been night and day for our WR corps
  6. Are we witnessing a Hiliray collapse?

    Snopes is Latin for "two faced" Actually Snopsi
  7. Clinton 'Cash for Favor' Foundation

    As Sec of State, her biggest accomplishment was going around the world proclaiming her right to the throne in 2016 and having foreign gov people donate to her "help the poor(Clintons)" campaign. wink/nod

    Have not studied Johnsons platform in awhile and now with Weld, will look again. No big social movements, but fiscally conservative, works for me in general. Will look further, and besides, if Cantrell thinks someone is a "piece of poo", he might indeed be worthy of my vote.
  9. Are we witnessing a Hiliray collapse?

    When the debates first began, there were only about 3 guys that risked getting booed at their debates by their answers. Webb, Kasich and Paul. The truth did not get them very far
  10. The Clinton Body Count

    I was always taught it is best not to lose your head
  11. Are we witnessing a Hiliray collapse?

    Common man + crime = jail Politician + crime = re elections and maybe presidency No wonder the confidence in Gov is at all time highs (sarcasm)
  12. Gorilla killed at zoo

    Placing blame is sort of a waste of time. Shoot or tranquilize Zoo or not Visitors at zoo so far away to keep them safe but so far away that nobody visits Bottom line, shooting was the saddest but best alternative given all the other things playing out. Certainly will be more discussion about captive animals and our desire to see them vs their need to be "wild" whether that is in open space at zoo or back in native territory.
  13. Gorilla killed at zoo

    Sad situation which calls into question the whole "zoo thing", especially with people not being as diligent as they should. Sad situation.
  14. Amini

    We seem to do better with big school Olinemen, but okay with small school DB's
  15. VP Bets

    They ran out of people who might actually run with Sanders. If Clinton is HIS VP, then he had better have a food taster