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  1. Derrick Henry Making Eddie Lacy Look Small

    1.Larger than average Quarterback 2.Larger than average Receiver(s) 3.Larger than average Running Back if we were to draft Henry. "Big men allow you to compete." Can you imagine how strong a defense would have to be to compete with this offense? I would not be upset 1 bit if Henry was our pick at 30.
  2. You only selling them both at once or could I buy one?

    1. Mr.Ponche


      Let me see who else asks for a single before I answer that,maybe. Obviously would be easier to sell both at once.

    2. Sam Mills Fan

      Sam Mills Fan

      I completely understand! If all else fails, I'm looking for just 1 so you have that guaranteed at least. Good luck.

  3. Official Panthers - Eagles Gameday Thread

    Really bad angle by coleman.
  4. Official Panthers - Eagles Gameday Thread

    Old ass Harper refuses to make contact head on. Should of stopped Bradford fir a loss.
  5. I bought the pants from Dick's Sports.They came with pads in them. I had a seamstress put the stripes on.Then I hot-glued the panther logos ,I cut out of a couple old hats I no longer wear, on the sides. Disclaimer;no babies were hurt in the making of this picture!

  6. ahahaha that's an awesome pic