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  1. Mr.Ponche added a post in a topic Cam is this generations Brett Favre   

    I think this especially when the "receivers" drop Cam's "too hard" throws. Only difference is Favre was celebrated for having a rocket arm and the narrative on Cam is he needs to develop some"touch" on his passes.
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  2. Mr.Ponche added a post in a topic ESPN still taking runs at Cam   

    You're absolutely right. I've definitely heard less negative commentary on Roethlisberger's past transgressions than all the Cam hate. It really is weird the way Cam is treated by the media.
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  3. Mr.Ponche added a post in a topic Wegher Love Goes Here   

    First thing I notice from his highlight reel is how many huge runs he had from hand-offs out of the shotgun position. Def.things that make you go hmmm.
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