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  1. Best "tight window" QBs.

    The eagles overhauled their receiving corps without handing out giant contracts and it panned out big time, there's no reason we should not be able to
  2. Best "tight window" QBs.

    Bree's, Rodgers, and Brady all 3 have better weapons than us and it's not even close. Not to mention their playcalling and schemes/coaching on offense are better..especially Brees and Brady. Only reason we lost the saints' game was the saints' receivers(Thomas in particular) made the tough catches ours couldn't. Oh yeah and on top of that we can't run the ball without Cam...which is a huge difference. I don't know why we've gotten conditioned to only having one good receiver(aka olsen) at a time but it's bs. No one's saying we need 4 all pros out there but even just Ginn would have made a HUGE difference on this team so what does that say about our receiving corp? I like the flashes Byrd and Samuels showed...but they're also smaller receivers coming off injuries. I think it's unfair to Cam to count on them. Bring in talent at the position and let them fight it out...the cream will rise to the top.
  3. I'd like to know what Cam's passer rating is when he's finally allowed to play uptempo/nohuddle instead of 1970s football. Of course we only run it when we're down 10- 14 points in the 4th quarter. Go watch Favre's games in Minnesota when Childress was trying to make him a game manager and hand the ball to AP and see how he looked until they'd take the leash off at the end when they were down and pray he could pull it out...very similar to Cam. He plays best when he's allowed to play fast and aggressive. I don't get why that's hard for the coaches to get. Cam balled out vs New Orleans our receivers let us and him down...I don't get how anyone that looks at Cam as the major problem with our team. He's not perfect...but he's asked to carry the whole offense more than any QB in the league. Norv even said his take was the best way to help Cam improve was to get everyone else playing higher up to his level.
  4. LOL at cutting Olsen and resigning him to a lesser contract. He's our best receiver and he knows it...dude got injured for the first time in his career. Kalil I could understand but Olsen's still in his prime
  5. Me either what's Lee done? Dude's fragile. I'd rather go after Emmanuel Sanders if we're to try and make a big FA WR addition. Robinson I'd be ok with.
  6. How did the Jaguars lose?

    Eagles game I do believe
  7. Turner discusses plans for Newton

    Should be a staple in our offense instead of power running him up the gut on 2nd and 12. Been calling for bootlegs, rollouts, move the damn pocket for years...I like what norv said
  8. Norv would be good for Cam.

    Hell yeah I don't see why this isnt a more popular idea
  9. The Cam Conundrum

    Maybe for a middle of the road offense at best not a great one. Cam has to play great running and passing every game for us to have a shot. He's had some very strong games this year. We'd be a 6 win team tops with Anderson or someone like that in there. Byrd and Samuels both showed promise but went down. Everyone acting like it sums him up because he's throwing to a bunch of 3,4, 5 receivers that obviously he won't have thrown to as much and struggled against a good defense on the road is kinda crazy. Especially with our OC/philosophy that does him no favors. Most QBs will struggle in that situation. Our only shot today is for him to ball out
  10. Pssst.... Panthers will win this game.

    fug the Taints. Sack up Panther Nation
  11. Right on... one of our biggest weaknesses as a team and organization is we've always been horrible and slow at adjusting whether it's during a game or to injuries, personnel, coaching staff you name it. Keep pounding is a good mantra but I think they take it to the extreme of we don't change squat til we absolutely have to we'll just keep working harder at it
  12. Cam's rookie year with Chud we'd have won a lot of games if our defense hadn't been one of the worst in Panthers history. Cam would have what should have been a game sealing touchdown only for our defense to get torched last second. Chud's situational play calling was a problem though. 3rd and 1 or less on an important drive and let's call a 40 yard passing play. But poo shula's is just as bad sometimes. Personally I'd like to see Cam in a Shanahan style offense...lots of bootlegs, rollouts, misdirection and they move the pocket a lot all of which should play to Cam's strength and not just leave him 5 to 7 yards back in the same spot all like a sitting duck or power run him up the gut on 2nd and 12 on our side of the 50. Asking for a lot there I know
  13. Hell yeah. Plus figure between bird and Samuel we have 2 young guys that have shown flashes IF they can stay healthy( hopefully at least one can). Funchess is still young....Seems like what we're missing is a vet that we know can make a big play and can help the young receiver room. It'll cost to bring a proven guy but I'm tired of the " hey we only need one really good receiver theory. Time to give Cam some proven guys instead of hey better lift up a bunch of 3rd stringers or you suck.
  14. What frustrates me about the offense ~

    Exactly...they're making gameplans to run the ball, win time of possession and keep our defense fresh..which is scary considering we're not good enough at running the ball to make that a good offensive strategy and our defense has been poo the last couple games so playing to them makes no sense. Outside of the first series our offense was crap until we went nohuddle and uptempo. Cam balls out like that, I just wish they'd mix it up and go to that sometimes before we're down 2 scores in the 4th quarter. We remind me of the Favre led Vikings under Childress...we're going to run the ball and play slow regardless of effectiveness until we're down enough and then say fine Cam/Brett go sling it and play fast and the times it works the coaches pat themselves on the back for a great game plan. Best chance right now is to let Cam go "Rodgers-esque" and hopefully he plays MVP Cam level that we're seeing glimpses of but the coaches just need to get the fug out of the way. Our whole team plays better when we play aggressive and fast and it's obvious