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  1. What frustrates me about the offense ~

    Exactly...they're making gameplans to run the ball, win time of possession and keep our defense fresh..which is scary considering we're not good enough at running the ball to make that a good offensive strategy and our defense has been poo the last couple games so playing to them makes no sense. Outside of the first series our offense was crap until we went nohuddle and uptempo. Cam balls out like that, I just wish they'd mix it up and go to that sometimes before we're down 2 scores in the 4th quarter. We remind me of the Favre led Vikings under Childress...we're going to run the ball and play slow regardless of effectiveness until we're down enough and then say fine Cam/Brett go sling it and play fast and the times it works the coaches pat themselves on the back for a great game plan. Best chance right now is to let Cam go "Rodgers-esque" and hopefully he plays MVP Cam level that we're seeing glimpses of but the coaches just need to get the fug out of the way. Our whole team plays better when we play aggressive and fast and it's obvious
  2. What frustrates me about the offense ~

    Haha well I'm 40 but yeah I've been on or around this site long enough to know what's going to get said....still makes me shake my head though...people want him to get the ball out as fast Brady or Alex Smith when those offenses are designed that way and have the personnel for that. Apples and oranges. But of course somebody will accuse me of thinking Cam's perfect or can do no wrong in about 3...2...1...
  3. What frustrates me about the offense ~

    Yeah I don't even get how someone can watch that game and think he was the problem. If he forces the ball out in 2 secs and his targets not open...that's how turnovers happen. He protected the ball and was accurate. The only reason we had a shot yesterday at a come back was Cam. It's ridiculous
  4. What frustrates me about the offense ~

    Of everything that went wrong on Sunday I don't see how Cam's play was even close to the issue. He looked very sharp, accurate, and controlled to me(yes should have thrown away that one pass instead of taking the sack but that's kind of nitpicking). He was holding the ball because he was having to go to his 3rd and 4th read to find someone open. If Sheppard could catch (and Funchess on that 3rd down drop in the red zone) and Kalil could block instead of getting beat like a drum we had a chance even with our defense forgetting how to tackle, the 2 special teams blunders , and Peppers being uncharacteristically stupid on that penalty. Main problem was Rivera kept playing to his defense even after they were getting drug. Didn't give Cam a shot to score that last drive before halftime...as bad as the defense was playing that was stupid after they actually got a 2nd stop in a row...we had the momentum. We waited way too long to go uptempo and put the game in Cam's hands and turn him loose. He's better in the hurryup and he's by far our best player on offense. Our only chance to make noise this year is to just turn his ass loose and let him be Superman. They're trying to drive a ferrari like a1947 ford truck. Hopefully Olsen injects some life into the receiving corp
  5. NeedSumD 121 It’s amazing how all you Cam apologists keep forgetting one very significant change in the Rams scenario. I wonder what it could be I know it’s the coaching staff. No no that’s not it, a new WR core no no that’s not it either. Give me time I will think of it. Umm...Rams had Goff and Gurley last year dude...People were already calling Goff a bust...if you can't see that having McVay's scheme and play calling are a huge upgrade/difference over Jeff Fisher's high school offense you should ... A)put a hand on each of your hips B) push really hard C) listen for the loud "POP" that means your head is finally free of your ass
  6. If you can't see that the situations they are putting him and the offense in are at the very least highly contributing to the issue you're purposefully not looking for fault on anything but Cam. Dude has to do everything for us to even have a shot. We give up first down every set of downs cause the other team knows we're gonna run CMC or Stew right up the gut with no push. "Hey Cam convert 95% of all the 3rd and 12 plus' we're or you're garbage" It's Cam's fault we can't run the damn ball/pass block/not turnover balls that hit his guys in the hands too right ? The Rams were inept on offense with Fisher..now they're balling..coaching/scheme matters
  7. Yeah screw that i'd want Sean McVay/Shannahan/Payton type of hire. You're seeing it with the Rams offensive scheme/coaching/attitude can change everything very quickly
  8. Absolutely agree... with out turnovers, stupid non fg decision, losing Luke and overall sloppiness we has a great chance to still pull that out...why are we swinging for a grand slam like that. Most frustrating part of the game for me
  9. Agreed but also by the time we get the play in and get to the line Cam has no time to audible and like another poster said that helps the other team's pass rushers. So some of that is scheme and Ron's emphasis on making sure our defense being rested is a priority over putting our offense in the best position sometimes. The first 2 games it's worked because defense was dominant and we were playing subpar offenses. I'm hoping we adjust that some the next 2 games against Brees and Brady. Does remind me a bit of the first couple games of the super bowl run against the jags and Texans(I believe), etc defense started strong and carried us a bit til the offense exploded. Hoping for de ja vu
  10. 30-13 Panthers...once we get up on them it'll force Hoyer to take some gambles against our defense and that'll be that
  11. Smith was already gone man,...hey maybe you're right and he's the worst thing to happen to us since Clausen...it just seems too early for that and I have a hard time believing Gettleman whiffed that bad seeing as he was a scout for decades..we shall see
  12. Not at all... there's at least 2 of us, I really like Philly. We only had 1 fast receiver last year...at worst case we have 2 this year
  13. IF he's even close to Jimmy Graham or Alshon Jeffery then yes he is. Gettleman hates trading picks...the fact that he did means something. We all know he is not a knee jerk reaction or panic move guy....he must love this kid ALOT. I'm sorry but I trust him over Kiper,McShay, and Mayock...all of whom hated us picking Cam and even our whole draft last year...which in hindsight was one of the best in the league. Just maybe DG knows his poo. Here's to hoping so...cheers boys!
  14. It seems a bit early to make that conclusion just because he wasn't drafted...Don't get me wrong I think and hope we draft a receiver too...but I just think when Philly got the chance last year he performed. He's got speed and hands, no telling what another offseason with Proehl can get out of him
  15. As we sit right now I hope and think Philly takes that number 2 spot...I'm hoping that being year 2 and not having to worry about being a returner he can take a big step up...We shall see