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  1. poorboysrev

    Kalil dealing with knee injury

    People jumping off the cliff cause we might lose this guy...everyone's been hoping Rivera and Hurney would make a move to replace him anyways. Better to know now before the season and before teams cut rosters down. I'm not going to cry the sky is falling cause we lose 2 paper weights in him and Amini...They have time to make a move and adjust and it's not like the guy coming in is replacing a sure thing anyways.
  2. poorboysrev

    DJ Moore is legit.

    I'm thinking that too... and because of that and how good our receiving corp looks I'm wondering should we trade him for a corner or some oline help (help now not a draft pick) and just roll with smith/Wright and the young guns. I know funchess is really our only big bodied wr and its not that I don't like him... just looking at our talent logjam at wr and wondering if it's better to use it to our advantage and help one of our deficiencies... hard call and might just be knee jerk but I'm thinking if it was my call I'd see what we could get back
  3. poorboysrev

    Cam IS on the hot seat!

    Spot on. I'm watching the replay of our playoff game vs the saints and it shows he played lights out when it mattered most. Even Aikman keeps saying how sharp his passes are. Also on full display are our dumpster fire of a receiving corp(outside of Olsen and a hobbled Funch), Ginn burning us, our total inability to run the ball..or make adjustments or run any kind of uptempo hurry up offense...how anyone can look at Cam as the problem is beyond me. Without him we wouldn't have sniffed the playoffs last year and certainly not made the super bowl. Like you said dude's not perfect, but no QB is
  4. Cam catches more grief for using "bad words" on a video or an illegal laptop , dresses funny and cause he's just a little too brash for some people than Crablegs or Big Ben do for being accused of sexual assault. Cam does a ton of good things for kids and charities...even if he did "gasp in horror" use the f word(oh no!!!) when most kids these days have their nose stuck in the iPad watching all kinds of YouTube vids...memes (all kinds of crap with cuss words and nastiness that's way to mature for them) ...given to them so they stay distracted enough to avoid annoying their parents to you know actually play with them and give them attention...but oh no Cams video might poison their mind???Holy snikies...Our QB has never gotten in trouble, or charged or arrested for anything whilst representing our team and city ...he's big into helping unfortunate kids and had been for a long time with very little praise or coverage about that side of him. The moral police by all means keep going at him...but to quote T.O "That's my quarterback" and I'm "DUCKING" proud he is
  5. I felt like Cam did much better with check downs and short timing passes last year and that was with him dealing with returning from injury and all(we could all see that the first half of the year he wasn't himself yet), not being able to throw and build chemistry in training camp etc. having a much more competent oc and some WRs that can get open and catch is going to help him tremendously. Cam has the desire to be great, he's not the drew brees/ Brady style QB...he's more of a favre, elway...gunslinger type. You win with both types
  6. poorboysrev

    I’ve never seen anything like this before

    Right...Steve smith said he'd spent time with him and he could run every route he was just limited in games by his QBs... plus we all saw norv putting him through the route tree...I think people are going to be surprised once he gets out there with Cam. It's nice to be able to feel excited about our receiving corp for once
  7. We'll see how it comes together but I can't help but like that we finally have a db that can keep up with the ted ginn/desean jackson/taylor Gabriel types that have been killing us the last few years. I like that they're finally trying to go with more of a New England/switch it up based on matchups concept... now remains to be seen if they're able to implement it. Isn't Chris Harris from Denver a smaller corner? Joe Haden is 5'11... there have been a lot of corners under 6' that have been probowlers. The safety...well at least it sounds like we drafted one with good coverage skills and our secondary needs attitude again... this team needs it's 2015 swag back
  8. poorboysrev

    Carolina Panthers select TE Ian Thomas

    Well technically I said you were being a dumbass but now you're just going to double down on stupid aren't ya? I was actually reading and posting in the general draft thread way before this one. Multiple people were bringing up the hback thing and generally bitching about any and everything. So when I posted in here...I didn't quote you first, address you, or give you a titty twister. I was talking to someone else just about the whole stupid hback paranoia and draft bitchfest. Now while "stfu" is a brilliant response and hard to argue, if you call me out and don't like the response you get you can always call the complaint line 1800 EAT poo
  9. poorboysrev

    Carolina Panthers select TE Ian Thomas

    Just cause they played him there doesn't mean that's all he can play....he has prototypical tight end size unlike Rosario and players that size, he's not a tweener just raw, if he wasn't he wouldn't have lasted til rd 4...his scouting report says he can play inline..it'd be cool if being a smartass meant you weren't being a dumbass...but unfortunately...
  10. Do y'all really think hurney is making all these picks himself? Ron's a defensive head coach...I have a strong feeling that anybody we're taking especially on the defensive side isn't being picked unless Ron and defensive staff are pushing for it. Doesn't mean they're going to pan out of course but putting all the blame/credit on hurney seems crazy. Gettleman seemed much more of a "hey Ron this is who we're taking gm"
  11. poorboysrev

    Carolina Panthers select TE Ian Thomas

    If we had an allpro tight end for him to learn from or maybe the coach thathelped turn an extremely raw Antonio gates from a basketball player into a hall of fame tight end then maybe the pick would be ok....oh wait a minute....some of y'all need to pull your head out your ass
  12. poorboysrev

    Carolina Panthers select TE Ian Thomas

    Right! Some will bitch at literally anything. Dude's 260 don't see why folks trying to call him an hback...he's got prototypical size and speed. Number 2 tight end that we didn't have, with a lot of upside...don't get the issue.
  13. poorboysrev

    Pretty Disappointing Day

    I think it'll work out fine, we'll see. The Jackson pick makes sense to me cause we needed someone who can keep up with the small fast wr's that just killed us last year like ginn and Gabriel(yes he went to Chicago, big corners can't cover those guys. They obviously like bradberry and cockrell and I'm glad bradberry knows his spot isn't safe from cockrell...our new safety also is finally a good coverage one, both bring attitude our defense has lacked. Time will tell if they were right but obviously hurneys not picking defensive players Rivera and our D.C. don't want.
  14. Caught 3 tds last year... not what he was of course. But has the norv connection and with Olsen it's not like he has to be the guy. To me you're generally only throwing to the 2nd te if the plays breaking down, everyone else is covered, or you're just trying to surprise the other team. Bet he could catch the wide open red zone and third down catches Dickson couldn't. I'd Like it it on a very team friendly one year deal and still draft a young guy to groom. Would give us another endzone threat at worst case to go with Olsen and funchess since our other receivers are smaller
  15. poorboysrev

    The Run and Shoot

    Hell yeah...Cam would be dangerous on bootlegs