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  1. I still linger from time to time....just sitting back and taking it all in.
  2. Where you at Hawk???

    my thread got hojacked...what are the odds!!!   congrats to you guys....your team played the pull 60 minutes and that was the deal breaker.  Lots of good and bad on both sides yesterday for sure...but this weekend, the better team won.  Enjoy, well deserved...good luck the rest of the way.
  3. Name a movie with great music

    Debbie Does Dallas
  4. Seattle Game - Updated OP

    been to Montana many many times...I wouldn't fight that annex even for a second
  5. Seattle Game - Updated OP

    I'm Canadian...it's how I roll
  6. Where you at Hawk???

    tough to argue with that to be honest.  as a 6'7" home town fan...I'm not much of a fan of hitting too many of those local spots after the game either.  Nice places near Lake Union that won't be near as busy...if that's where you are staying
  7. Seattle Game - Updated OP

    because I'm that kind of guy...here's some tips that may be of use to any of you going to Seattle this weekend. unless you are planning to leave the city to go visit somewhere else...family etc...don't bother with a rental car.  It's expensive as poo to park anywhere in the city, even the hotels will screw you for 20 to 40 bucks to park. take the train from the airport to downtown.  Cost you roughly $3 instead of the 50/60 or more for a cab, limo etc.  Google where you are staying and see where the closest stop is...worst case scenario you train it to downtown and cab it the rest of the way if needed and still save big bucks.  If you haven't booked....I'd priceline a 3 star plus in the downtown core...you can't go wrong.  If budget is an issue...there's some cheaper but still alright hotels closer to Lake Union...and then it's a long walk or a cheap cab to the stadium.  Downtown is a wee bit hilly...but it's all quite walkable and safe. lots of great food and beverage places in the city.  Along the waterfront there are a couple fantastic seafood places if you are into that...Crab Pot and the Fishermans Restaurant.  both by the cruise ship terminal...the big Ferris Wheel. great sports bars in town if you want to hit some college ball on Saturday.  Huskies are playing at UW as well.  If you go, I highly recommend taking one of the boat tours from Union Lake...great time and takes you directly to and from Husky Stadium. other things to consider if you have time....Underground Tour is pretty cool...starts in Pioneer Square.  Boeing Field has an awesome air museum if you are into planes/space stuff.  Rock and Roll Experience at Key Arena is cool.
  8. Where you at Hawk???

    Charlotte!!!! lots of great bars all around the stadium area.  I see you are doing Saturday night near Lake Union so not sure if that's where you are staying???  You can cab it from there to the stadium or anywhere else for 10 or 12 bucks.  My home away from home is King Street Oven...straight north of the stadium on the other side of that shiny blue high rise you'll see there.  It's small but it's a load of fun...we'll be there with a couple of your fellow panther fans with us. Also...do yourself a favor and save some pesos for the beer....take the train from the airport.  $3 roughly instead of 50 or 60 for a cab or anything else.  You don't need a car at all and it's expensive to park downtown anyway.  If nothing else, take the train to downtown and cab it the rest of the way from there.  Check out Pike Place Market.  Lots of great places to eat and drink.
  9. Hawk Hunt

  10. Where you at Hawk???

    all you can do is try to coordinate the best you can...I know it isn't' easy so my hat off to you!   hope you all have a great time and experience
  11. Where you at Hawk???

    it's in the mail buddy....trust me
  12. Buying a Car for the first time from a dealership

    not sure what part the LOL goes with....but try it for yourself!
  13. Buying a Car for the first time from a dealership

    use your brain and not your heart.  don't get caught up in all the flashy bullshit. if you know what you really want...get the money before hand.  go where you know the car you want is and walk in and ask for the sales manager...sorry to anyone that makes their living in car sales, but I never talk to a salesman anymore.  I do the work, the shopping, the financing etc...why should I pay a salesman after all that.  Tell the manager what you want and what you will pay and let him/her decide if they want to make the deal.  Remember...if you look hard enough, that exact same car is available elsewhere.  
  14. op...not bad...some points for creativity there for sure...can't argue that!