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  1. The late money is coming in on Seattle

    late money would come in sunday morning
  2. Lynch says he's ready to go for Sunday

    ain't nobody scared of that skittles bitch!
  3. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    I've been to two panther games in my life and they won both times... I guess you could say I'm kind of a big deal!
  4. even if they did direct homophobic slurs at beckham, that's not illegal..poor taste?  probably.  but i'm sure much worse thing are said on a football field..beckham and the giants are doing everything they can to direct negative attention on carolina to take some of the pressure off beckham..but in the end nothing excuses his actions..he played like a dirty bitch child on sunday and could have seriously injured norman on that spear to his head..the suspension is warranted! THE GIANTS ARE A BITCH ORGANIZATION!
  5. Giants game will be playoff intensity....

    all i know is if norman doesn't shadow OBJ everywhere on the field then rivera and mcdermott failed this week..nobody else on our team can cover him and he is the only weapon on that offense that scares me..norman can keep him contained though
  6. Possible implications moving forward

    i've been watching coleman and he misses quite a few tackles himself..and his lack of size and athleticism limits him in coverage..i'm just not a fan..i think boston should be starting
  7. Possible implications moving forward

    we have the worst safeties in the NFL..coleman is a slightly better nakamura and harper is just trash
  8. Not saying, just saying...

    i think you're reading a little too much into it..i think lynch just wanted luke to let him go..nothing more nothing less
  9. I don't get why everyone up here gets so bent out of shape about people picking Seattle to beat us..I mean they've only beaten us every time we've played them since we drafted Cam..On top of that we've played some bad teams up to this point in the season so of course until we beat a quality team we aren't going to get any due..Seattle is pretty damn tough to beat at home..we can win but we could also easily lose..I just don't get why everyone cries about predictions haha
  10. I said 10-6 before the season and i still think that is what it will be after week 17
  11. Along the Sidelines - Saints at Panthers

    thanks for what you do Igo..i love these threads after the games!
  12. 2015 Carolina Panthers Final Roster Projection

    if you want the 53 best players DG should not let RR into the room when making the cuts..RR will lobby for his favorites if it were me i would cut Todman and just roll with Stew, Fozzy, and CAP..then i would keep boykin..the rest looks pretty spot about TJ Heath if he makes the 53..that would be awesome!
  13. The Answer is on the Roster

    what kills me is funchess has a hammy strain now..he needs to be out there getting all the reps he can..what a sucky day yesterday ended up being..i still like our WR core with funchess, ginn, and brown..then you throw in cotch and bersin as posession type sucks losing KB but as long as Cam and the defense can stay healthy i think we can still be a good team..hope is not lost in my eyes