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  1. This is crazy

    This..The protection was actually great..Cam took too long to get the ball out..Cotchery was wide open the whole time until Cam decided to throw it and by then the defender had closed in..that being said even if Cam got rid of the ball quicker who knows if Cotchery catches it..he couldn't catch anything sunday
  2. Positions we need to upgrade

    we most definitely need a new DE, CB, SS, and RT..Jared Allen is not a good player anymore..I think they will move on from Johnson if he doesn't take a major paycut..we will end up tagging Norman and should have Bene healthy but i don't think they bring Tillman back and Finnegan and McClain are just awful..Harper is too slow and i think Boston is just a better player than him at this point..Remmers was the weakest link on the line all year..maybe Daryl Williams is the guy to take over but we don't know that yet
  3. Cam pouting at the podium

    all the other panther players stuck around and answered the questions that were asked..why couldn't Cam?!?  i don't hate Cam so quit crying when somebody criticizes him for how he handles a situation..if you think what he did was fine great..i think he could have handled it better  
  4. Cam pouting at the podium

    so a denver player can be heard giving an answer to a question..and how does that excuse newton to get up and leave?  i didn't hear anyone throwing insults at him in that video..that's a week excuse..try again
  5. he was mad cause philly was working him..too bad philly got hurt
  6. Cam pouting at the podium

    I defend Cam all the time but i can't defend this kind of a kid on the field but be a man off up and answer their questions..didn't like the way he handled the presser..if you want to be a star and have the light on you 24/7 you have to embrace that through are the MVP of the league and the face of the Panthers..act like it!
  7. Cam pouting at the podium

    don't understand why these players are obligated to talk to media directly after a game of this magnitude..just have them give a press conference the following day so they can cool off 
  8. Key Factors in the Loss

    drops and turnovers..killed our drives..i thought we actually moved the ball well on them but we would find a way to drop a big pass or fumble *cough TOLBERT cough* and kill all our momentum..   we should have been giving remmers help on every passing play..remmers is awful and has been for most of the season   shula had the most vanilla game end arounds..running it on every damn first down..long developing plays..shula had a good year but he didn't bring his A-game tonight   Defense was fantastic!  hate it for that side of the ball, they played their hearts out.
  9. The late money is coming in on Seattle

    late money would come in sunday morning
  10. Lynch says he's ready to go for Sunday

    ain't nobody scared of that skittles bitch!
  11. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    I've been to two panther games in my life and they won both times... I guess you could say I'm kind of a big deal!
  12. even if they did direct homophobic slurs at beckham, that's not illegal..poor taste?  probably.  but i'm sure much worse thing are said on a football field..beckham and the giants are doing everything they can to direct negative attention on carolina to take some of the pressure off beckham..but in the end nothing excuses his actions..he played like a dirty bitch child on sunday and could have seriously injured norman on that spear to his head..the suspension is warranted! THE GIANTS ARE A BITCH ORGANIZATION!
  13. Giants game will be playoff intensity....

    all i know is if norman doesn't shadow OBJ everywhere on the field then rivera and mcdermott failed this week..nobody else on our team can cover him and he is the only weapon on that offense that scares me..norman can keep him contained though
  14. Possible implications moving forward

    i've been watching coleman and he misses quite a few tackles himself..and his lack of size and athleticism limits him in coverage..i'm just not a fan..i think boston should be starting