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  1. A Funchess Reminder

    I agree
  2. A Funchess Reminder

    Yep, funch bout to take off
  3. Game 7

    Terrible how this team can't rebound.
  4. Offensive Line

    I would have been more worried about the OL if we didn't have darryl Williams. I think he will take remmers spot and be really good. Everyone else is fine, Mike oher did a great job for us last year and I don't see hi. Getting worse. Remmers was a big reason for those 2 losses by himself.
  5. Good read on UDFA WR Keyarris Garrett

    I was thinking the same thing, him and cash will be gone if we try to put them there. Sure you want them to do good in pre season but that also guarantees other teams will scoop them up.
  6. Panthers Tango with Cash

    Just finished watching some cash highlights and WOW why was this guy not drafted??! Not even in the 6th or 7th round?!! U kidding me??! Talk about perfect fit.
  7. Panthers Tango with Cash

    Wow this crazy he could actually win the strong safety spot
  8. Panthers Tango with Cash

  9. They all sound like young Josh Normans LOL...its clear what Gettleman was scouting for.
  10. In the past couple years i have always felt like we had to play handicapped in pass coverage, we are getting rid that by drafting guys that will allow us more flexibility.
  11. Shaq will replace TD full time in the next year or 2. We got his replacement super early
  12. I like how all these guys have great ball skills, throw a bad pass in there direction and its gonna get picked.
  13. With who exactly?? I like getting young talented guys in the draft, bringing FA dont exactly fix a problem. I damn sure dont want to be in another antoine cason situation again.
  14. Bene hasnt been able to play a whole season without getting hurt, realistically there is nothing wrong with these picks.
  15. I will say this.....i have been preaching for a while that we needed to add more talent in the secondary and Gettleman seems to be doing just that. I cant knock this draft at all, I really do like it.