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  1. Peanut wants to play one more year

    Welp there is 31 other teams he can talk with.
  2. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    I'm cool wit it.
  3. I agree with you, but I don't see where we actually brought him in for a visit. From what I see the guy looks legit and could be a stud in our system. Day one starter in our defense. But gettleman doesn't seem to value corners that much so I don't know if he will use a first round pick on one. But considering it being at the end of the first round and a fifth year option I would jump on it.
  4. Chris Gamble to announce 2nd round pick

    This is dope i have missed gamble. Great player
  5. Yawn...Josh has done nothing but proved peoplewrong the last couple years. There were people on this very forum saying he wouldn't go in to last year playing as well as he endedthe 2014 season. Things will be different in Washington but he is a confident guy and thinks he can handle any challenge. I will wait and see what happens...not doubting him.
  6. I really hope this doesn't bite us when the season starts if the coaching staff thought Norman wasimportant it doesn't matter what head in the clouds fans think.....we have a hole that needs to be fixed.
  7. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    36.5 million guaranteed actually... http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com
  8. Current cap space

    Shop till you Drop
  9. Norman was not a production of a system

    Great post and I completely agree, this reminds me of when let smItty go and then we drafted KB. Bene is good but I don't think they are counting on him to be a number one corner, boykins role wil be in the slot and its just a one year deal.I'm sure gettleman has a plan, FA is slim pickings so I'm betting on the draft. I'm anxious to see what happens.
  10. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    Redskins front 7 was not that bad last year, and they have between now and the start of the season to improve. They are hoping Josh can be an important piece this time around, whether they can compete for a superbowl soon is another story.
  11. Because they know they could be in the same situation soon and don't blame him.
  12. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    But if its thatsimple then no player should get paid over 10 million dollars, hell your argument is not even with Josh anymore it's the NFL and players association.
  13. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    And he stepped up when our passrush struggled a few games. Some of youreally are delusional about how good the front 7 were last season.