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  1. That sack by Ealy was all about Shaq's pressure from the left end.
  2. Youth movement and still we have Harper on the roster. It makes me cry we don't have any alternatives to the grey haired liability in our defensive backfield.
  3. Kony Ealy Update

    Good to hear the Ealy is progressing. I don't expect him to break out until his 3rd year as DE's normally take some time to mature and understand the finer aspects of playing in the NFL. (Just see that CJ practise hand movements every day before or after practise) But I have really high hopes for him and love his versatility to play both on the outside and inside, which is what made Hardy so valuable. I just hope he understands that practise makes the foundation for what happens on the field on Sundays, though there are some players that just suck in practise and a switch turns on on game day.
  4. Kelvin and Devin , Devin and Kelvin

    I just realized that the last 3 letters in both Kelvin and Devin's first names phonetically is [win]. So together they are win win.
  5. My thoughts. Cooper, White and Parker with certainty wont be there when we pick at 25th DGB, Perriman and Strong could all be available at 25th. My gut says that at least Perriman will be and I think DGB will as well. Agholor, Dorsett, Smith and Greene should all be available at 25. 2014 which was very talented and deep at WR "only" had 5 WRs go in the first round. 2013 had 3 WRs in first round 2012 had 4 WRs in first round 2011 had 3 WRs in first round None of this wont matter as we prolly wont pick a WR in the first round anways
  6. True, however the comp picks in the 5th allows Gman to use the original 5th round pick to move up. 25. 161. Carolina Panthers 26. 162. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - From Baltimore Ravens 27. 163. Dallas Cowboys 28. 164. Detroit Lions 29. 165. Dallas Cowboys - From Indianapolis Colts 30. 166. Green Bay Packers 31. 167. Seattle Seahawks 32. 168. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - From New England Patriots 33. 169. Carolina Panthers © 34. 170. Seattle Seahawks © 35. 171. Baltimore Ravens © 36. 172. Kansas City Chiefs © 37. 173. Kansas City Chiefs © 38. 174. Carolina Panthers ©
  7. I would oppose that and feel pretty safe about saying Agholor wont be picked in the first round. In the second round I like Sammie Coates, Devin Smith and Phillip Dorsett
  8. E.J. Manual will have his "Welcome to the NFL" moment today when CJ, Kraken and Star sandwich him into a little tiny mushy muffin.