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  1. Winning is winning. And I for one is crossing my fingers for a 2003 Revenge Bowl where we smother those smug nitwits to bits and pieces.
  2. Ealy's play to contain Wilson in 3rd or 4th Q

    Just a shame we will be picking 32nd in round 1.
  3. Ealy's play to contain Wilson in 3rd or 4th Q

    He did good in the 2nd part of the game and those plays you mentioned stand out as combination of the body and mind working together. He remembered to not overpursue one of the most illusive QBs in the league and it paid off. The first half was a different matter where he would get washed out of plays and not getting outside contain. I think the coaches as well as me was pretty upset about that. But at least that shows that the Ealy can make adjustments mid game which is an important trait in a great NFL player. He will be just fine as he gains more experience.    
  4. KK's stats from yesterday

    Just cause they are both DT's doesnt mean they have the same job on the field. It is easy to praise KK cause he gets to play the 3 tech and in that process gets more pressure, hits and sacks thatn Star. But like Luke is the center of gravity for the LB's Star is for the D-line. Without him there commanding double teams KK wouldn't be shining nor would Ealy, C.J, Delaire etc. It will not be the flashy signing but I sure hope Gman has Star as a top priority when his contract is due.  
  5. Youth movement and still we have Harper on the roster. It makes me cry we don't have any alternatives to the grey haired liability in our defensive backfield.
  6. Kony Ealy Update

    Good to hear the Ealy is progressing. I don't expect him to break out until his 3rd year as DE's normally take some time to mature and understand the finer aspects of playing in the NFL. (Just see that CJ practise hand movements every day before or after practise) But I have really high hopes for him and love his versatility to play both on the outside and inside, which is what made Hardy so valuable. I just hope he understands that practise makes the foundation for what happens on the field on Sundays, though there are some players that just suck in practise and a switch turns on on game day.
  7. Kelvin and Devin , Devin and Kelvin

    I just realized that the last 3 letters in both Kelvin and Devin's first names phonetically is [win]. So together they are win win.
  8. E.J. Manual will have his "Welcome to the NFL" moment today when CJ, Kraken and Star sandwich him into a little tiny mushy muffin.