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  1. SZ James (banned)

    Leftist bickering goes here

    predictable response from you I don't like how he oversimplifies certain topics (like a particular country) but I'd be open to hearing an actual critique or rebuttal, as would pakman. or you can post more twitter shɩt if you find that to be more constructive, whatever you feel like doing
  2. SZ James (banned)

    The weird Trump cult

    this doesn't matter and you can probably guess why
  3. SZ James (banned)


    he will step down in 2055 at the age of 110 to appoint ivanka as his successor
  4. SZ James (banned)

    überlegen Ingredients, überlegen Race, Führer John's

    which one applies to smoot's
  5. SZ James (banned)

    Leftist bickering goes here

    I don't think having 3 viable shitty candidates is the answer either
  6. SZ James (banned)

    Leftist bickering goes here

    1- no one is going to start shooting over voluntary buybacks, restrictions at the pos, and background checks and a registry. you can do a ton without knocking down doors or starting a siege. 2- you can't cure someone's ideology, how about some practical ideas?
  7. SZ James (banned)

    Leftist bickering goes here

    I don't mean people that have like one or two guns to protect them from home invasion. The majority of those people aren't even NRA members and would at least be for "common sense" reform. I'm talking about the ones who are armed to the teeth. Who do you think they're gonna use those weapons on? The tyrannical government of Trump? Are your militia types going to be protecting minorities if poo hit the fan? Of course not, they're all alt-righters. They're gonna use them ON YOU my guy. And yes I used to think that the trade-off of gun control wouldn't be worth it and any measure would just hurt minorities more. Until I realized that it really doesn't matter, they'll shoot you over a broken taillight and get away with it. Castille or anyone else still wouldn't be alive if they tried to defend themselves. So I would rather just do something about gun homicides, suicides, and spree killers to at least make us comparable to other countries where the government kills minorities en masse like the uk/australia etc.
  8. SZ James (banned)

    Leftist bickering goes here

    so then why is everyone you mentioned from top to bottom so adamantly pro gun? what is their mindset you think?
  9. SZ James (banned)

    Leftist bickering goes here

    white supremacy is preserved partly due to them having an obscene stockpile of weapons. all of them know this, that's why they go absolutely fuging nuts at anything that remotely threatens it.
  10. SZ James (banned)

    Leftist bickering goes here

    cont. I need more evidence than what I'm seeing to be even remotely suspicious. I take him at face value, he's for gun reform and vaguely liberal. If gun reform is some FBI plot well then so is the unfettered proliferation of guns, as any chud will tell you because it's not really a secret.
  11. SZ James (banned)

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    I've just never associated taking a picture with someone as an endorsement of their beliefs. What's more likely, the entire rightwing hates this dude's guts and a couple nerds thought they would get a "gotcha" selfie to prove some point Or infowars is right and he's part of a government psyop but instead of being on the side of the (((globalist elite))) or whatever he's an alt-righter fascist.
  12. SZ James (banned)

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    I'm not reading into a throwaway tweet. Yeah probably not a socialist but definitely not a nazi
  13. SZ James (banned)

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    damn is that how easy it is? why not just walk up to him in a black flag shirt and be like "yo david can I get a pic with you?" and then he can officially be on our side
  14. SZ James (banned)

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    oh wow so he is a naziboi ..or maybe not. like definitely not