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  1. I thought the thread was about this Connecticut Republican politician Christopher von Keyserling was arrested and charged with sexual assault after he was caught on a security camera pinching the genitals of a woman with whom he got into a political disagreement. Von Keyserling, the 71-year-old chair of the Representative Town Meeting in Greenwich, encountered the unnamed woman in the hallway of an unnamed town facility on Dec. 8, according to the Westport Weston. She told him it was “a new world” politically, to which he allegedly replied, “I love this new world, I no longer have to be politically correct,” according to the warrant. She told him that if he was “proud of that I can’t help you,” after which he called her a lazy, bloodsucking union employee, the warrant said. He allegedly followed her into her office, saying he wanted to talk to her co-worker. Her co-worker came into the office, refused to talk with him, and left.
  2. Tough act to follow honestly :/
  3. Seems consistent to me, nothing to do with republicans.. *shrug*
  4. Sockpuppet account, meet sockpuppet PEOTUS
  5. We should have never given you the codes to the nuclear truthbombs being dropped :(
  6. am i too late to the racist circlejerk?
  7. let's just literally drop a nuke in one city in every state in america and start over. that will finally fix everything because I identify as libertarian.
  8. the huddle just hasn't been the same ever since was disabled
  9. The DNI just fuging issued a statement conforming that it was indeed discussed What a waste of effort and embarrassing for you
  10. there's a lot of possible takeaways from this since we are still in the early development stage. we shoud all be cautious and skeptical. but theres one going around that is absolute certifiable bullshit and that is the two posts above. theres only one side getting trolled by 4chan and it aint the government/media.