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  1. yes get rid of the second biggest subforum zod DO IT
  2. Here's a safespace you can go to:
  3. at least he was fair in calling out both sides ;)
  4. I think the opposite, he would just go to his grave tweeting that all of the evidence and whatnot is fake and his followers will eat that poo right up
  5. "sources" "wire tapping" "facts"
  6. * checks thread title * Yep..
  7. I would take a religious nut or merely a racist crazy man over a traitor all day.
  8. say what you will but I'm glad to see people giving maddow poo for this. rightwing talking heads pull these stunts every other day and you don't hear a damn peep about it. you might get a nice little mental gymnastics routine from ecu if anything. also colbert is on fire right now
  9. how do people watch shows like this for more than five minutes
  10. so they hacked themselves in order to get trump elected.. and then get him indicted? GENIUS