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  1. in b4 "them niggers are just dumb and brainwashed to know whats best fer em" e: nevermind just read jangler's post
  2. Suicide is like the first cousin to homicide. That's why we should never let people kill themselves, because the two go hand in hand.
  3. oh you know 57 states or some poo is coming
  4. new thread?
  5. not sure how you bridge that gap though. they've all adopted the "temporarily embarrassed millionaire" mindset and everything that goes along with it, all because they don't much care for minorities. if all it took was just realizing that we share a common enemy, then that would be easy wouldn't it? this poo goes way deeper than that. they've shaped their entire belief system around their prejudice. they dropped the whole "hating the upper class" crap ever since the southern strat era.
  6. ???????????????
  7. No
  8. What does this mean? Explain please
  9. we need to investigate the white house basement for "pizza" at this point
  10. nvm

    FAKE NEWS aka ethan dun goofed
  11. I denounce pedophilia and realize that it is a thing that is bad
  12. old-man-draws-piechart.png
  13. ^ Get a load of this fuging guy LOL