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  1. Oldie but goodie

  2. Oldie but goodie

    Not that it was going anywhere to begin with but... What does that have to do with the thread?
  3. Draft or Hornets?

    The only reason to watch the draft is because there's nothing else to do or you need a sleep aid
  4. AmeriGEDDON!!!!

    I want all the juicy facebook comments on my desk by tomorrow Get to work.
  5. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

  6. It is draft week people... look alive...

    I'm going to start several"My thoughts" threads
  7. So, almost a month later...

    You mean THIS is why we need protective legislation In another generation it's gonnato be white cis genocide just you wait
  8. Gettlemen offered Norman just above 10 mill per season

    You will get paid less than Janoris Jenkins and like it you greedy fug
  9. Hornets/Heat Game 2

  10. Hornets/Heat Game 2