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  1. Difference Cam = clicks to his dumb opinion  Johnny football = No one really cares
  2. Yes I see he is White but don't see the point as to how that has value on his thoughts, 
  3. Today's presser: Cam, Ron and Getty

    That's my coach. 
  4. It's a boy!!

    What did you win?  
  5. what characcter is that in your avatar im an anime fan

    1. Everfrost


      She isn't from an anime just a drawing. 

  6. Sunday night game thread

    Idk Arizona got handed a game today they really don't look that great.
  7. Cardinals/Seahawks Game Thread

    Palmer just dance a bit and said suck it he going have death threats 
  8. QB - Yes RB - No WR - No  TE - maybe DE - Hell no OLB - no Safety - no Punter - kicker are people to but no
  9. Prevent Mode: Dear Ron Rivera...

    They kept throwing the dam ball did u even watch the same game. Or just so use to bitching looking for something to bitch about
  10. Prevent Mode: Dear Ron Rivera...

    I don't think you even know what prevent is this is second week in a row someone has said we running prevent yet didnt till the last freaking play .
  11. Prevent defense thread

    pretty sure we wasn't in prevent lol but you need something to bitch/whine about go for it. 
  12. Panthers 7-0 PIE

    Hell yea 7-0 in a heart pounding game
  13. Fug the Refs pie

    7-0 happy