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  1. 2 questions about a possible NFC Championship Game in Charlotte

    It def won't be 95% Carolina fans
  2. You don't think our WR corps is a weakness?
  3. still afraid of someone coming in and knocking us off in the playoffs; I'm sorry but it's true. We are just not loaded offensively. I feel like all these big wins are creating a false sense of security. Our receivers are not good.
  4. Romo

    last year was their shot
  5. Defense Tough As Blue Steel

    Kuechly looked like he had Adderall for his pregame meal
  6. So as I was saying.. We come out of Dallas 11-0 we are going 16-0.

    I thought we would lose to Dallas. Not a troll.
  7. Uniforms are cool, I don't like Cams pink shoes tho...

    Uniforms are too loud to wear more than once every few years
  8. 11-0 Pie

    pumpkin cheesecake pie
  9. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    I am proud I was one of the original Cam Nut Huggers
  10. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Man, we just keep rolling. Thought we would lose. 
  11. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Happy thanksgiving go Panthers
  12. Cam is on fire... best stretch of his career

    can you imagine if he still had Smith and Benjamin? Next year we add Benjamin back in the fold, and draft another weapon, maybe another lineman. And holy poo.
  13. We Are The Warriors of the NFL

    Just keep winning..   Right now this feels a lot like the team that locked up that #1 seed in 2013 and lost at home to the 49ers. I am a bit scared of someone; arizona or someone doing that to us in the NFC title game, at our house. I don't fully trust us yet. We have to at least get to a super bowl. 
  14. Just saying..... Sweet potato something with marshmellows wins the day 
  15. In the passing game, is an 81% completion percentage "accurate"?

    seemed like he was trying to prove his point with his play today and I liked it.