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  1. whatever added a post in a topic More CAP   

    I totally agree about that his age shouldn't be a factor, as far as wear and tear goes. I was just thinking that if he didn't have the starting job by the time that he hits 27/28, it'd seem like DG might start looking towards the draft.
    FWIW, I'll be shocked if he isn't the starting RB next year, if not sooner.
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  2. whatever added a post in a topic More CAP   

    I could easily see him being a #1 RB. The only thing working against him is his age. If it's going to happen, it needs to be pretty soon(by the end of next season or pretty early in his 3rd). 
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  3. whatever added a post in a topic Film Room: Cam Newton   

    He hit 1,000 yards as a rookie because he had the most targets in the NFL last year. He dropped a lot of easy catches as a rookie......a whole lot. He still has a pretty long way to go before I'd consider him a dependable #1 WR. It'd be great to have him this year, though. Like last year, Cam's #1 and #2 receiving options would be lucky to be 4s or 5s on most rosters.
    And Oher is far from being the answer at LT. In other words, i totally agree with the guy that wrote this article.
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  4. whatever added a post in a topic mike wilbon: cam is the most talented QB with the least amount of help since young john elway   

    Are you old enough to remember how crappy those first 3 Super Bowl teams were? 
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