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  1. I've been watching some of his highlights and I have come up with these tidbits. -Sure handed. The guy goes up and plucks balls out of the air if needed. That's a huge + because of Cam and his accuracy issues. -He uses his body to shield the pass trajectory. Several of his catches he used his big body to fend of the defender while he put his hands to work, I would be willing to be he played some basketball as well. -Play speed is slow. I know he ran a 4.31 40 yard dash, but his play speed looks slow. A lot of these highlights you see huge gains but there's always someone catching up to him and eventually tackling him. In the NFL that will be happening but quicker or maybe he won't have as much separation as he did in college so that does worry me a bit. - Route running is actually not bad. I saw several double moves and against some of this years top CB's. Adoree Jackson was one. He made him stumble. That's one way to create separation in the next level. All in all he'd be a great addition to this team, he could learn some more tricks, like using his hands to stun defenders, his footwork needs a little more improvement. Route running is above average and he could perfect it some more in the next level. Landing him in the 2nd round would make this team so much better.
  2. In some mock draft I did I landed Fournette and Godwin in the second with Tanoh O. I was done after that. I wanted to play the Super Bowl right after drafting.
  3. Rather have Njouku.
  4. Which is fine. We're not meeting them in the Super Bowl anytime soon. They have more holes to fill than us. Let them trade the farm to leap frog us. Keeps Fournette out of our conference and most importantly out of the division.
  5. You're under selling Stewart and I believe you're mistaking him with Tolbert. You still have Stewart and Cam. You're also underestimating McCaffrey since in Stanford he was their power back and got plenty of 3rd and 1s. The sheer absence of knowledge about McCaffrey is not surprising. I don't think any of you that are against the man have seen him play or know what type of offense Stanford runs. Oh and to the other guy that quoted me, study up on Stanford and what type of scheme they run there.. Everyone is undervalueing the special teams aspect of his game. This game is about yards and placement the closer they are to the endzone the better. I am not going to be against the Fournette pick if he falls, I feel that McCaffrey has a lot more to offer than Fournette as far as playability and versatility. Fournette is essentially a one trick pony.
  6. The Bengals don't need Fournette. They have two really good backs in their backfield. They need defensive help, maybe even offense. Besides AJ Green, who else do they have? They need to take Williams or Davis. Not Fournette. Even if they leap frog us, that's fine. He'll be in the AFC. I wouldn't want him in the NFC. Much less in the division. I see no problem in that. That means some other really good player will fall to us without having to spend draft picks.
  7. It would be so stupid to trade up for a guy that's going to be there anyway...
  8. How many spots does Fournette upgrade. Enlighten me.
  9. Welcome to the last two weeks? I'd take McCaffrey over Fournette everyday of the week. So Fournette figured out he can catch? Big whoop, rather take the guy that's been doing that for most of his college career. McCaffrey upgrades several spots In the roster.
  10. It's bull poo they don't open in Foxborough. We had to go to Denver in the first game. Such bs.
  11. I'd like to pick up Patrick Mahomes. I doubt we'd be able to take him in the second but if he falls I'd love to have Cam's replacement already. If anything I hope this draft we go offense heavy.
  12. The currency nicknames for JC must make him roll his eyes. Smart kid. I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast. I'm glad you touched on topics other than football. It's a good way to get to know our team. Good stuff Jeremy.
  13. How would this be pulled off without giving up the farm?
  14. With the 93Rd pick of the 2017 draft, the Green Bay Packers select, Samaje Perine. Running back, Oklahoma. Packers need a bruiser type of running back to wear down those defenses. His upside is great, in the third round, I see value. He'll be exactly what Eddie Lacy should have been. I couldn't pass this guy up.