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  1. Explains why he's built like that. We can all say we're ready for the ARMAHgeddon.
  2. Do you consider Danny Devito the tallest midget ever?
  3. It's a shame he can't finish a full season.
  4. Of course, he's so massive he has his own gravitational pull.
  5. I guess it's too late to say this thread won't end well.
  6. He looks like a sith Lord.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up.
  8. He wasn't on him that much that game and over half those yards weren't on him. I like how you try to diminish the job Josh did on him for several years just to, who knows what you're trying to do. But whatever.
  9. Funny how he mentions Josh Norman and insinuates that he left because he didn't want to cover Julio Jones twice a year. Then proceeds to say no one Cam cover him. News flash Ric, Josh covered him and he never had a good game against him. Goes to show the guy talks but doesn't know what he's talking about.
  10. Who's C4?
  11. People are hard on Sanchez, he was a rookie for fugs sake.
  12. Did you see the Tight End Johnny Manziel is working with? Bet you he won't release that tight end ..
  13. Yeah, he was cut. :(
  14. Maybe, maybe not.