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  1. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    This team is hard to watch right now. Everything they are doing is pathetic.
  2. A look at Cam's stats

    But he is rusty. It's not only missing wide open receivers buy the timing. It's off. Also just because he's rusty does it imply he hasn't improved. I'm more concerned about the soreness. At this stage he should be good to go and not suffer soreness anymore. Means that maybe he just wasn't ready to come back. I rather have a healthy Cam than a sore Cam. It's a little too late now since he's already started the season tho. Hopefully the line does better this time and keeps him up right.
  3. This 1000 times over. Kalil reads the defense and adjusts when needed. He helps Cam so much. Also blocks like a madman. The line is different without him and it showed against the Bills.
  4. No excuses.

    This is what it should feel like but this team feels shaky.
  5. WP - Power Ranking

    But we've defeated undefeated teams. :(
  6. http://www.wfnz.com/audio-channel/on-demand/programs You sure it was with Garcia and not prime time?
  7. Gano

    Yes let's pat him on the back. Let's hope there isn't a game where the game is on the line and he has to make a field goal further than the 39.
  8. Olsen's loss> KBs loss.

    Only silver lining here is that Olsen can come back. The depth in the TE Corp is not good compared to when KB was lost.
  9. Greg Olsen Likely Headed To Short Term IR

    I think you seem to forget that Shula is designing and play calling the plays. Two games in and two touchdowns. A lot of okay plays but then you have runs up the middle when we can't run up the middle and of course, the long developing plays when the line is shaky and not doing its job.
  10. Today's offensive performance is on Cam

    cam played a decent first half. Second half... Ugh. Shula was mostly to blame
  11. Oh... Hello, Bucky Hodges.

    I'm seeing that Olsen's foot may be broken? If so. Bucky better ball out.
  12. Matt Kalil is not worth the money

    Not having Ryan messed the whole line up. Also where was this last week when he didn't let one pressure or sack? Some of you are bipolar as fug.