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  1. Ivan The Awesome

    How low is the bar for Mahon?

    I believe he asked how LOW it is, not how high bro. Norwell is a phenom..I doubt anyone plays at that level ever again at that LG spot.
  2. Ivan The Awesome

    Silatolu Hurt (edit: Being Evaluated)

    You're not the poster we need deserve, but the poster we need.
  3. I always laughed a little at Sendejo's last name because there's a bad word in Spanish that rhymes with it. Take the S from his last name and replace it with a P. lol
  4. Ivan The Awesome

    Should be bring in FA Cornerback?

    I thought Doss was a boss in mini camp, haven't heard from him all camp so far.
  5. Ivan The Awesome

    Jordan Rodrigue

    Welcome to the jungle by AC /DC? He should have sung Thunderstruck by Guns N Roses
  6. Ivan The Awesome

    Starting to have a Tepper Man Crush...

    Slow your roll a bit there Negative Nancy.
  7. Or a prosthetic limb store.
  8. Ivan The Awesome

    Meanwhile in Arizona...

    I hate to be that guy but wasn't it said that this is a Panthers only section now? Per Igo.
  9. Ivan The Awesome

    Jarius "does everything" Wright

    Smitty wad a body catcher too. So please sit down. Like I said. As long as the CATCH it, then LT doesn't matter.
  10. Ivan The Awesome

    Jarius "does everything" Wright

    ...so? A catch is a catch. I never understood the downplaying of a catch if its not plucked out of the air. If they catch the ball and it stays in their possession who gives a fug how they caught it?
  11. Jackson looking like a 5 dollar tip.
  12. Ivan The Awesome

    Panthers Sign UDFA TE Cam Serigne

  13. Ivan The Awesome

    Norv is going to energize this offense.

    Been saying that Norv has been the biggest acquisition this off season.
  14. Ivan The Awesome


    I prefer this over PUBG. At least with Fortnite you know where the bullets are coming from. Can't stand the jumping and shooting tho.
  15. Ivan The Awesome

    REPORT: TE Chris Manhertz has severe injury

    What's Antonio Gates doing these days?