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  1. Saca did a thread about the American thing and I can't remember his source material but Bradberry was ranked and graded slightly higher than Norman. The fact still stands that Bradberry in his rookie season did what it took Norman years to do. To me that's better and he'll continue to get better with each passing year. So the notion of Gettleman not finding a replacement is moot. Worley himself wasn't as bad either. That's two good corners for years to come. Half of the things he said are subjective and reek of opinion.
  2. The moment I saw "Norman: failed" and discredited Bradberry even tho he graded HIGHER than Norman. I stopped reading. Anyone that does not believe Bradberry to be Normans replacement and dismisses the fact that he played at a higher levelers him as a rookie while he's a 5 year veteran loses all credibility. I The free agents brought in with little money and the production out of them far outweighs any flyer he took on a 5th round pick that didn't pan out. Counting anything beyond the 5th round is asinine. It's rare to hit more than miss. I'd like to see how many crippling contracts Gettleman did compared to Hurney. I'll tell you now, it's 0.
  3. Apparently Richardson didn't.
  4. They better leave Bill Voth alone! Seriously tho.. What the actual fug?
  5. Was his contract along the lines of 1 year 10 million?
  6. That contract has Gettleman written all over it. Hurney just signed his name on it.
  7. This is one of the greatest pieces of literature I've ever read. It also makes me sick to my stomach that Hurney is back. In a couple of years well see the ramifications of Gettlemans firing. Or maybe not. All depends on this season. Also if Hurney stays. I certainly hope they find someone else. I wish they'd hire accorsi again.
  8. RIP #bupbupbupbupbupbup
  9. I told y'all he was getting cut.
  10. Yup.. That sums it up nicely. fug Hurney. #NotMyGM
  11. Giving up draft picks for mediocre players to reach for them should tell you his talent evaluation is sub par. I don't want him near this organization. He's a huge part of the reason this team went to poo. Giving huge contracts, not finding complementing players, never hitting on lower draft picks. The 2009 draft was horrible. Cam and Luke basically fell to his lap and he still couldn't manage getting weapons or a libe because guess what? There was no money left because of bad contracts.. So no. The panic is warranted and no, he shouldn't be here. No one should be pleased to have him back. That would be sadistic as fug.
  12. I know who made that tweet and posted it in social media. lol
  13. Looks like Oher is gonna get cut soon.
  14. The firing won't have immediate impact. Long term though.. Depending on the new GM and how much money will be invested in players will have a huge impact in the years to come.