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  1. I agree one hundred percent. I'm normally with you but this draft is deep at every position and the talent drop off isn't that huge with some of these position players. That same hype is what is separating most of these players. Instead of stats, the tape, player measurables, football IQ, etc. Sure we miss out on a "stud" in the top 8 but you can get two more "studs" in the later rounds and get that depth this team needs. Or a quality player as well that's already been in the league. Other years, nah, I wouldn't want them to trade down. This year. Yeah, I wouldn't be mad if they did.
  2. Also. lol at the people saying he won't be there in the second round. He'll be there. Along with a lot of other players that "won't be there in the second".
  3. This is the year I wish the Panthers would move back. So many good players you can have in mid to late first and the second round will have so many good players available.
  4. Chargers should have stayed in San Diego.
  5. Everyone has low lights. Even Jamal. He's emphasizing a lot on that one play or certain plays. Tackling can be taught. That's a non issue.
  6. Over played? Torn ligaments in joints that are needed to make cuts in motion is over played? ACL tears, minuscus tear. Then there's the shoulder injury, oh and the surgery he's scheduled to have this year too... His knees, which he needs to run, cut, juke, etc, are ticking time bombs.. You saw him limp at the Combine when he ran that 40. Yes he's fast but what good does that do the team if he gets injured in his rookie season or any season for that matter? I'd rather let Byrd try than waste a top ten pick of an injury prone guy.
  7. To me this is a non issue. Simply because he's been far removed from that injury. Nothing came out in the Combine that he's injured or anything like that. It all depends on what evolves in the offense. I believe Fournettes FB never got enough credit. He's the one that read the line and the gaps for him. Fournette isn't good at that. This is the sole reason I would think the Panthers wouldn't take him at 8. This and the fact that he maybe picked up by the Jaguars. The other reason is probably because there will be a better prospect at a different position available.
  8. I can tell you didn't read a single word in the thread..
  9. We've all agreed in certain things in the past. This offense needs a better line. This offense needs weapons. To some extent it has been addressed. This year more than ever. The brass probably thought, "Well we're getting KB back, we don't need to improve the offense more". Hindsight right? I do recall Shula saying something about getting another tight end. Even in the 15-1 season most of us had our doubts about the offense. The key was probably the missing piece. KB was gone so Cam had to look elsewhere. Defenses probably didn't think Ginn or brown or Funchess were a threat of any kind. Rightfully so, what defense will fear that trio? Well that year was more about Cam Newton being the motor that kept that offense running. Probably his best statistical year. He audibled more than ever that year. Probably not liking what Shula called in. Last year was a disaster. Mainly injuries, on the line. Cam had his #1 back and was honestly forcing too much. Again with really bad play calling. Record being good enough for a top ten pick. The silver lining being that when the Panthers have had a bad season the next season always is good. This type of pattern isn't good for obvious reasons. But the fact remains. This year is going to be a good year. When the Panthers transitioned from Hurney to Gettleman. It was unusual, to see a new GM keep the old GM's coach. Usually when that type of change happens the new GM brings in his own guy. Not Gettleman. He gave Ron an opportunity. He answered with a 12-4 season. Gettleman knows continuity is a good thing. But also knows that improvement is better. He identified areas that needed upgrade and players that quite frankly, weren't needed. For the most part he's replaced or upgraded the roster. Keeping the core in place, the core that gives this team an identity. Having to pause 7 seconds to find out that Cam Newton is indeed a franchise QB. From there, he's been catering to Cam's play style. Drafting guys with big catch radius' so he would have an easier time connecting. I'm sure he knows Cam's accuracy isn't the best. He is working around it. In comes Shula and most of us were not pleased. I know Jeremy wasn't. I sure wasn't. He knew the system. To me this system went vanilla once Shula took over. When Chudzinski was at the helm this offense was a TE friendly one. Chudzinski was too smart for his own good at times and probably put too many creases into plays but there was no denying the offense moved along just fine. Maybe it was the personnel they had back then. Olsen, Shockey, a respectable deep threat in Smith, a possession receiver like LaFell? A power back like Stewart and a change of pace back like Williams? Then you had a star rookie as well. Not afraid to make plays. If I remember correctly Cam had a safety valve in his TEs if he didn't have something deep. His passes and the plays didn't take so much time to develop. Fast forward and now you have long developing plays with one good tight end and about three possession receivers. Ginn being the deep threat. That needs to be upgraded. Shula might be lobbying for a second TE and a true speed guy to make this offense more potent than years past. I expect this draft to address the offense more. Thus the brass giving Shula the benefit of the doubt. If they do acknowledge Shula's plea and get another TE, then another player that can be utilized either in the backfield or as a slot or outside guy, then we will find out if Shula is the problem or not. A scenario here would be the Panthers getting someone like Howard in the first and then a WR in the second or trading back up in the first for one. Which is a huge possibility. Then come this season we will know. Either way Ron went all in with Shula. I remember distinctly Gettleman saying he wanted some change but Ron stepped in and said he trusts Shula and the staff. The result will be on the field this coming season. If they fail to make the playoffs and have a sub 500 record, I wouldn't doubt one second they'll be looking for work. Continuity is asinine without Continuous improvement. That needs to be emphasized. Here's hoping for the best.
  10. If he drafts one young DE, one young S. With speed. We'll be as good if not better. The interior line is young. The LBs are young, except for Thomas Davis. The secondary is young except for Adams. Add young guys with speed at the positions of age and we'll have a young hungry defense.
  11. So we need speed and to evolve the offense. Also return guys. Christian and John do just that. It wouldn't be a waste.
  12. Yeah, for Ross or McCaffery.
  13. No slight to the mods, but if I was a mod I'd be shutting some of the irrelevant threads up, that's for damn sure.
  14. Sweet, let's move this along boys.
  15. Great insider video. This draft will be a great one. At least four future starters will be drafted this year.