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  1. I don't get the hype for Hurst. Never have never will. Rather get any of the other TE in this draft. To me he's too old. I'm not sold on DJ Moore either. I like the notion if taking offensive weapons tho. Just not a fan of this mock.
  2. Who is the biggest Panthers bust of the last five drafts?

    Wasn't Kugbila a fourth round pick tho? I don't think that would be considered a bust.
  3. Insider Info about Possible trade

    I'm taking this with a huge grain of salt... And lime... And a shot of tequila.
  4. God damn.. Well hopefully you're better off. lol
  5. Wait, what happened to the smoking hot new England blonde you were marrying?
  6. I think the X factor that no one is talking about is definitely Norv Turner and his way of using the pieces we have. Shula had a good play book it was just his play calling was the down fall. He was also not creative enough to change his game plan. He didn't have creases. Norv on the other hand does have creases to his game plans. The playbook is more diverse. I mean, with the simple addition of a bootleg he already altered Shulas playbook and is using the personnel in a different manner that he won't need to have a very diverse and different unit. I honestly believe this will soften the blow of at least the WR "need", to the point that it will be completely be taken off unless something like Calvin Ridley dropping to 24 happens. This also will make it so they draft a RB and TE in lower rounds unless a top prospect falls into their laps. Making Safety a sure thing for the first couple of rounds. At least that's my take on it.
  7. Deeper look at who might be available at 24

    I believe Price is injured. So he'll be available in later rounds.
  8. So he wouldn't fit our scheme then? I mean we run Zone around 70% of the time. :\
  9. Am I the only one that doesn't find this woman attractive?
  10. I got more information out of the title than the topic content. lol
  11. That's a lot of ifs there dude.
  12. Top remaining free agents - Who do ya want?

    EJ Gaines, Mike Pouncey, Vaccaro, Eric Reid, Ron Parker, Mewhort, Breaux. thats my list.
  13. I'm guess you didn't read the part where we get Olsen back.. Cam's #1 target. But please. Keep L O L ing
  14. It's that time of the year for me.

    The way things are now, a safety or corner wouldn't shock me
  15. We don't need more WR. Smith was more than enough currently. Byrd, Clay, Funchess, Sheppard and Bersin. Barring injury it will be fine. Getting Olsen back from his injury is huge. Maybe getting Wilson or Ebron (which I think is overrated but whatever) would add another weapon. Cam can only spread the ball around so much. If we do add another WR it should only be through The draft. We need S and CB. I'd say take a look at Ried or Vacarro even Boston. As far as CB Gaines is a good option. Or trade for one. This draft has to have OL, DLine and DB help. With maybe one weapon for Cam. Wide out or Tight end. It's time to address the needs and quit this BPA bs. Draft what you need to replace. If he fits your system and upgrades or replaces a player, good.