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  1. He just needs to go back to Being Riverboat and not Ron.
  2. I agree that it wasnt his best attempt but one catch isn't going to define Funchess. He was clutch several times this season and since I can Rembert in the playoffs we've been in. He's younger, faster, more athletic and still hasn't reached his ceiling. Alshon, has. Not saying it's a bad thing for Alshon. He's a great WR. Funchess has shown what he can do and hasn't shown fully what he's capable of just yet.
  3. I don't see anything that indicates that he won't. I'm sure Norv let him know what he's going to do and what he can expect. Rivera wouldn't have done what he did in letting Shula go if he didn't want to listen to him and his plans.
  4. I'd love Torrey Smith here. Been wanting him for ages now. Maybe he'll come to Carolina now that he has a ring.
  5. Bro. Funchess was better this year than Alshon. Trust me I wouldn't say outlandish things. Look at the stats too. Funchess out performed him I'm almost every category. There's several WR in free agency that could help this offense. Some could instantly compete for that #2 spot with Funchess. I just believe the overall quality isn't there. We have some guys that flashed but injuries and drops really separate them from others. I'm even considering Mike Wallace. He's got the speed we need. His hands have improved. I don't know of the Ravens will let him go since he's the only one that really had any chemistry with flacco. Basically I'm just saying we're gonna have to find guys that will help Cam and Funchess. No true #1 but a lot of #2 and #3. Cam plays better spreading the ball around. Jury is out know Byrd and Samuel tho. 1 vet WR wouldn't hurt.
  6. We have a better version of Jeffery in Funchess.
  7. Last year around this time the Eagles were not in the playoffs. They had just gotten their franchise QB. I watched a couple of Eagles games and saw flashes in Wentz. But something wasn't clicking. Matthews and Agholor were being used incorrectly and the staff knew it. Nelson was more of a slot guy and Matthews was definitely the same. Think of our Benjamin and Funchess situation. So what did the Eagles do? Blew that sucker right up. It wasn't working and they weren't going to sit around and try to fit a square peg in a round hole. They added by subtracting Matthews. Then the interesting part was going after what they needed. They had a slot guy in Agholor. They needed a possession guy and speed guy. Who was brought in? Alshon and Torrey. These two have a unique set of talents that meshed together very well with what the Eagles wanted to do on offense. Defenses had to respect the speed and separation of both Agholor and Smith, while also taking note of Jeffery's catch radius and ability to move the chains. Paired with their stellar run game, who also was part of the make over (Ajayi trade and Blount signing)Well.. We know the result. Currently our group is made of. Funchess, Samuel, Shepperd, Byrd, Klay, Bersin for wide outs. This crew doesn't scream out potent. But somehow this team found ways to win 10+ games in this past season. No easy task by the way. Came close to winning the division again as well. But unfortunately the injury bug bit and well Byrd was out most of the time, Samuel never really got off to a good start, red shirt basically, and the rest of them were playing second fiddle to Funchess. Not good. Funchess was battling this whole season as well with injury. He played banged up. I don't think anyone can despite this. Regardless as soon as Hurney dealt Benjamin away. The offense opened up a bit. Could it be because Cam didn't have his BFF? Shula actually adjusting to it? Maybe both. Cam was once again carrying this team. Sheppard was nothing but a glorified special teams guy. Klay was inconsistent, and surprisingly, Bersin was clutch. Had huge catches. But nothing to warrant him being irreplaceable. What I suggest is this. Go out and get your Alshon and Smith. Technically we have Jeffery already with Funchess. Potentially we have Smith and Agholor. In Klay, Byrd and Samuel. I believe we need to get one of not two of these guys. Enter Donte Moncrief and Paul Richardson. Forget Sammy and Robinson. Not happening. The sooner y'all rip off that bandaid the better. Moncrief and Richardson would instantly upgrade this WR Corp. Funchess, Moncrief, Richardson, Samuel, Byrd, (winner of Bersin, Klay, Sheppard battle Royale). Both Richardson and Moncrief possess speed. Something this team needs, something the other receivers have. But what I believe the cap would be and what would SEPERATE them from our current guys is talent. The ability to separate as well. Funchess is already a great WR. He would just need to work on little things. He disappeared a couple of times this season. Richardson in the slot and Moncrief on the outsode with Funchess. (drools) Another benefit would be that Richardson is known for his special teams play. I believe he'd be an upgrade over any guy in our roster. Also with these guys I believe they could be had for a decent and fair price. (even with more reason of Andrew Norwell walks, which I believe he will). This brings me to the run game. Stewart is done. I hate to say it but it's the truth. My suggestion would be to replace him with Isaiah Crowell or Carlos Hyde. CMC is our Ajayi, a better version in my eyes. Fozzy and CAP are fine back ups. With these changes in place and a new OC that will know HOW to use them.. I don't see this team taking any steps back. Unless Cam goes down. I would hate to lose Norwell but the decision was made the minute they paid Turner and Kalil. Let him walk, get a third for him next year, plug in a G from the draft or find another gem. (Hurney finding gems, lol). Personally im more concerned with our C than Norwell walking. That's just me though.
  8. New name in Ownership bid (Ben Navarro)

    I wish this would speed up.
  9. Would you sell the farm for Barkley...

    No... No no no. NO! :/
  10. A little ownership news

    The only thing I care about that the next owner should have is the desire to win championships.
  11. Mock Draft Charley Casserly

    lol nice one. The players for sure.
  12. Power Ranking 2018...(Way to early)

    Seahawks have no business in the top ten.
  13. Mock Draft Charley Casserly

    I love this time of year. Time to get acquainted with all the prospects.
  14. Potential Steal Alert

    So his production fell off because of QB accuracy issues? I'm glad Cam is an accurate passe-oh wait.
  15. By rules of the CBA we must have a GM by the Feb 20 franchise tag designation period.