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  1. Cam on his 'hover' board, leaving the Auburn game

    Someone make a never ending gif out of that!
  2. Spanish radio calls the Luke Kuechly pick 6

      Thanks bud. lol my thighs went numb for a bit. 
  3. WCO, Coryell, E-P....

    Cam ran a 4.5.
  4. 2nd String Team

    That secondary...Jones position makes me cringe...So does that o line. 
  5. Tillman and Star "Really good possibility of playing this week"

    Rather one of those guys sit a game and save it for ATL or Tampa. I think they're going to give us more of a fight than the stains. Even the Giants. lol. 
  6. #3 Scoring... QB, Offense, Defense

        Question. is that Total TD's? Or just Passing?
  7. Comments on NOLA article

    lol saints fan saying they lose honestly. lmao!
  8. Kevin Durant showing Carolina love

    Goes to show athletes know what they are talking about and look beyond the stats. 
  9. Screw it, why not.. Saints game gets guaranteed win PU designation

      So who's this chick? A friend of mine wants to know. o.o
  10. Screw it, why not.. Saints game gets guaranteed win PU designation

    I swear to god if we lose it will because of this thread. lol
  11. 'Cause it's never too early for wishes

    I wonder how much nosebleed section tickets are? 
  12. Motivation from Bucky Brooks

    Um...I just watched the rest of this video. The points he makes are actually legit. It's just that comment about doubling Olsen has not been working, because of Cam and his new found ability to spread the ball and make precision throws. He does have a point about not facing an elite offense yet. Closest we've come to that was the Packers, and they didn't have Jordy Nelson.    The Cards are the only threat we have in the NFC. That's a fact. Bucky is right about that. He's wrong about selling though. Carolina is too strong as a team in general to not battle for a win against AZ. Especially at home. If it was on the road, then I'd say it would be more favorable for AZ.    This game will be played. Unless AZ shits the bed. I'm still confident that we'll win though. 
  13. Motivation from Bucky Brooks

    I'm surprised to be honest. Bucky is a very good analyst and a talent scout. His draft analysis is always on point. He must see something we don't. But eh, every expert has a bad piece they do. 
  14. Saints week Part Deaux

    Did he just hit everyone with HIV bullets?