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  1. Sometimes I wonder if y'all read what was actually posted or some weirdly concocted post in your head that you believe in more. Nothing in Saca's post even implied that an NFL team doesn't need to be able to run the ball. But if you're denying that the NFL is a passing league, then you're the one that's deluding yourself.
  2. Pederson seems to intimately understand the concept that scoring wins.
  3. Nick Foles? The guy who has been taking courses in seminary over the past year or two? That "Big Dick Nick"? You stay classy, Philly fans... lol.
  4. Running the football is not archaic and that's not what Saca said anyway. Running the football as your PRIMARY OFFENSIVE FOCUS *is* archaic. NFL rules which allow easily called pass interference and defensive holding, NFL rules designed to create a halo of protection around the QB in the pocket on a pass play (with the Cam Newton Exception to these rules noted), NFL rules allowing OL to basically legally hold in comparison to what used to be called holding in the days of ground-and-pound... THESE are the things that have made the run-centric ground-and-pound offenses archaic. And, again, if you read the above and still think what me and Saca and Fox and Nanuq etc. etc. are saying is that "running the football is archaic", then I suggest you work much harder on your reading comprehension skills.
  5. The Eagles won because of their physical, run-first offense, everybody knows that. (P.S. 44 passes, 27 rushes... almost as if they had success running the ball because they had a competent NFL passing scheme and weren’t afraid to use it.)
  6. Mrs. Blank knows how mean and vindictive Arty is. Just look at the fear in her eyes. Watch out Saints!
  7. Chark would be a very good pick in the 3rd round or thereafter IMO.
  8. Chark. Right? Or is there a D.J. Clark? Edit: Nevermind... answered in your subsequent posts.
  9. Slice hundreds of tomatoes and lemons with multiple open paper-cuts on my hands.
  10. Yeah, the value at WR this year is probably more in the 2nd and 3rd rounds and not the 1st (though guys like Ridley and Sutton will likely be well worth the pick if they go in the 1st).
  11. Louisiana has some of the best high school football talent in the country every year. Its amazing to me how, year after year, LSU struggles to have a competent QB.
  12. Wouldn't mind picking that Richmond QB with one of our 3rd rounders if he's still sitting there. Would make a nice backup to Cam.
  13. Michel and Kerryon Johnson are both more well-rounded backs than Chubb.
  14. JN24?

    Yeah, absolutely... JN has proven in the past that he's perfectly willing to take a pay-cut to play for the home team, right?
  15. Excellent piece on "another site" (one that does not link here, but I'll tell you that it rhymes with SplatSmashFeeder) on how many coach's "conventional wisdom" about the NFL run game and how run-the-ball-stop-the-run is key to winning is wrong and should actually be flipped on its head. This guy claims and attempts to establish that pass-the-ball-stop-the-pass is the key to winning football in the modern NFL game (a claim to which, even prior to reading his piece, I totally agree... understanding modern NFL rules, its really not that hard to figure that out). Some small highlights: Again, I will not attempt to place a link to the piece here (since it won't link), but if you are interested in the further numbers and graphs and justifications that are provided in this guys piece, I gave you the hint how to find it above.
  16. If Shula was the NE OC, Shula calling every game from the box would probably be the best thing for his long-term health.
  17. There's 32 picks in a round minimum as well as being 12 (QB, RB, WR, TE, C, OG, OT, DE, DT, LB, S, CB) different positions on the field (way more if you break down positions like WR into X-Y-Z, LB into outside and middle, split safeties into strong and free, consider the difference between OLB in a 4-3 and 3-4 defense, difference in 1-tech and 3-tech DTs, etc. etc. etc. plus add in special teamers and maybe even the archaic true FB position), so the statistical probability of you running into the same exact position as BPA year after year and/or round after round is pretty small, not even mentioning the fact that a scout or GMs draft board might have several players at different positions graded equally (or close to it). So your "what if" is pretty silly.
  18. So you're saying that Run-Run-SaveMeCam wasn't a winning strategy in the past nor should it be considered a winning strategy in the future?
  19. Al Holcomb gone officially

    Shula waiting for his call...