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  1. tiger7_88

    Jordan Rodrigue

    Its funny, you know? Hearing females talk about heavy metal/hard rock music... :P
  2. Bisnowatyanship!
  3. No big deal. Rivera would have taken that shot too.
  4. tiger7_88

    Cam presser

    The World's Greatest Football Player, Tom Brady, basically told the press to fug off and walked out on them yesterday. I've looked and looked on numerous sports sites and some of them mention it, some don't, and none of the ones that mention it have put it in a prominent position. Seems like Brady hasn't been designated The Worst Person In The World because he doesn't like the press. (P.S. I don't blame Cam or Brady. The press are no-talent vultures.)
  5. Weren't you just going on about people getting things wrong about Cam Newton? Next thing you know you'll be telling me that Newton was "kicked out" of the Univ. of Florida, right?
  6. All those beautiful beautiful OGs available within the first 50 picks... disappeared, like tears... in rain.
  7. I'm old enough and old school enough that one of my standards for ANY young man is that you *should* be married to the mother of your children. I don't think there's anything wrong with that standard as long as its applied generally and not just for convenience in "specific" cases (as I think you are pointing out). And I also have no insight into the why's and wherefore's of Cam's specific relationship, so I for damn sure have no basis to be judgmental of Cam in that regard (especially after having been a person who "cohabitated" himself when I was a much younger man). But I also have an old school standard that I hold way WAY above the one I just mentioned above: Be a good father to and do your very best for your children. Your children's needs are more important than your own. Prioritize their needs over yours. Its easy to see that Cam holds himself to that standard over and above the call of duty.
  8. All that and it looks like the pescetarian diet is also out the window. Another thing many people don't mention is not only does "new owner" likely bring changes to Cam's life, but "multiple children" is likely to have an even bigger effect. (P.S. And someone needs to teach a lesson in courtesy to the a-hole throwing shoes and pens so he can sell them online because he's a loser.) (P.S.S. I guess the gif above is of a format that doesn't automatically imbed. If you want to click it, it goes to Imgur.)
  9. Well, giving the players who are "fambly" special treatment over and above other players is how Jerrah taught Marty to do it so, no, its not crazy talk.
  10. Is this the same Ron Rivera who proclaimed the Evolution of the Offense in 2017? Ron Rivera *always* talks then Ron Rivera *always* reverts back to his Old School Book and Security Blanket.
  11. Being a Navy vet stationed in Norfolk back in the day and also calling the state of GA home (born and raised), I spent a lot of time way back when driving good ol' I-85 back and forth from Navy Central and the Deep South. So I had many an opportunity to stop in Charlotte but, unfortunately, I never did. Though it was a short visit, I finally got to stop and look around in Charlotte having attended the Liverpool-Dortmund match in BofA yesterday. Though the result wasn't what I would have wished, the experience was pleasantly more than I ever expected. First, I stayed at the Hilton Center City whose courtesy and amenities were very nice. I spent a few hours checking out the local area (within a few city blocks) and was impressed with the organization and cleanliness of the city. There was a bit of construction going on in places, but I am not an enemy of growth and progress so it was no big deal to me. The highways in and out of the city were incredibly accessible and the traffic didn't impress me and I mean that IN A GOOD WAY (coming from an Atlanta + suburbs perspective). Whether it was good city and highway planning or just mere luck, driving into and out of the inner city was absolutely no problem at all. Now... BofA. I am a huge, huge fan of open-air American football facilities, so I came in with an admitted bias to like it and I wasn't disappointed. The seating and sight-lines inside the stadium are really very, very good. IMO you can't beat the classic "bowl" concept for football (and I say football in general to refer to both versions of "football" this time because the set-up for the match yesterday looked like a perfect fit). Entrance to and egress from the stadium might have been the most customer-friendly I've ever experienced. This may sound weird, but I *love* the huge, wide concourses. This is what makes moving into, around in, and out of the stadium so easy. I have been in many a stadium where they have saved area and expense by making the concourses smaller and narrow and, because of that, be it entrance or egress, you end up moving in a vast herd, sharing body-sweat and moving an inch at a time. That really, really sucks. And, finally, I found the customer service in the stadium to be top-notch... absolutely great. My experience with professional facilities IN THE AREA WHERE I LIVE is that, in general, customer service is considered with disdain, as if it is beneath the stadium employees status to be polite or helpful. Not so for my BofA for my visit. So impressed. This was honestly my experience (and comparison in the cases mentioned above). Again, though the visit was brief, it was hella fun and I was very impressed. Hope to do so again as soon as I'm able to. (I was tempted to see what the very loud and rowdy DogHouse was all about pre-match, but I had a 10 year old with me so I just decided to watch from afar lol.)
  12. tiger7_88

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Its amazing the numerous forms of convoluted rationalizations that some cheap MF'ers will come up with in their attempts to not admit that they are cheap MF'ers, lol.
  13. Oh indeed. In today's Attention Deficit Disorder World, you've got to have bells and whistles and, unfortunately, BofA is mightily lacking in that area. I get the feeling Tepper is willing to spend (along with the city I'm betting as well) to upgrade BofA to as close to a world-class facility as a 1996 facility can be upgraded to be. Even though it would be a pain in the butt for ticket holders, I hope they end up doing so much upgrading they have to spend a season at an alternate field. That would mean that *serious* upgrades were made and I think Tepper is serious. Currently its a clean, functional, roomy facility with great sight-lines IMO in a great city that provides easy access to it. There ain't nothing wrong with that because many "modern" facilities crap on the concepts of roomy and great sight-lines. And I hope, when it is upgraded that at least as much attention is paid to improvements in regular seating as is paid to improvements in high-end/corporate seating. Edit: When I say "you've got to have bells and whistles", I am merely addressing what the modern world demands. Me? I'm utterly old-school and all I need is a good football game, a scoreboard, and a clock. :P
  14. The odors were so invigorating! Oh, the scent of Chamel #1! ;)
  15. The following piece is not my own and is from an article on a site that will not link in this forum. It is based upon Football Outsider's Pace Stats at this link: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/pacestats Head Coach Ron Rivera... No urgency to score points since 2011.
  16. A rookie who free-lances and gets benched?
  17. tiger7_88

    Falcons tell Julio Jones to suck it

    B.T. (Before Tepper), all you had to do to get your raise and extension from the Panthers organization was be fambly and pout.
  18. tiger7_88

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    "I will reward a gratuity to someone who treats me well and works hard for me only if the government forces me to at the point of a gun!"
  19. tiger7_88

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    What... you don't believe Mr. "Trust Me, I Tip, But This Tipping Stuff Is A Crock, Believe Me, Trust Me!"?
  20. tiger7_88

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    You guys who keep saying this think you're so clever and we don't see right through it. No, you won't be arrested if you don't tip. But we understand why you don't (you're self-centered and cheap). And just because you're not going to get arrested doesn't make you any less of a poo-person.
  21. tiger7_88

    Panthers make personnel changes

    SUPERB OWL! Ol' Tepper must be fine with nepotism... either that or the guys standing at the gallows are blowing it out on their last hurrah.
  22. tiger7_88

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    If $5 more is the cost that it takes to help someone make their night AFTER they've given me adequate (hopefully good-to-great) service, I'm in. Personally, it makes me feel good to be generous. Others? Not so much. I really don't anticipate, even if the WORST happened in the future and everything fell apart for me, that I'll ever be kicking myself over my lavish "tipping".