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  1. Deangelo Williams picks....

      Damn, Deangelo...
  2. I'm a lot like Cam

    When I posted this, one of my first thoughts was "I know Cookie is gonna like this one!" :P
  3. Newton and Olsen Share a Strong Bond

    Love this article.  I thought the following was fascinating: Why is it fascinating?  Because the same could be said of Cam.  Cam's father wasn't a coach, but he *was* a former player, so much of the "lineage of football expertise" also applies to him. Totally different looks.  Different cultures while growing up. VERY similar football geneaology.
  4. I'm a lot like Cam

    I know... shocking right? lol But I'm a lot like Cam in that I had the privilege to grow up with the best Mom in the world (miss ya Mama).  Its always been reported that Cam was/is a Mama's boy.  I believe it.  So was I!       As much as his parents have been dragged through the mud through the years, Mama and Papa Newton are good people.
  5. I've read before that Harrison Ford really disliked the Han Solo character and had no intention of ever playing the role again (primarily because George Lucas writes horrible screen plays).  Supposedly, he was convinced to come back for one last shot because (1) money and (2) he was promised that the character was going away forever this time.
  6. After I read this, I discovered I was living in Bizarro World. :P
  7. Cam Newton disappointed me

    No. We will only allow it to end by Moderator action. So there :P
  8. The House That Built Cam

    Not being in ministry or missionary work myself, its good to see a reply like this. So not only did the writer do a good job digging deep for a valid point of view to get across to the reader, Cecil Newton's work is validated by the article as well.
  9. I do not want this to end.....

      I do. And I want it to end in Glory.
  10. The Daily Show on the Match up between Cam and Peyton

    Hilarious and well done.
  11. Does Cam Newton stay in the pocket for too long?

    That's because he panics if his single-read is covered.
  12. Getting Annoyed

    You Mom was pathetic.
  13. The House That Built Cam

    Excellent piece by Eric Nussbaum on the Holy Zion Center of Deliverance and why it is one of (if not the) primary building block that made Cameron Jerrell Newton 'Cam Newton'.  Included are many good quotes from his father, Cecil Newton.  (I looked through the first 4 pages and also did a search and didn't see this posted yet.  Apologies if it has been posted and I missed it.) https://sports.vice.com/en_us/article/the-house-that-built-cam     Do yourself a favor and click through and read the whole thing.
  14. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Thanks for all your input and St. Jude thanks you for the donation, Mr. Nawrocki.