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  1. I'm seriously starting to feel bad for calling poor Greg silly names.  :(                                                             Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  :P
  2. If you come at me, I shall flee into the sunlight! You'll never follow me into the sun!  :P
  3. Guess what I was having? Ginger snaps. BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNNNN!!!  ;)
  4.   Please stop warping history and feeling sorry for yourself.
  5. I thought Ras-I Dowling was the bad guy in Batman Begins? ;)
  6. He's a COLLEGE football analyst. Unless you think the SEC is a professional league. (And, yes, THERE's a softball you ought to be able to hit out of the park.)
  7. Funny you didn't answer my question. I'll answer it for you: Johnny Manziel For some reason, to Monsieur McElroy, Johnny's life-threatening addictive behavior isn't as important to critique as Cam Newton not being able to recover a fumble. Golly, gee, howdy, I wonder what the difference could POSSIBLY be?
  8. Well, its MY opinion that his race and skin tone have MUCH to do with his opinions. Funny thing though, McElroy hasn't had a single word to say about another ex-SEC quarterback that has been in the news lately.  Just Cam. Care to guess who that other SEC quarterback that's been in the news with no comment from McElroy is?
  9. You will not have MY soul, sir... NEVER!
  10. I've been calling the Green Bay assholes from earlier this year "Sergeant Major McRacist and his son-in-law Corporal Cracker" all damn year long and have never heard a word of complaint. NOW, all of a sudden, ridiculing the subject Jealous Ball of Green Envy (oh my god! I said green!  the poor martians!), people are shocked.  SHOCKED. I guess Failed Bama Quarterbacks are a protected class these days. But as an attempt at apology, I will say this: I am sorry if my post offended the poor, downtrodden white people in this forum that have to experience anti-white prejudice and hatred as a regular part of their daily lives and I'm sorry if I added to your great burden.
  11. So... I hate white people? Damn. I hope my caucasian mother, my caucasian father, my caucasian sisters and brother, and my caucasian son never find out!
  12. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

    Indeed. Cam is UTTERLY PETRIFIED to put his body at risk.
  13. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

    Easy for you to say. Are your legs your life?
  14. Why is this subject so sensitive to you? I didn't call YOU a racist. I didn't even generalize that white people were racists. This thread is only about the person in the subject line. Why ARE you so sensitive about Greggy McPasty? (P.S. Earlier this year during The Great Green Bay Packer Banner Scandal, I frequently referred to the offended parties as Sergeant Major McRacist and his son-in-law Corporal Cracker.  I still do.  Why?  Because it's funny.  And even funnier than that?  ITS ACCURATE.)
  15. If you are white and you made the thread that you mentioned above, it would be TOTALLY different. Wanna guess why?