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  1. Beginner Guitar and Amp

    Amp wise get a line 6 Spider Jam amp. It has all the effects built in..and drum beats with bass....and it records.  All in one. Saves a ton of money on pedals and such. 399 new but google it..saw it for 199 used!     
  2. Cheaper than The University of Phoenix and better moral integrity. 
  3. Tool w/Primus Is Coming To Charlotte 1/26

    I saw Tool the last time they played at Bojangles arena...the sound was screwed and you could not hear Maynard sing..it was like Tool the instrumental version with an occasional hint of a singer. I guess it went well with Maynard standing behind the drummer for the whole concert too....so Maynard. The acoustics for a rock show suck there. 
  4. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    Sounds like someone's PSL seat got moist from the useage of "pelvic thrusts" in the letter. How dare Cam awaken her cold, inactive naughty parts. 
  5. The real question now is....what happens to the Hot Shots franchise now? A CGI Sheen? Hologram Sheen as Holgram Tupac or vice versa?  JJ Abrams has to do this!!   
  6. Where has C Thomas Howell or Emilio Estavez been anyway?
  7. That Crazy Joe Web Wildcat Play

    Chud had the innovative mind...most memorable plays and we had 10 different hb screens and wr screens... Chud was so good at times we got Pilares to score on a wr screen. If only he didnt poo the bed on 2nd,3rd and short..  
  8. Eric Collins

    What is awful is his post game..look at how dark his makeup is...compared to his neck-hands. My wife was cracking up since she used to do make up for the local news broadcasters..his face is darker than Dells and he is a white dude.  Steve Martin for me is the voice of the Hornets. This guy is a joke. 
  9. One Panther makes pffs all worst team

    Also..he was injured and seemingly had more games on IR than in yhe regular season. He always had pass catching talent...could never get it to work out here. 
  10. I met a stripper on Friday ...

    I think she is the one...she is just confused about how she knows too. 
  11. Mike Dobs... the sign guy... oh my

    Being from Fayetteville and having friends or I refer to them as FB friends(I would never go to visit them)that live in Hope Mills....I am sure I have like 2 degrees of seperation from this over inflated-dellusionally entitled asshat.   Fun fact: 185% of shares-likes and support for the Starbucks is anti Christian movement originates from the Hope Mills area.. Burn Fayettenam Burn! 
  12. Ben Carson: Your GOP Front-runner?

  13. Ben Carson: Your GOP Front-runner?

    What could ancient astronaut doubter Ben Crazon even say to make his base go wow...thats total BS...   Other than say he was gay, atheist or thinks Obama is an avg president..I am not sure. 
  14. Packers against QBs that can run

    Decoud, Cason and Godfrey has to be Gettleman's worst roster move so far.  Thank God that is in the past. 
  15. Agenda 21/ New World Order

    I have to add Clay Aiken losing to Ruben Studdard on American Idol... The Sacramento Kings losing to the Lakers.. and my achillies tendonitis...damn Patriot Act.