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  1. Why should I ever register

    This description is spot on. Thanks and pie to you
  2. Last "big" Pub debate

    I think this represents 90% of people but only 1% of the dialogue.      Problem with politics is that there are no Statesmen.  We are defined by or differences n social media.  We crave and are defined by media board likes more than solutions      What we need are folks that can discard Twitter and go behind the curtain to work out problems. I am sick of both parties and the so called "independents" that are former pubs    
  3. Who was at fault?

    I mostly blame Wade Phillips and Von Miller.    To to borrow a Foxism the other guys get paid to play too.    Diwect refs, Gettlemans lack of OL etc...  And fact is we had a hell of a season and lost in the fuggin super bowl. Sucks. But it happens .    This is team is built well. It can recalibrate and contend. 
  4. I am proud....

    It was a great run.  It'll be hot in Spartanbug before you know it.     
  5. Last "big" Pub debate

    Christie basically  sat on top of Rubio. That is funny. 
  6. Miracle

    Wonder what that person would have said had a fire fighter walked into the house and got the Bible instead of the person?     I dont one want to mock, in fact I am somewhat religious, but people take it to an extreme.  
  7. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Chances are, if you are the most recognizable 6 foot 5 inch athlete/celebrity in a relatively small town ( or any town for that matter) and you are out and have your hood on, you don't want to be noticed and are not looking to entertain anyone.     I know now it's hard for young ones but I suspect the constant bombardment of people and requests is exhausting.  My son and I saw Jordan Gross out one day last year.  He looked like he was in a hurry but my son wanted an autograph.  Had to explain to my son that Gross had a life too and it just did not seem reasonable.  Rather than asking for the autograph (and likely experiencing an awkward rejection). my son settled for just waving and saying hi.    
  8. Panthers Nation

    Not my cup of tea but I applaud anyone who's fandom overrides their fear of being publicly mocked and ridiculed.  Better than anything I could put together.   Go team. 
  9. The Keep Pounding Drum

    I think both Beam and Sam Mills III would be nice 
  10. You say one of two ways but present 3 possible outcomes.  Not complaining. I find it quite humorous.  Keep this coming.  
  11. Luke is so white hahaha

    Didn't someone steal TD's purple car a few years back? I remember it was tricked out.  Don't know if he ever got it back. 
  12. Zika

    Needs a catchier name. 
  13. Eugene Robinson tells team to not make his mistake

    From a reporters standpoint I am sure there is an alternate argument but I agree that you look past this if you are the local news guy with the team.   I think it sucks he couldn't think of any other topics to report on. 
  14. Iowa Caucus Pick your winners

    Ted Cruz strikes me as a slime ball.  
  15. How the Broncos Can Stop Cam

    Might be reading this wrong but it sounds like he scrambled 58 times. 29 were runs and 9 were completed passes. That leaves 20 total snaps of scramble suckage. That's 1.1 snap per game over the 18 he has played.     Might be be reading it wrong but if that's all they got I don't think it bodes well for the Broncos.