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  1. 11-0 Pie

  2. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Why do feel like we are gonna sweat this out in the 2nd half?
  3. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    May need to zone blitz more to disguise looks for Romo
  4. A third party needs to be created that is both liason and arbitrator between police depts and communities.  Not a neighborhood watch or task force or a group created by the cops. Monthly meetings to talk solutions and ideas and check on progress or see if things are not changing. Need to get more of the honest citizens and good cops to come forward and be able to report without fear.
  5. It helps me understand why you buy walmart underwear at full price.
  6. It's clear Turkey is at least providing cover for isis. I said this a few months ago in one of the many ME threads that its going to be really ugly over there. US fought for China in Iraq and now Russia is fighting for us in Syria. But we can only go so far into Syria so we don't let the isis apocalypse come true. Whatever that may be for them. Im afraid the next 2 years is going to he a significant paradigm shift for the world. 
  7. Im just waiting for the demands to ask for a degree without having to go to classes. Because it cuts down on the carbon footprint and its such a hassle to study and interact and think.  
  8. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    Not fear.sis will make our internal battles like Chicago killings/gun crimes/ aforementioned protests look like a picnic. Keep them out and we can keep killing ourselves just fine.
  9. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    Give it time
  10. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    Im only angry your relatives had to wear masks.  
  11. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    Meltdown.  Lol Good one Junior Limbaugh. Don't spill that code red mountain dew on your wal mart underwear as you scour the webs for salacious insightful stuff.
  12. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    At least get the details before we play monkey poo poo sling time.
  13. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    The hoops of bitterness yield so much deep thoughts. Gazi was drooling with excitement as he posted this. Surely someone will make the ironic connection to the refugees.  Junior Limbaugh stuff here op.
  14. The Money Grab is On! Clock Kid Wants $15M

    Time keeps on slipping slipping