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  1. An Interesting Clete Blakeman Stat

    Need to look more into this. I remember hearing on the radio BEFORE the playoffs the team Vegas didn't want was Pitt and that Vegas preferred Carolina or Pats due to odds pre SB. Not saying before the year started. I don't think 10's of thousands of people had Carolina preseason .
  2. An Interesting Clete Blakeman Stat

    I don't think there are massive conspiracies,  however,  i don't think for a minute a ref or two or even a player or two is not semi connected to mob/bookie types who just a certain spread covered.  Just before the game some buddies were talking about the late rush of cash on Denver.  At that moment i got an uneasy feeling. Now, some point shaving could have as much to do with the under as opposed to wins or loses. I grew up a Cowboy fan ( saw the light when we got a team) and betted with bookies and I'm still convinced Erik Williams was on the take. That guy got more illegal motion or holds at the most crucial times or on a game deciding fg more than any player i have ever seen.
  3. Hence 2014.  Ok. A few more days of mourning and it's draft and march madness time.
  4. I told a guy at work a similar thing. It was 2014 all over again and any mistake we made hurt us. I mentioned this elsewhere.  Even if Cam fumbles between the 30's, chances are Denver doesn't even score.The d was that good. One less dropped pass or turnover or penalties and who knows.
  5. I agree. Has anyone from the media asked anyone this? Was Shula asked?
  6. An Interesting Clete Blakeman Stat

    The punt stat is interesting.  This is why you have to steam roll teams because if it's 50/50 on a call and with a crew that has their collective tendencies,  it makes it really tough and suspect.  
  7. What in the what is going on in here? Lol
  8. "Show me a good loser... "

    Benefit of the doubt? Are you on his payroll? If he can be praised for not being a robot then don't expect a robotic answer from others. Did you not see the word torn in my response?  Geez dude you can be worse than a NASCAR fan sometimes.  Guy watching race: Looked like Dale Jr tried to take out Jimmy Johnson.  This guy here on the huddle: You stop talking like that about Junior dagnabbit.
  9. Harper and Cotchery already gone?

    You have to look at this in terms of next hurdle. Besides the SB, you now have to see the team needs to be able to beat a D like Denver.  Which means a even better o line and wrs that can cause separation.  Personally i think a healthy Pittsburgh is the team to beat next year on the AFC side.
  10. "Show me a good loser... "

    I don't have an issue with Cam post game. Chris Harris' comments was the final straw. I understand that. Not easy to talk after losing but it has to be done. Great motivation going forward. As for diving not diving uhh, im torn. Last game of the year and it's late in the game and your down 6. Dude lie to me. Tell me you were hoping the ball was going to pop up and you make a play. Your leg being contorted? You have flipped over d lineman on the way to the end zone in extremely lesser important games.  I think falling on the ball is the only thing he could have done. Oye Well. Coulda shoulda woulda. Lots of time for reflection. 
  11. It seems the team assumed they would roll over Denver.  They may not say it but they figured to do what they have done all year. Expect every team to green dogblitzall the time. This is why having TWO good passing tes helps. You can disguise the play to look like a run and pass or vice versa. Like a post just said we saw this a few times and could make the other team play.  Denver rolled the dice and decided to come after Cam with the house and if he beats them on the run or throws on the run or from the pocket so be it. I would like to see how often Cam stepped up in the pocket in similar games vs Denver.  By dropping back further it played more into the Broncos gsmeplan. Interesting read.
  12. Big Daryl Williams....

    I agree with this. Im curious to hear details on how many audibles were in the gameplan and why so many laye snaps. A few no huddle here and thete would have been good. The worst part is when something would go right we shot ourselves in the foot. 
  13. Only the 2014 Seahawks lost the SB in the last 15 yrs when the #1 D is in the Super Bowl. Team/fans beyond overconfident and now it's humble pie time. We will get better.