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  1. It's called being a holier than thou asshat. I can only hope if njpanthers12 ever fugs up that he is judged by people just like himself.
  2. You guys are gonna be hatin it if his MO is to low ball everything. I'm thinking gettleman 2.0 with player salaries
  3. OBXPantha

    Rookie Camp

    I really like Hood's personality. I hope he can make the team.
  4. An inside practice facility for inclement weather other than a hotel conference room would be nice.
  5. NFL.com gave us straight A's for every day of the draft. Draft grades
  6. Whitest draft? Somehow this is a racial issue? I swear it must suck to be you.
  7. OBXPantha

    RIP Barbara Bush

    You have to look at the entirety of what she said during that interview. The snippet you quoted out of context seems worse that it is. According to Snopes Her comment was not meant as a dismissal of actual deaths or suffering (troops had not yet been engaged at the time of her remark), but of news coverage that amounted to one expert after another’s making predictions about what they saw as likely to occur.
  8. OBXPantha

    Why we don’t need to arm teachers

    I haven't seen any of these short tempered snowflakes. I don't curse at them or mouth off, in other words I don't give them reason to be short tempered. Do you think its their job to let people verbally abuse them. Where does this notion come from that cops have to be nice to you all while you are cursing them up one side and down the other. (You, meaning people in general, not you personally)
  9. OBXPantha

    Why we don’t need to arm teachers

    I find that police officers give back what they get. People immediately start mouthing off at cops and then whine and complain because the cops were not polite or perceived as overly aggressive.
  10. OBXPantha

    Why we don’t need to arm teachers

    The real one. You act as if 99% of police officers are hateful racists where in reality 99%of them are good people. Most of the cases of so called brutality are because people like you feel you don't have to do what the police say. Like it or not, you don't get to argue with the Cops. That is what court is for.
  11. OBXPantha

    Why we don’t need to arm teachers

    Then he will likely never have a problem with LEOs.
  12. OBXPantha

    Why we don’t need to arm teachers

    Do you teach your child to comply with law enforcement directions or do you teach him that he don't have to comply if he don't agree? Just asking because so many people now think its optional and then get their panties in a wad when LEO's make them comply.
  13. OBXPantha

    Going to WAR?

    That was as of early this morning. I haven't seen news since 7 am
  14. OBXPantha

    Going to WAR?

    If that was the case then why is russian forces blocking the inspectors from getting to the sites? If the rebels did it would't Russian and Syrian forces be eager the the inspectors to see that?