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  1. Some people think that because cam can throw the ball really far means that he has a good deep ball.
  2. I actually understand what saca is saying (although I didn't see it until you quoted him because he is on my ignore list). I work at a school and have seen a few teachers that sucked bad as a teacher but did pretty well when they moved up to an admin position because the have good managerial skills.
  3. Are you saying Wilks is clearly a better HC candidate than Patricia or McDaniels
  4. I agree. Stewart is still a beast. If they don't fix our Oline it doesn't matter who we get. Adrian Peterson in is prime would do no better.
  5. You could take this thread and swap out Norv's name for Shula and it would be exactly like the conversation we had when Shula was hired. He was never successful, bottom of the barrel offenses... I think most would agree Shula did much better here than was expected. Personnel has a lot to do with that. Maybe Norv will do much better here as well.
  6. Reshaping Newton

    Better sign some 9 foot tall receivers
  7. Our run game is not there because we have no receivers that worry Anyone. I saw 9 men in the box a lot this year. Get receiving threats and the run game will come back. Stewart is still a beast. No one can run with a stacked box and mediocre run blocking.
  8. How do you know it was Olsen who didn't know what play was called? Cam has said numerous times that he calls the wrong play in the huddle and Greg has to correct him.
  9. Falcons Offensive Injuries

    Doesn't matter. Julio will still hang 200 on us.
  10. I expect to see some trickery from tb. They have nothing to lose why not pull out all the stops
  11. Fuggin bears game, Amiright?

    I agree with you 100%. That's what I was trying to say. "Its just one game" makes no sense and I do not understand why so many on here say that especially when we lose a game early in the season. They act as if somehow its not going to count.
  12. Fuggin bears game, Amiright?

    It's only one game.... I never understood that mentality but some people on here always say it when we lose a game like that