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  1. 2016 panthers were 11th in most dropped passes at 3.8%, 2015 8th at 4.7%, 2014 16th at 4.4%, 2013 17th at 4.5%, 2012 29th 4.1%, and 2011 17th at 5.1%. These are ranked by drop percentage and the higher rank is better. Overall Panthers are middle of the pack perhaps slightly worse according to the numbers at sportingcharts.com.
  2. He doesn't automatically throw the ball to the most open receiver. Someone can be wide open one place but the ball goes somewhere else. Not saying this is what always happens, but once again stats can be misleading.
  3. I wasn't making an argument, simply pointing out Cam spent far more time in shotgun than under center his rookie year and had the most success from shotgun that year. Nobody was discussing his sophomore numbers. Oddly his under center snaps have plummeted since 2013. I wonder who or what is the driving factor behind that.
  4. The numbers I've found have Cam with 354 attempts from shotgun to 134 under center his rookie year. He did everything better from shotgun, completion %, TD/int ratio, yards per attempt. He also ran twice as many times from shotgun that year as from under center. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/N/NewtCa00/splits/2011/ Snap splits are at the very bottom.
  5. Ken Dorsey on the move?

    He's including rushing TDs in the total.
  6. I disagree that Cam needs to be great for us to win. We won 7 times when he had a QB rating of under 90 and 5 games where he was under 60% completion. He just can't be terrible like he was in 4 of our 5 losses with ratings of 43.8, 48.5, 54.9 and 31.5.
  7. The backs have no momentum going into the line during a read option and the lineman have to hold their blocks longer as well while Cam decides where to go with the ball. Neither of these help the backs at all.
  8. I'm pretty sure at least PFF assigns sacks to quarterbacks themselves when they are at fault for like holding the ball too long, not recognizing a free rusher that doesn't have an assigned blocker, or spinning out of the pocket into a defender.
  9. Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Norwell paving the way on that run.
  10. The corner had the man in the flat, one of the safeties blew their coverage.
  11. Can only cover for so long, way too much time.
  12. Official Panthers at Bucs Gameday Thread

    Nobody would be open on that route, corner underneath with safety help on top. Why would you throw that ball?
  13. Official Panthers at Bucs Gameday Thread

    Turner was too slow to block David on that run.