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  1. Great catch, terrible throw.
  2. You can't hold the ball forever, throw the damn ball.
  3. CarolinaSock

    What are your Top 5 Movies All Time?

    Bull Durham The Princess Bride Deadpool The Grand Budapest Hotel Beatlejuice
  4. CarolinaSock

    The weird Trump cult

    Sadly I have several family members that belong to the cult. Their only sources of information are Fox news, the Blaze, and OAN. I hear them groaning that the media isn't giving Trump a chance, had my mother honestly tell me she's not sure Obama is a US citizen a full year after the whole birther thing started. I can't even have a discussion with them because they are coming from a point of view so detached from facts and reality it's like trying to argue with a child about an imaginary friend. However it is in there mind is the truth, facts be damned. I've lost all respect for them and sometimes wonder if they were always like this and I was just too young or naive to notice, or if it's just progressed as they got older. I can't be in a room with them and relatives or their friends because it becomes a Fox and friends episode when they get together.
  5. CarolinaSock

    Amazon takes one on the chin

    My understanding is they already charge sales tax everywhere for items sold or shipped by Amazon itself. Only the 3rd party vendors are still tax free.
  6. Cam's best year completion wise was actually his first under Shula. He had his second best and second worst under Chud. His career percentage is nearly identical under both.
  7. The problem with Cam's "general vicinity" accuracy is while technically catchable, his routine lack of touch makes those much more difficult catches than most other QBs in the league. So many people on here like to make fun of Wilson's alley oop style throws but they allow his receiver to adjust to the ball and is easier to catch if you don't get your hands on it perfectly. Those laser throws are impressive to see but leave far less room for error for both the QB and the receiver.
  8. Cam needs to find throwing lanes if he's going to throw it so low, that hit a lineman's helmet.
  9. Defense was not good, but only scoring 13 on Atlanta is just pathetic.
  10. He can throw it 10 yards over the head of someone in the endzone or near the sidelines no problem and not get a grounding call.
  11. We have absolutely no pass rush and haven't nearly the entire game, not to mention they've been getting pounded in the run game. Dline has been embarrassing most of the game.
  12. Our D-line is getting blown off the ball, they look terrible.
  13. Why did he hesitate? Olsen was wide open.
  14. We should have already had a touchdown if Cam doesn't hot dog it.
  15. CarolinaSock

    What Redskins Fans Are Saying

    Fivethirtyeight has us as the most likely victory this week at 86%. That's higher than New England over Buffalo and Seattle over San Francisco. Just for a reference they are 8-1 predicting our games, with only the Seattle game being an upset for us according to them.