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  1. What Redskins Fans Are Saying

    Fivethirtyeight has us as the most likely victory this week at 86%. That's higher than New England over Buffalo and Seattle over San Francisco. Just for a reference they are 8-1 predicting our games, with only the Seattle game being an upset for us according to them.
  2. Peyton's records will be short-lived

    Luck is about 4 months younger than Cam actually.
  3. Cam said "It felt like a hostile environment"

    The lower bowl behind the Packers seemed to be especially concentrated with Packer fans. But the Packer fans were pretty damn quiet most of the game until they started to get back in it. Panther fans were definitely louder for the vast majority of the game.
  4. What about Bene?

    I think the problem is he's the best we've got at nickel even though he's much better on the outside. Tillman and him were picked on all game.
  5. Game ball, Who gets it?!!

    Our receivers were running open all game and Cam had all day most of the time to pick his target. Run blocking suffered in the 4th quarter but they barely got to Cam at all so I gotta go with the Oline.
  6. Prevent Mode: Dear Ron Rivera...

    They attacked our overzealous pass rush with screens and went after Benwikere and Tillman over and over again. We actually threw the ball a good bit in the 4th but Cam was off frequently and we couldn't run block.
  7. Don't be concerned about the last two games

    Neither side of the ball was good in the 4th. Green bay attacked Benwikere and Tillman all day. Offense couldn't stay on the field, run blocking was just terrible.
  8. What has happened to Benwikere?

    I'm not sure what's going on with him but I've noticed several times where he just looked lost in coverage like he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do.
  9. NBA Finals Thread

    ​I don't hate the guy, he's the most physically gifted NBA player ever and one of the best passers I've ever seen. I don't find his game very attractive, he steamrolls people and then complains when someone actually puts up some resistance.
  10. NBA Finals Thread

    If they actually called offensive fouls like they're supposed to, you know lowering a shoulder into a guys chest, forearm pushoffs, Lebron would foul out every game.
  11. NBA Finals Thread

    22 more free throws taken and still down 12 and for the "jump shooting team" crowd, points in the paint is 36 GS to 38 CLE.
  12. NBA Finals Thread

    When you always have the ball I would hope you'd accrue some volume stats. He has a historic usage rate in the finals so of course he's involved in most of their points and when you shoot 35 times a game I'd hope you average 40 points. 
  13. Western Conference Finals Thread

    So throwing an elbow at someone's head isn't excessive, just unnecessary according to the NBA when it's Howard throwing the elbow but not Horford. He also didn't think the elbow was in retaliation to anything which apparently makes it worse than a random elbow for no reason.
  14. Western Conference Finals Thread$/video/channels/originals/2015/05/20/ It's stuff like this that makes the nba look like a joke. Harden flops a half dozen times a game easy but they fine Curry for a play where there wasn't even a foul called. Just what the hell is the criteria for a fine when I've seen far worse flops in every single game of the playoffs.
  15. Western Conference Finals Thread

    I don't know if I can take watching 48 minutes of Harden running into people then having convulsions. He has the ugliest game in the NBA and is an eyesore from my perspective. The sooner this series is over the better.