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  1. GIFs from the NFC Championship Game

    I love Stewarts reaction to Luke's pick6
  2. I really don't care.  Cam is the future so the NFL and its fans is just gonna have to suck it up.  Our team is the real deal.
  3. Distractions.

    i think the team is starting to lose focus a bit, but when you're 14-0 anything can be a distraction. Hopefully the coaches and players refocus and aims for THE RING.
  4. was going to post this also when i saw this on nfl films.  the way coughlin responded was surprisingly a head scratcher.  knowing that he's all about discipline, i totally lost respect for him as a head coach.  props to ron though.
  5. Missed it by a finger tip.

    There has to be a tennis racket in that hand wrapped!?
  6. Notes and Memos - Giants

    Dear Cam Newton, You Da MVP.
  7. Which Carolina Panther are you?

    I got LUUUUUKE!
  8. Hope it's what you wanted.  I tried, but gfycat is taking forever with the gif.
  9. That ending with the "I know he saw my friend request on FB, Instagram..." was too funny
  10. Watching first take (skip Bayless)

    Haven't seen the video yet, but I watched the one where Skip and Stephen debated who to win and I don't really blame Skip for picking the Cowboys to win.  It was delusional on his part, but I understand where he was coming from.  He's a fan of the Cowboys and they came off a victory with Romo after losing 4 games or whatever.  The team was hyped and the fans felt that they can make a playoff run or something.  Skip's argument to beat the Panthers sounded like some huddlers a few years back.  On the other hand, Stephen made legitimate case for the Panthers to win.  He called a pick six and even mention Luke.  Even called that Romo will possibly be injured (he didn't mean it as ill will though).  I'm just gonna have to give Skip a pass this time because he sounded like a fan feeding off his team victory last week, but 99.999999% of the time Skip is a dumbass when it comes to the Panthers
  11. A cousin of mine showed up to the Colts game this year in a Cowboy jersey.  My brother told me another panther yelled out that he (the panther fan) didn't know which game he was at anymore.  I apologized to any fans that come across that cousin of mine.
  12. Game Winning Greg Olsen TD Pictures....

    A photo I found on The News Tribune. Look at the Seahawks mascot  
  13. I like Luke and I have Twitter.  He just got extended and hopefully this will be hanging in my man cave.   @thebuzzeffect