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  1. Udogg added a post in a topic Ryan Delaire nickname thread   

    You see what you just did?  My wife does the same thing.........
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  2. Udogg added a post in a topic So Ginn is on pace for 816/12, have we found our legit no 2?   

    That's usual.  I think because of the success of last years WR's and especially KB for us we have unrealistic expectations for 2nd round WR's.    Your going to have some that hit the ground full speed but mostly it's gonna take a year or 2 or never.
    At least he is not a USC WR.  They always bust .....
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  3. Udogg added a post in a topic Ryan Delaire nickname thread   

    Bye week its going to be full with just my opinion threads.......  God help us all.
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  4. Udogg added a post in a topic PFF ranks Panthers O-line as 2nd best in the NFL   

    Amini Silatolu was our worst O lineman.  I don't care what the grades say, you can see his effect on Cam in games.  He was always getting pushed into Cam.  Moving him off of his spot in passing situation.  Forcing him to throw off his back foot.  It has happened every year, when Amini leaves the game due to injury we suddenly improve.  When Amini didn't do it,  Chandler or Bell would do something bad.  
    Our run blocking woes are a combination of things.  Our RB scheme is the same as PA so not a lot of pulling or double teams as not to tip our run/pass hands.  We actually run pretty good when we run with guards pulling especially Norwell.  We just don't it a lot.  So so on toss.  I also agree with a WR that scared people we would have a lot more success in the running game. 
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  5. Udogg added a post in a topic What do you think is the most improved aspect of Cam Newton's game   

    Yeah, but watching practice you could always see Cam make the right decisions.  In the game he didn't because it seemed like on multiple occasions someone on the Oline would do something horrible.  He was always under pressure and it seems like everything suffered.  His mechanics, his decision making, etc.. He was getting pressure right up the middle and from the outside. 
    When the protection improved, you could see Cam's play pickup even last year.   I don't see any difference between last 4 game last year Cam and first four games this year Cam.  With a pocket we have seen Cam buy time in the pocket by climbing,  make accurate passes with touch,  making good decisions.   I think if our Oline would have been better all along then Cam would have "improved' much earlier.
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  6. Udogg added a post in a topic What do you think is the most improved aspect of Cam Newton's game   

    The Oline.
    Think about how many times you have seen Cam sit back in the pocket and scan the field.  I saw a few plays where he had a left to right progression, then when back right to left.  Never used to have that time before.  It's hard to throw a deep ball with a DT in your rib pads.
    It's not like I see a whole new Cam, it's just he had time to do stuff.  No Bell, No Silatolu, No Chandler...
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  7. Udogg added a post in a topic Have We Really Beaten Anyone?   

  8. Udogg added a post in a topic Did Benjamin's injury help Cam become a better QB?   

    Man I was thinking about making a topic like this.  Watching the replays of the game it's like Cam isn't looking for anyone in particular.  He is just taking what the defense gives him.  Other than a few forces here and there he is just going with the flow. 
    I guess in a way it does make him a better QB because there is no player to take away.  Which in turn makes our offense more flexible.  Watching the patriots, they don't overpower teams by imposing their plays against you. They just exploit everything you don't do well.  You have trouble covering TE's then we go to the TE all game long.  You have trouble and the third CB position, we go 3 WR's sets all game. 
    I think with our Oline playing better and the younger players getting more comfortable with the system that our passing game will improve greatly.  Our running game is what it is
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  9. Udogg added a post in a topic Im sorry but I just hate the Seahawks more than our NFCs rivals   

    There are no stats for almost wins.  Until we beat them the Seahwaks own our ass.  I feel like if we can beat them 1 time that's the last mental hurdle to being a championship team.  They are like the Bad boy Piston Team to our Bulls.  When we finally beat them it's gonna be beautiful.  ESPECIALLY IN THAT STADIUM....
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  10. Udogg added a post in a topic MNF Game Thread: Lions (0-3) @ Seahawks (1-2)   

    LOL.. like that.
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  11. Udogg added a post in a topic MNF Game Thread: Lions (0-3) @ Seahawks (1-2)   

    Defense gonna have to win.. their offense won't do it.
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  12. Udogg added a post in a topic MNF Game Thread: Lions (0-3) @ Seahawks (1-2)   

    When you get a chance to tackle Russell Wilson..you have to make that tackle.
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  13. Udogg added a post in a topic Unpopular question, perhaps a stupid thought, but...   

    He is a rookie.  Last years rookie class spoiled people.  This is the usual arc for a non 1st round rookie. 
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  14. Udogg added a post in a topic The best team Atlanta plays this year is Carolina   

    1. It's a long season
    2. No one knows how well those teams will be playing near the end of the year.
    3. It's possible both us and the Saints go into a slump, have an injury, etc..
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  15. Udogg added a post in a topic 4-0 vs. poo   

    So you want to wait till we win against a "legit" team before you are all in? 
    You are the definition of a bandwagon fan.  Matter of fact you are worse than a bandwagon fan...
    If that's what you are waiting for just pick a team that has "legit" wins then support them.
    Drunk or not ...you disgust me.
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