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  1. I'm all for giving props to everyone that helped make this season possible.  However some of those names....
  2. Trying to pump myself up for this game

    Sorry for your loss.  Lost my mother on this day last year.  That being said, I'm almost positive your dad would not only want you to go, he would want you to have fun.  So, do what you need to until you fly, then party for both you and your dad.  Win or lose, enjoy that experience.  I'm sure he will be watching.
  3. Let's get him a Ring while we're at it

    Wish we had Larry Fitz on the team.  I really want him to get a ring.
  4. What position did you play?

    Fullback... Best special teamer ever.  Was averaging about 7 yards per carry.  Didn't get to carry much :)  SG...  Bench player averaged like 5 fouls and 3 points per game. 3rd base, shortstop, outfield.  Mad baseball skillz...Think I was at .303/11hr my senior year.  Didn't like playing though.  Only liked playing basketball which was my worst sport.  Kick my self in the ass about this often.  
  5. Anybody else notice

    My son and I were watching on NFL network today.  He said "Dad, does he still have pads on under that jersey?"   I said nope.  He paused for about a minute then said, "The people who tackle him are brave men".
  6. Careful .. .this take is HOT

    Sounds sort of like "Shula is the worst offensive coordinator ever".   AmIrite? :)   Knee jerk reactions aren't always wrong.  Just as showing patience isn't always the best answer (see Manziel). Good GM's seem to know the difference.  Bad ones don't.   Imagine if Dave G would have waited to sign Cam at the end of this year instead of last? 
  7. Guess Belichek thought the same thing.. and fired the Oline coach.
  8. Was thinking this same thing. There can't be anything more fundamental than identifying and fixing tells especially with the center.  I'm thinking that the Jet's/Dolphins saw the same things.    
  9. Haha it was far worse on this forum.  The Andrew Luck not coming out take Cam Newton post were epic.   Even the late 2012 is Cam regressing or is it the offense threads..
  10. If it was just Bell , yeah.  But Silatolu sucked, Chandler sucked, Velasco sucked, and Bell.   Our offense increases every year Silatolu gets hurt.  Chandler and Velasco at best were emergency backups.  My problems with Amini have been stated many times before so I won't rehash them.  
  11. Evolution of the QB

  12. Gil Brandt does it again

    How amazing is it this?  We went from .. I don't know how they are going to score, lucky to win 8 games, to OMG they are going to be good for years... It's like we all here knew what we were talking about (some of us at least).  All the delusional  ramblings aren't ramblings any more they are actually the truth.    
  13. Gil Brandt does it again

    I stopped after the first sentence....  I will read more once I compose myself ...