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  1. Udogg added a post in a topic Question: put together trade package for WR   

    We need a receiver who is
    1. 6ft 2 and up.  Because when Cam misses its high.
    2. Has really good hands.  Because Cam throws hot fiyaah
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  2. Udogg added a post in a topic As Breakable as Funyuns (Funchess) injures leg in practice again   

    Not as rough as San Francisco's.  ... Our pre season has been mild in comparison.
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  3. Udogg added a post in a topic Sunday Practice News & Tweets - incl Injury Update   

    Isn't that what he is supposed to do?  If he did not get blocked and still didn't make the sack that would be worse right?
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  4. Udogg added a post in a topic Bortles better than Cam   

    In your opinion. .....
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  5. Udogg added a post in a topic Bortles better than Cam   

    Carolina Huddle + (this quarterback is better than Cam threads ) = the season is near!!!!
    After almost 5 years I don't know why we even get indignant anymore about them.
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  6. Udogg added a post in a topic We only have one issue.. Remove Brown from the roster and we are legitimate contenders.   

    All I know, Philly Brown didn't drop the ball as much as Corey Brown.
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  7. Udogg added a post in a topic The 4th and Short Play Calling and Execution is Atrocious   

    I am not saying Shula is Don Coryale and Mike Martz love child. I shake my head sometimes on his play calls.  I'm not basing anything on Shulas " history" .   All I'm saying is if I just watch the game, not putting any bias into it, I see drops, missed blocks, really bad QB throws and missed assignments at key moments that hurt us badly.  I see far more of that than I see poor route tree/playcalling.  This board gets into a witch hunt and no matter what else happens they refuse to see anything else.  Take for instance last night, we get stuffed on a run its Shula's fault.  We convert on a 3rd and short pass it's good play by Cam/Receiver.   Shula calls good play and Corey Brown is wide open for the touchdown, is there any mention that was a good call?  Nope.  
    Couple that with the fact that we have had Byron Bell,  Amini Silatolu and Nate Chandler play significant time on the Offensive line  and also the fact we have had at receiver :The Legedu Nanaae, Jason Avant, , Amanti "Training camp MVP" Edwards,  Kealou "Mr Hawaii" Pilares,  Joe "Youtube" Adams,  and Louis "Eddie" Murphys, David "2 Fast" Clowney and Dwayne "M$%$%$% USC Recievers" Jarret. That the poo poo platter of receivers right there.
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  8. Udogg added a post in a topic The 4th and Short Play Calling and Execution is Atrocious   

    Shula doesn't catch, Shula doesn't block.  Most of our issues offensively have been 1 of those 2 things.
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  9. Udogg added a post in a topic Preseason Game 3 Thread: Patriots vs Panthers 730 P.M. General thoughts, previews, etc in here   

    LOL...  lets see the film frame by frame breakdown on that one.
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  10. Udogg added a post in a topic Funchess hamstring still tight, "MAY" play Friday.   

    Watch the Jacksonville games. They are a few plays hear or there from being a decent to good team.  If Bortles improves they are going to be a tough out.  Matter of fact there are no easy teams for a team like us.  Take the Minnesota, game from last year.  When we run the ball consistently , we blow teams out.  When we don't we either struggle or get blown out ourselves.
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  11. Udogg added a post in a topic Can we once and for all retire the name "Philly"?   

    I love the huddle :)
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  12. Udogg added a post in a topic Some love for Oher....   

    Nope. Every year for the past 3 years our line has improved when Amini Silatolu(LG) gets taken out due to injury. Whether Wharton/Norwell/even Velasco (who is not good).  Matter of fact, Bell looked better at the end of the year (Line as a whole) when Silatolu got taken out.  It's not a coicidence that our Oline has looked better this preseason compared to others.  Everyone blames Bell, and Oher has done a fantastic job but we got better by subtraction.   Norwell and Turner are the real stars imo.  Cam does not do well with pressure up the middle (no QB does).  Outside pressure he can deal with.  Bell was a problem, but the guard play was worse for us.
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  13. Udogg added a post in a topic Today's Practice Tweets / Reports   

    It almost sounds like we have depth on the Oline.....
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  14. Udogg added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Time - Fan Duel   

    Just like crop conservation and animal preservation I shall join this Fan Duel so that I can let my normal pray replenish themselves.
    I will also answer your questions before hand:
    Yes I am that good.
    No I am not cheating.
    If you pay me I will not join your league again.
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