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  1. I want no part of Leonard Fournette. None, nada, nyet. You think Kamara killed us?
  2. If all it takes is an accusation to get you suspended or fired then maybe it needs to be.
  3. It's like women are walking into the workplace with loaded guns.... I believe there is sexual harassment and women deserve the right to be in a work environment free of harassment. But damn... the law of averages kicks in eventually. The term sexual harassment is to vague a hammer these days.
  4. I have defended Shula on this board for a long time. Not because I think he is the best coordinator in the league. It's mainly for the irrational hating of everything Shula that goes on around here. Then people like you talk about how Cam is "held back " by the incompetence of Shula. People like you are more of a fan of Cam Newton than the Carolina Panthers. It's not all Shula all the time,.... Cam misses passes all the time. He is streaky as poo. Sometimes he can go an entire game throwing pin point passes, then the next he can't do anything. Now this year, it has probably been physical limitations, but if you would watch the game objectively you can see the plays we as a team leave on the field and it has nothing to do with Shula. How many times has Cam taken a sack when he should have thrown the ball away. How many times does he drop back 10 yards (they mentioned it on tv today) when he should drop back 7. This is actually what killed us in the SB btw... Remmers against Von Miller and Cam dropping 2 deep. How many times has he thrown over the head of a receiver that was wide open? How many deep throws Cam has made that aren't even close to the WR this year? How many times does Kalil get beaten like a drum?(not as bad these last 4 weeks compared to first 4). How many big completions have WR's dropped? see Russell Shepard. How many times do our WR's run poor routes short of the first down? All of em , all the time. It's a team game with many moving parts. All you numpties say all the time.. Oh it's Shula .. yada yada. Same people at the beginning of the year talking about Andy Reid. First four games Andy Reid is a genius and 1000 times smarter than Shula. Now KC went 4 games without scoring and hadn't scored until Andy Reid gave up play calling duties 2 weeks ago. Saying our offense may be too complicated? Can be argued. However most of our mistakes are because we don't execute properly. We can't even run a pick play effectively most of the time. Our combination blocks are atrocious. Our scramble plays are horrible considering how mobile Cam is. But most of you just say Shula sucks to just say it. We are 9-4 and just beat one of the 2 best teams in the NFC. We have played probably 2 well executed offensive game the entire year. When we play well offensively, it's because of Cam, when we play bad it's because of Shula? People are clueless.
  5. Oh it's a question. ... 3 touchdown 100 yards is huge.
  6. That actually looked like blocking? Someone please let me know if I'm right.
  7. You know what.... you god damned right.
  8. Olsen is out @ NO

    We need Greg Olsen for this game, but would need him more for a playoff run. Calling him soft and a pussy, because for soreness after a fuggin surgery is stupid. Having him limp around distracting no one is of no use. Rather have a 100% Dickson than a 70% Olsen.
  9. If CMC was putting up the numbers Kamara is , then it would be the same thing here. Even Electro would be getting a CMC tattoo on his lower back.
  10. Even the Jets player was looking at the ref like " You ain't even gonna call that? ".
  11. I was thinking the same thing. They are watching this like they had a controller. I guarantee they have never ran a football in a real game ever.
  12. Wake up Call

    was drinking from my bottle water man!!! Hope my keyboard survives.
  13. I watched it several times slow motion. At one time while he was out of bounds neither hand had control of the ball. If it was just one.. yeah but both hands didn't have control.
  14. Hip is the same as 2 feet. The ball moved while he was going to the ground. while he was out of bounds.
  15. Um...yes it was. Title: Putting Corn on IR is mistake. post: His injury was not serious. He would be fully up to speed right about now It just so happens now is when he would be needed the most with Captain injured. Instead of putting him on IR 24 hours later and giving us the ability to bring him back this season, Hurney decided to keep two kickers. We all know own how that ended. So yeah it was simply about Corn and his knee. You are the one that went deeper.
  16. Yep pretty much nail on the head right there. They sit in the wings with he I told you so's.
  17. Wish he didn't play for the Saints so I could cheer for him. He played well here and when all said and done, might have been our best WR in the last 5 years. Not to mention what his speed caused defenses to do.
  18. I love Twitter

    That wasn't a pregnancy joke, it was a 28-3 joke. Also the internet is ruthless.
  19. Drew Brees throws soft tender butterfly pillows. Cam throws lasers guided tomahawk missiles. Drew Brees throws a very catchable ball. Cam throws balls you should be able to catch. Drew Brees throws with anticipation. Cam throws when you are open. Drew Brees throws like a dad in the back yard with his young kid. Cam throws like the drunk father who blames you for not having a football career.
  20. Big Ben

    dilly dilly is like this action packed fight scene now..
  21. Man ,.. if I was famous I wouldn't leave my house.