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  1. That is winning. Congrats to that man.
  2. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    This entire thread delivers!!!! The spin on here is awesome , it's like watching Fox News.
  3. IMO Drafting is about your entire team. Scouting, Coaching input, investigators, relationships with college coaches that are going to give you the real low down on playerst, etc. Also luck has to play a part. The Saints with same GM/Coach, picked their best draft class ever after whiffing on many of the prior years. Also the state of the team has a lot to do with. Take for instance today. Everyone is clamoring for Hurney to resign Norwell and Starr, this was the same as everyone clamoring for Double trouble and CJ during the Hurney 1st stint. I think the truly indefensible signing was Jake Delhomme and I'm no sure that wasn't JR making it happen. I think everyone has seen what happens when you don't sign who the owner tells you to sign or re-sign. So the question should be, will we have the pieces in place to run an effective draft/FA period. Along with someone with the knowledge of cap space etc. to not only make it happen but keep us competitive moving forward. Hurney knows the cap because he was able to keep all the players we were trying to keep. The only issue is has Hurney learned that there are players 2 expensive to keep. Gettleman was the extreme in the other direction.
  4. ..... Now I want Hurney to stay.
  5. Oprah is buying that script as soon as she sells.
  6. God D$%$% !!!!! Steve Smith was a bad man.
  7. Ha same here. I own an indoor inflatable place and I see the market up on fountain drinks. Hell I even switched to the smaller cubed ice and that made me even more money. I remember when I used to think I was getting over on the Quik Trips when I was getting the 48 oz drink for 1.69. The markup is insane on everything they are selling.
  8. I took my kids to the new falcon stadium.. we spent way more than in the past.. Also my kids said something I have never heard " Daddy I'm full".
  9. This basically sums up everything. Watching the Panthers play, we just overall looked like a slow team offensively. It wasn't the plays themselves it's just that there was no .... crispness? Is that a word? Even our "speed" guys looked slow. They ran routes slow and without the sudden quickness you would expect from faster guys. Our run blocking wasn't quick hitting enough. Everything seemed more controlled instead of sudden. Teams that had familiarity with us, had less trouble stopping us because they weren't getting confused. Thus not as slow to react. Hopefully the new OC can fix this and get everything clicking like it should.
  10. Our running game has been bad for years. This has been covered up by Cam's numbers. Take Cam out of the equation and I don't see what's so "good" about our Oline. Someone getting grades as All-Pro is gravy. I just don't see what's so good about our Oline play. I see glimpses yes, but nothing consistent. It may be all Shula's fault, but I haven't seen anything about the Oline that has stood out, or made me feel like coaching can't be changed.
  11. Our Oline play sucks.. so meh.
  12. If you went into that game thinking the Patriots were going to get all the calls, you see conspiracy. If you just watched the game, there was no conspiracy. Jacksonville could have easily scored 30+ in that game.
  13. If the NFL was rigging games... Dallas and Pittsburgh would be in every Superbowl.
  14. Karma is real

    Live long enough. You learn to appreciate the times when stuff like this happens. Just icing on a great weekend.
  15. Drunk and Bored Here Ya Go

    Almost there.... The Henny is flowing....
  16. So since Shula is gone, it's Hurney at the top of the blame chart? Good to know.
  17. Not gonna cry... Not gonna cry.. ... not....go
  18. Everytime I hear Josh Gordon... I hear this... "A scorpion asks a frog to carry him over a river. The frog is afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, both would sink and the scorpion would drown. The frog then agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When asked why, the scorpion points out that this is its nature."
  19. yes they will. They said the same thing here in Atlanta.. and else where. Some won't but a majority will and there will be new people to take their place.
  20. Dude. calm breath.. I'm not pressed about this at all. Just thought it would more of a process. I'm good , I think the change will do the team good. Second opinion /different perspective kind of thing.
  21. Must be from North Carolina. This is some gerrymandering right here.
  22. Using that same logic, only the people with "resumes" which are based off longevity would get hired. The Mcvay's, Shanahans, etc would never get jobs because the same ole retreads would beat them out every time because they have success within the last 20 years. Once again, not saying Norv is or isn't the answer. Just saying why not bring in others and ask what they would do, what they would run, how they see the offense moving forward in the future. Still feel like Norv is the best choice? Then hire him. To me it looks like Ron had 1 person in mind the entire time. So meh that's his prerogative as HC. I would have liked to see at least the pretense of others being interviewed if just for the sake of comparison.
  23. Not saying if Norv is the answer or not, but at least can we interview some other people at least? If Shula is as bad as most of the people here say, then anyone technically would be better than Shula.
  24. No one really stands out to me, but as we are right now, any in the top 20 could start for us. I'm just really torn because to my recollection FA WR's never work out it seems. Good WR's rarely hit FA. Plus rarely are WR's dominant coming of the draft unless they are athletic freaks.. ie Julio Jones, Calvin Johnson, etc.. We have to get people who are more polished route runners, and have the ability to stretch the field. I just don't see the options in FA that realistically have a chance of coming here.