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    Run game

    I'm not sure. Because of the way we play i.e. Slow as fug, It's not going to be a lot of carries regardless. I think more of the intermediate passes will be available this week because of all the checkdowns to CMC we have used at the start. Teams are going to get tired of giving a free 5-10 yards every checkdown. We are averaging 5 yards per carry rushing this year and it's not smoke and mirrors with Cam average 8 yards and everyone else averaging 3.8. However teams are still box stacking unless we are in obvious pass situations. Single high safety is the predominate coverage and unless we show we consistently beat people on it, I don't see us being successful with he ole ground and pound. I'm thinking 45% run 55 % pass. Unfortunately I think Cam is still going to be our leading rusher this game.
  2. If Sunday was any indication of Shaqs time.. .. I can wait a little longer.
  3. The fact they were averaging 7+ yards per rush didn't help. The run hurt us early which made the PA way more effective. Good run games slow pass rush.
  4. Legion of Boom +Beast Mode + Russell Wilson >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Russell Wilson.
  5. Once again and for me personally the last time I will say it... It wasn't all Shula's fault. Mostly.. I won't argue that. But it was a combination of play calling, personnel(huge), coaching philosophy (i think most of us see this now), and injuries. What has improved drastically are both the overall run efficiency and Cams taking the short passes. I think Norv still needs to call plays, then analyze what we do well or don't. Look at what has worked and basically self scout. I mean it's like getting anything new, it takes a while to get to know it.
  6. Udogg

    This Loss is on Ron

    Can't stop the run. That what killed us against the Saints regular season last year. Killed us against the Falcons today.
  7. Udogg

    Browns just cut Josh Gordon

    NM.. I'm slow and drunk.
  8. Udogg


    Lol.. I thought you were about to say he was on IR too... Every post with a player name scares me now.
  9. Lol.. people play us single high safety all the time. However don't take advantage because 1. Our OL doesn't hold up long enough. 2. We don't run a lot of deep combination routes to force the safety to choose. 3. Cam hasn't been throwing them. Why? don't know.
  10. Udogg

    Trai out

    I feel dirty for this.... but I agree with him..... uggghh
  11. Udogg

    Trai out

    At this point we need a who is playing report.
  12. When you can't debate the message. Attack the messenger.
  13. Why wouldn't he understand? You don't have to be starving to have compassion for people that are starving? You don't have to experience abuse to be able to say abuse is wrong?
  14. Hey man, singing to the choir. With our defense I would look to put people behind early so we can unleash the pass rush like the end of the dallas game. I feel like our DL rotation will eventually beat whomever's OL eventually. Like someone said earlier , our offense early in 2015 feasted on good field position. Then near the end of the year, we were clicking so much it didn't matter anymore. When we weren't hampered by penalties or weren't in ball control mode, it appeared we moved the ball fairly well. I count game 1 of the season as the 5th preseason game.. will see moving forward.
  15. They throw a lot regardless. We will only pass a lot if we are down early. We are still a run first team, add to that we huddle more than the pass first teams. (more than we should). For instance.. Last week Brady passed 45 attempts Tom Brady 39.. Cam 26. It's a coaching philosophy. The way we play is the way Ron Rivera wants to play. Does it work? Yes. Tried and true. But is it exciting ? Nope.
  16. Udogg

    4% fat, 100% machine, 110% focused

    Did you look at his elbows!!!
  17. Udogg

    4% fat, 100% machine, 110% focused

    People are funny. You eyeballed 8% eh?
  18. 28-17 Panthers. 28 points -3 in first 3 quarters. 1 quarter of taking foot off throttle .
  19. This ^^^ If anything, I think we start to implement more as the season goes on. We are getting the ball out quicker and Cam is buying a little more time on the PA and the rollouts. Just have to not make mistakes.
  20. Udogg


    Didn't look like it when watching him on Sunday. But once again.. 1st game of the year. Lines take time to gel sometimes. However with our injuries.. that won't happen this season.
  21. Udogg

    Trai has a concussion

    wow... I mean.. just wow.
  22. So you would give up a 3rd round pick for a tackle who may only be slightly better than what we have? Teams don't give up tackles that are anywhere close to decent...especially during the season. You don't get rid of depth for draft picks in September. Every blue moon you get one for salary cap concerns, but good tackles and even decent backup tackles aren't sitting on a bench waiting to be traded. Unfortunately we gonna have to make what we have work and hopefully address it in the offseason.
  23. I'm not sure if I can watch this game if Amini is RT. I don't like horror movies.
  24. Udogg

    Hate Week #1 - Falcons

    ugghhh... don't do that man. uuuggghh..