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  1. The Huddler

    Bad review for an old friend

    Jatew is a big guy prob looks slow next to Barkley. Unfair to compare a 10 year vet to a stud like barkley.
  2. They are probably fuging with us none of us know what the fug we are looking at. That could be the inside of a cats asshole for all we know.
  3. I think you are missing the even bigger point. Hes going after the youth similar to his culture and upbringing. Where crime and illegal activities are glorofied. If he inspires a kid to believe he can be a football player so be it. If it gets them off the streets i believed i would be an NFL player too. Full heartedly. I had my favorite role models abd players. It inspired me to be the best player i could be. I learned to work hard and learned about teamwork and working for a collective goal. There are some very valuable lifelessons with football. if cam gets some boys off the street And onto a team to learn these valuable life leasons and away from things that deatroy them, then so be it. Whats more motivating to have that process see it through? Work hard but theres a slim chance, so dont get your hopes up? Or go work hard and get inspired to be the best u can be. like i said cams directed audience is the troubled youth of america. Russell wilsons dont reach them as well as a true to himself Cam.
  4. “Theres a lot of corn balls out there” aka russell wilson
  5. Also wore black against the colts Thats embarrasing for him
  6. Cam Unleashed!! i like it jr curse lifted in more ways than one
  7. The Huddler

    Cool story on CMC

    Fan see article fan post article fan claim article
  8. The Huddler

    How do you fill your offseason time?

    I do other life activities. Like seasons
  9. My BS detector is very fine tuned and I have a really good sense for motivations. Where i get into trouble is not knowing all the facts cause im lazy and sont click links n sshit. I assume the worst because every person really does have a incredibly shitty side to them whether its conscious or they are completly obvlivious to them. We live in a world of duality and every terrible act a person has ever made resides deep within us. Just needs the right conditions and circumstances to manifest. And what bugs us the most about other people is often the side of us we can not see and are oblivious too. We hate those qualities because its the part of our personality we subconsciously hate about ourselves. We project our own poo onto others. For me i go to great lengths to be very kind and very noce and polite to wveryone i encounter. I do in fact give them the repsect they deserve no matter who they are. It takes tremendous amounts of sshit for me to get rude and ugly to someone. Very rarely happens. So for me, i mostly despise people that are puting on a fake mask. Cause thats what i do. One thing that has happened to me is my life fell apart and i became a heavy drinker and i lost all my progress in life. Every thing i did before that was to show people how great of a person i was. Everything i did was for image. There wasnt much of anything of true meaning and purpose to me. I was like a paper mache baloon made to look like a rock but on the inside i was hollow air and i collapsed. Now since then, i was humbled beyond belief and i was reduced to an alosoholic working at walmart. But, like the hero tale that resides in all of us, the old hollow me died and a spark of new life came into me. I have simce rebuilt my life and is about to graduate with my BSN and everything i do has purpose and it aint about me. I give my being to just doing a good thing and i leave myslef out of it. Cause i used to be that person whovolenteered and was a personal helper to the handicapped. Yeah, there was some good will in that but a lot of it was to boost my FAKE persona at the time. I was that football jock that had good grades and was head of the youth group at church and was headed for nirsing school. But all that persona building crumbled and thank god. Cause that old me truly died. I was reduced to leas than nothimg at my worst. I was not in good shape and thank god it was the best thing that ever happened to me because i am no longer prisoner to ego and the constant selfish need to fill my persona, the fake mask everyone sees and judges you by, because i know how empty it can be to live like that. But, time is irrelavant and my life as a whole, in my timeline, that trap was a big part of my life and a big part of me. So when i see it in others i usually hve a pretty strong response. Not only do i have a really good understanding of emotions and motivations, that was a very personal part of my life and it sticks out like a sore thumb when i see it in this case, i just assumed and was wrong. @ladypanther @LinvilleGorge i use this place to shitpost and get my steam off but i can also lay down some good thoughts from time to time and i dont care about telling my story to people and if it makes me look bad, im not afraid fo that anymore and my story is very hopeful especially to those who think they are truly down amd out for the count
  10. Thank you. I dont do it for praise or to even make myself feel good. Working a lot and doing something meaningful keeps me away from the bottle. If im doimg anything that feels like meaningless redundant and only about the money kind of work, i get depressed and i try to run away from it by getting fuged upp all the time
  11. Sorry i forgot what i wrote origionally. Yes i did attack his motives. Thats my mistake. After that origional post i was informed he tried to keep it a secret and didnt want to publicize it. I just assumed it was those organized fine print contract stuff where players make their rounds in hopsotials and the whole thing is recorded and its all for PR, or at least most of it is. Thats what bugs me the most. Again didnt mean to backpedal. Cause the pr bullshit where the players are made out to be saints cause they collectivly in a group go make rounds at a hospital and make awkward comments to the patients for the camera is stupid bullshit. If thats the case i might as well just log in my one hour a week and go the fug home. Not work the actuall 50 i usually do. That poo is fake and anoying. Good on horton.
  12. My frustration is not with Horton himself. Mainly the state of humanity and the human condition as a whole. And the numbskulls that thibk this makes him such a great person. This place is my outlet to act like a shithead. Ive paid out of my pocket $60 over the course of a few years here and there to all pro. Thats a madden game. I and clicks. I can be a sshithead within reason all i want. Its better than people a sshithead in real life. My main point was imo this doesnt make him a hero or something to celebrate as its basic human function My opinion was pointed pretymuch to those who were putting him up on a pedistal And i didnt even care that much but i had to explain myself
  13. Its just funny cause there are people who do a whole lot more and its just a daily thing. Like for instance i work in a old folks he on the floor where they can no longer do anything for themselves. I lift, feed, roll people over to clean their poo and piss off of them, advocate for them... list goes one. And i dont jave to do that either thats a choice of mine to do something good with my career and my time on the planet. Not a slight to anyone who has a different career. And i dont ask for attention or pariase infact i always deflect it its uncomfortable for me. But when i read stories like this i cant help bit to think to myslef “big woop dude..”. No one would care if he wouldnt play football. People like to put famous people on pedestals when they act with basic human purpose. Perhaps my shitty side comes on on this site and im a turd for pointing something out. But to me this isnt impressive and i dont look to him as some super hero for having an emotional connection to someone. Its fundamental to being a human. And these stories are just anoying to me. But it hits the spot for some people, the 95% who do not see the ugly side of life and are ignorant to it.