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  1. For the record i was in the minirity who loved and wanted this guy from the start
  2. How many times will the same question be asked different ways by making new threads?
  3. The Huddler

    Are we better at...(position)?

    Im strong with introverted intuition.. if you know what that is, cool, if not, idc and neither do you.. I see potential. If i see potential, im not saying it will come into frution.. hard to describe but i can pit things into a pinacle without explanation I could write out my resoning but its too much time and effort anyway.. heres my ideas about our rosters.. i differ from a few different very good posters. We are all on a spectrum with different gifts and insights, put those together collectivly and you have a whole. theres my gnostic message of the day onto the rosters QB. Better. Norv Turner and the fire burning in Cam with unfinished buisness HB. Better. 2nd year CMC with a brilliant offensive mind calling plays, add in a proven slippery bolling ball who rushed for 1000 yards last year WR. Better. Funchess, will be a stud this year. Samuel is on the feild in a great offense, vet presence legit deep threat in smith ( fug it. Send him in a streak every play. Toos of defenses will be off, even if thats all it does) AND add in the best WR in this class, beloved by steve smith. TE. Same, with potential to be better. Olsen is still olsen. Hes a technition. He may drop off but not this year, he also has that fire of unfinished buisness in him. Add in norv, which i think elevates everyone by a letter grade, i like. I think Thomas is the perfect guy to groom benieth him. OL. Better WILL BE ELEVATED GREATLY BY A COMPETENT MIND AND PLAY CALLER. No longer are the over conplicated run schemes or pass plays that take 4-5 secs just for cam to be able to diagnose. Plug in moton at LG i dont think we skip a beat. Kalil, stability, heathly. Better. Young tre turner in a good offense and scheme. Better. Williams, same as turner, better. Matt kalil, no more 4-5 second developing plays, ball out faster, yac guys, play makers.. better. Better the whole offense is better and elevated with a genius and innovator at OC. Say what you want at HC about him, hes back to his best spot as OC with us. Defense.. im lazy so ill keep it short. CB better... ozzing with potential. Theres vets in the secondary too. DL, fugin studs. DTs are best in league, DEs lead by the goat panther of all time. Some VERY SKILLED youth oozing with potential with HALL (dont give up on the next man up because he has several really good players that need to be on the feild, including a 11 sack 38 HOF ahead of him. Hall is that delicious slow cooker meal) saftey.. im worried. I HOPE adams stays healthy and doesnt fall off a cliff. The dude from tenesse is ok.. we have a rookie we really seem to like.. its a weak spot, with several FA still on the market.. and cuts.. lets take a sec to think about the FA on the market.. they want more than what they are worth. I cant name them off the top of my head but theres five names that are just sitting there they want money, 32 teams saying “nah brah” point is.. WE HAVE A fugIN STUD ASS FRONT 7. i love star, but with Poe, we have an ELITE interior pass rush that will make our DEs shine even more. If.. IFFF. The pass rush it dialed up where it needs to be, the long deep passes with be few and far invetween. We have the skill guys as CB to deal with quick passes.. potentially.. the biggest factor in play here is the removal of richardson and enter Tepper i think richardson is a curse imo hopefull for our first back to back 10+ win team pie me i spent too much time on this i should have been resuplying my coke lock up on GTAV
  4. The Huddler

    About the new stadium...

    Dont know why fans wouldnt want a bran spankin new state of the art stadium yall are really big dinguses
  5. The Huddler

    LaCanfora talks about the sale...

    Yeah..? The result of an incompetant creep old man making emotional senile decisions to keep his “boys”.
  6. The Huddler

    LaCanfora talks about the sale...

    Why the fug would fans give a flying poo how nice he is to his employees this isnt a “my rich man is more virtuous than yours” contest! I want this guy coming in here and puting serious pressure on people to be THE BEST. nice guys finish last, at least in buisness, and thats how a FRANCHISE SHOULD BE RUN smdh
  7. The Huddler

    Who's doing these Pads off vids

    Thanks man, I try.
  8. The Huddler

    Mike Rucker

    Im sure hes healthier than ever but damn these guys look sick as fug one word steroids
  9. The Huddler

    Navarro issues a statement

    Babies throwing their poopie diapies at me classic
  10. The Huddler

    Navarro issues a statement

    Im afriad of.... him not being niiiice!
  11. The Huddler

    Navarro issues a statement

    Cry me a river you big babies yall are just scared the panthers will move grow a pair
  12. The Huddler


    Time to put my GTAV skills to the test
  13. The Huddler

    Matt Moore as a backup option

    @Daddy_Uncle is this true?
  14. The Huddler

    Matt Moore as a backup option

    I miss guys like TRD and i really miss guys like bigfurykittyman or unclesfarts or whatever his name was.