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  1. Uniforms

    CLEmson better than anything but clemson lol i fogot clemson
  2. Uniforms

    uniforms aside, bevause we are always changing, i dont see how anyone in their right minds would think the color scheme isnt not notch. The dark maroon and the orange go so well together.
  3. Uniforms

    but, i will say i cannot stand our unis these lsu style unis are ugly. when we had a young tyrod and eddie royal and deangelo hall, those unis were the fuggin best
  4. Uniforms

    what? were orange and maroon the colors of autumn and our gameday statium atmosphere with the fall weather in Blacksburg is top notch nothing in the carolinas comes close to competing
  5. Field Turf at BoA?

    what kind?
  6. Field Turf at BoA?

    in highschool i played on brumuda grass i cant spell i HATED playing on fake grass
  7. Uniforms

  8. Uniforms

    I cant agree to agree with you. What i can agree with is to agree to disagree
  9. Uniforms

    Lol its one of the best
  10. Uniforms

    As long as we keep the way our numbers are im cool. I like the classic straight line style ravens... steelers... letters like those i do not like. Hokies had the classic numbers and changed to rounded and it makes me sick looking at them
  11. Uniforms

    black helmets over rated our silver helmets are the best in the league
  12. It is because you are a sooner girl, im sorry
  13. Uniforms

  14. Agreed. I put S ahead of RB and TE. We already have starters there
  15. SI.com's Albert Breer mock draft

    If we take a TE this is the guy i want has the best hands ive ever seen