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  1. Jets waive Quentin Coples

  2. lool, shitty quality, shitty view, im sorry. Someone please link or embedd the better version later.      but hey, at least i got that poo to you first, right??      
  3. Ill try and embedd it, but here is a vid i took of the entire interview: disclamer..  Im drunk. Its thanksgivong break so its ok. Dont make fun of my comentary it was funny to me     oh poo i just posted the link and it embedded.  Zod, good poo bro. Sweet. 
  4. So I Made a Meme of My Cat..

    Tatoo his eyes blue bro
  5. Is it weird i made a life size Cam Newton doll?    For uh...  
  6. Cam, if you read the huddle... Do it. Just do it!

    No he wont   he will protect this house
  7. Need the Huddle's help to get to SB50

    I voted   better fugin pie me. That took over a minite. 
  8. fug that. Idc   on to Dallas and on to 11-0
  9. I would like to be the first to say...

    Go Pack   this viking hype is fugin rediculous. I heard someone on Fox say, panthers 10-0, but we go to maybe the best team in the NFC...  
  10. The Way Cam Newton Played Today

  11. Atlanta Falcons.... RISE UP

    Rise up?   They talking bout their stink?  
  12. BigPlay Bene Benwikere

    Keep playing this mother fuger on the outside.   
  13. 10-OHHHHH so SWEET PIE!