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  1. Who is billy marshall? hes a good follow on twitter. Is he just a dedicated fan ?
  2. WP - Power Ranking

    How many wins did they rack up in their sshitty division?
  3. WP - Power Ranking

    Cool kids make me cringe. Btw, the falcons havnt played anyone. They played an overrated GreenBay team that also doesnt play anyone worth a sshit in their division, without Jordy, in their own stadium. Not impressive. They also almost lost to the bears. Good sshit NFL. Lets continue to give ATL freebies to get their confidence up. Theyll need it once they play someone worth a poop.
  4. All i know is that i know nothing
  5. Lets take a moment to appreciate the fact the CMC literally blew off that defenders ankles in the process of getting open.
  6. No. That could have been picked by the cutting LB. at the very least the wide open pass to CMC in the flat is the safest, and correct decision. Just missed him.
  7. 6.39

    Excuses!!! gtDamn Jeremy! took balls. Ill give you that.
  8. People only looking at personel wgen comparing to 2013,2015 defenses. Lol!! YOU FORGOT ABOUT THE BIGGEST FACTOR IF ALL steve wilks, A fugin stud of a coordinator
  9. PFF: Refocused Panthers v Bills

    Our D is so sturdy and strong
  10. Get them man children worked up! Clicks for days!!
  11. Never doubted him for a second. Hes a beast
  12. We get the wins, but we also get the unsatification of our offensive production. You could sit there and be cynical, or you can look at the bright side and realize that maybe the adversity offensivly will actually do this team some good. It feels like we lost, and the intensity and dedication to getting it right will be amped up. 2-0. 6 points allowed. Seems to me that we just need to get our rythm and execution down. That will come in time. Defense is the sshit.
  13. This will be me one day putting in the work for the ascent.