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  1. Trent Dilfer after MNF

    I doubt the team gives a fug who trent dilfer picks to win the superbowl dude. Are we really gunna make a thread everytime a numb nut doesnt pick us?
  2. Trent Dilfer after MNF

    One guy picks another tean to win the superbowl and we are up in arms? Get over yourselves. ALOT can happen between now and then and the Cardinals are a damn good team   not that im saying they are better, but not everytime does the best team win the dance or even get to it   who cares what trent dickhead thinks. Hes been a hater all along.    Lets just worry aboit 12-0
  3. LB Adarius Glanton

    Get used to it. We are gunna get poached from many different angles. As long as we keep our core and we have a GM who fills the holes, we will be constant contenders
  4. Last man standing pie!!!!

    Pie me
  5. Norman's Trash Talking

    This is litetally our turkey we ate     it fit our situation tursday perfectly  
  6. Proves hes not fake   hes genuine   he chose his faith in god over sins of the flesh  people will make fun of that but hey, you got free will   . 
  7. Panthers

    Yay! Lets play shitttty country music as we get oir fuchin as beat   -Dallas   let yo hair down n get out of town cause we suck   idk where romo throws i DONT WANT THIS NIGHT TO ENDDD   wait yes i do   -Dallas
  8. Panthers

    Thats it   mods delete and take sway my testicles!!   fug it   this is a half time panthers pie thread as we enjoy pie accross the nation     only half time   we WILL go to work    GO FUCHINn PANTHERSSSS!!!!