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  1. I like how people act Carson Wentz didnt play 3/4th the year and set nick folks up with a first round bye and homefeild advantage.
  2. "Vicariously I, live while the whole world dies, much better you than I"
  3. Huddle, check out his vids and diagnose him i wana believe i kinda believe!
  4. ^^^. Im not gunnq lie. The guy's other vids on his channel are suspect. My mother showed me this channel. I wana believe. His other big foot vids are convincing if you didnt see his other vids. Lol. Either he has a big foot body frozen or he has a friend with good special effects skills id like yalls opionion
  5. I am not suprised by the fact that the majority of saints fans are retarded they are literally the butthole of the NFL think of all the crap that drains into and out via watershed into New Orleans #mississippi
  6. Completly take out Panthers, its the most satisfied ive been with play offs fug dude whata way for the saints to lose.. and my poppop just died and hes an eagles fan so.. guess who i will be rooting for
  7. Lol im an RN what is it with heath care providers and alcoholism!! I am both!
  8. Case makes some head scratching retard throws trying to prolong possessions. I agree. Edit: Since its a meme at this point... i like Kenum. He has that Russell Wilson factor where he escapes crazy sacks and finds guys and the defense is left like wtf. But, he can make some head scrathing plays like "why the fug would he theow that?" Perfect for a team with a good running game and defense
  9. I think the rooney rule is fugin stupid you should be able to hire and target who ever you wabt without penalty
  10. Draw on 3rd and 4? wow such a good play caller