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  1. The Huddler

    Joe Person is good at his job

    Uhhh... is that you joe?
  2. Tepper is a known philanthropist how much are you donating?
  3. Thomas davis wont be able to linger around as he would if JR was here he can take a backup role or retire. Its Shaqs time.
  4. Freud sucks Jung is where its at
  5. Yo i was just making an observastiion while playing off of the same style of joking style you were comunicating you are projecting your own butt tightness onto me
  6. Im not gunna sit here and ignore the fact that the snickers marketing has you down pat. You see an angry guy, you think of snickers crazy world we live in
  7. The Huddler

    4% fat, 100% machine, 110% focused

    Its better to be very overweight than very underweight
  8. Im taking the falcons to lose
  9. The Huddler

    4% fat, 100% machine, 110% focused

    Yeah, you get down too low in body fat and that poo is dangerous
  10. Thoughts and prayers are like cake in a crisis we are bleeding out!
  11. Im so used to complete ass at tackle so Im not really sure what im seeing all i know is i like what i see
  12. Obsessing about KB means you are hurt hes gone idc if its denied or repressed. The sshit on this website is just constant attempts at validating why hes gone.
  13. Yeah he was kind of a dick but i would be too if i was constantly bombarded with people trying to get pics
  14. I got a pick with him but i was with my good lookin GF