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  1. Was nice seeing you at camp

  2. Kitten Mittens!! I love that show!

  3. Hi there! Things are going well on my end. How are you?

  4. Hi Lady. Just sending some love. We haven't communicated lately. How's it going?

  5. Happy Gameday! panthers_514x96.jpg

  6. Good to see you here, girl!!! :)

  7. Hi! Just thought I'd pop by and leave you a message. I promise to send you more pictures soon!

  8. new here...

  9. FYI - I bought a bag of the bite-size White Chocolate Reese's at Target this week. Yum!!

  10. He's good for a few things. :lol:

  11. Thanks! Scrum helped blur out the nips :lol:

  12. I like the new avatar. That is a pretty cool picture.

  13. Thanks! I did think in a few of them his throwing motion looked a little strange. Glad you enjoyed.

  14. Nice pics. Looks like Pat is breaking his arm in that one throw.

  15. If you want to check out my WVU pics, here you go.