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  1. Well let's just see how long they can keep up the poo show with poor talent and worse programming.
  2. Josh is a cool dude. That much is certain. He's a Redskin now, that means I have to hate him. That's how all of this works. Just like the players do, we can be friends off the field. You're on my team = GOAT / Not on my team = BUM
  3. Gettleman eating

    Does Joe ever take that backpack off?
  4. SI article on Keyarris Garrett

    Good read, I'm a fan now.
  5. They are actually taking a pretty big hit lately. People aren't paying what they used to. ESPN alienated their core audience by flipping to the info-tainment biz and charging for online content. More and more folks are choosing to cut the chord and I couldn't be happier to watch it all go down in flames. They are about a good 5 years from becoming MTV. No sports, just gossip and reality shows.
  6. Its the only thing the doom and gloomer's have to attack this level headed, well thought out post.
  7. The Bears Have Released SS Antrel Rolle

    They are the same age. Harper has grey hair, it doesn't mean he's 50 years old.
  8. Edmund Kugbila making a comeback

    He posted some things on Twitter. Hes well aware of what DG said. Made some cryptic references to his injuries. Wish him the best tho.
  9. Most likely no, but, that doesn't discredit his work.
  10. About those corners...

    The names aren't sexy, the positions aren't either. We drafted 3 of the same position in a row. We traded away picks. The analysts hate all of it. (Huddle does too) -------------- Above is all the proof I need that this was another great #Gettledraft.
  11. Cam makes another wish come true.

    Every. damn. time. wipes eyes