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  1. Panthers plan to Tag Josh Norman

    So we tag him unless we don't... got it.
  2. SNL does Cam and Peyton

    SNL has been forcing current affairs for about 20 years now. lost touch with their orinality long ago.
  3. Congrats Huddle: Campa1gn

    My best sea hack and Pats fan impression.
  4. America's second favorite team?

    Still not sure how the media works, huh?
  5. Peyton's got what 5 MVPs? 1 ring? yeah gonna be that same line come Monday morning too.
  6. Congrats Huddle: Campa1gn

    I still don't see how he beats out Wilson/Brady. but hey, we're still playing!
  7. If Ron Rivera Win The Super Bowl....

    I see what you're getting at but Hispanics won't get that type of treatment.  The Flores situation proves that.  I would like to see Ron get in on merit alone, not by breaking some socio-political barrier that only helps to appease the "see we aren't racists" crowd.
  8. America's second favorite team?

    People in general don't see what us rabid fans see.  They see the homogenized prepackaged media darling paraded around like a show bitch. most will never take the time to see him as anything else. fug his face, that is all.
  9. America's second favorite team?

    So, Cam haters are actually minorities? Ha!
  10. Cam's pregame cleats tomorrow

    Don't worry Cam's will be the first bust in Canton to be made of solid gold.
  11. At what point do I give up on sleep?

    I'll DM you my cell and we can giggle and squeee all night and keep each other company. ill probably get a little sleep at church in the AM but shhhhhh, don't tell.
  12. Eric Berry was awsome.

    I agree.  I was clapping in my living room. my 4 year old walk out to me and said,"daddy, I'm tryin to sleep back here." little smart ass...lol
  13. Conan...that poo not funny

    Cmon guys/gals, lighten up.  It's sports.
  14. Deangelo Williams picks....

    And that ladies and gents, is  what a menstrual cycle sounds like. (biiiiiitch-bitch-biiiiitch)
  15. ESPN 101.1 St. Louis: Kevin Greene

    He really does deserve it.  It's not really a question of merit but how strong the class is.