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  1. Your final predictions (#30)

  2. Peanut wants to play one more year

    Anyone else I'd say get lost. Charles Tillman, who will always be a Bear, could play for my team anytime any where any way he wants. He is a genuine good guy and a bonafide HOF'er. Come on back Peanut!!
  3. Beating the Heat

    Kemba is my dude. Lin is climbing the charts quickly. Love his hustle and grit. Looks awkward at times especially when he's thunder dribbling the ball in the paint with 3 guys all standing straight up! Lol. Anywho, Lin is a baller and I want Batum to stay, that is one smooth boss playa!
  4. Predict Gettleman's Day 3 WTF pick?

    Trade up using next year pick for person not 1 huddler has ever heard of.

    Um, it's required, under section 42 paragraph 3 line 1, "any huddler attending/watching the NFL draft must be inebriated..." we call it the PhillyB rule.

    That is a crust full of sadness right there. ewww
  7. Ranking 1st Round Success: The last 10 years

    Again with the quality posts. :thumbsup:
  8. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    As long as the name Henry is announced I'm good with it. Might get to hear it twice?
  9. http://espn.go.com/nfl/draft2016/story/_/id/15414561/ranking-best-worst-drafting-teams-round-1-carolina-panthers-houston-texans-top-list "It's no coincidence that more than half of the 2015 AP All-Pro team was selected in the first round of the NFL draft. That's where teams find talent, skill and athleticism rarely available later in the draft. Under the new CBA, these first-rounders no longer come at an exorbitant price, so hitting on a top pick also provides more value than a similarly productive free agent. So which teams have hit more than they've missed? To answer that question, we utilized Pro Football Reference's Approximate Value (AV) metric to break down every first-round pick over the past 10 seasons." A pretty neat list. I cant say I disagree with any of their selections. How would you rank them?
  10. Hornets Win PIE up 3-2 Now

    Well I'll be damned. The bugs pulled it out. Lets get it done now.
  11. Dom trady

    It's dumb enough it'll probably work.
  12. Well KB_fan is a wife. Lol Ladies like football and spreadsheets too guys!
  13. those cobras have had their venom sacks removed. come to think of it, that further validates your point on the effect Getts has had on the hyperbole and vitriol as of late.