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  1. Vampire the buffet slayer


    Calm down dude. It's the internet. Wow we might have our next shooter.
  2. Vampire the buffet slayer


    Lol, that time a Bernie supporter tried to murder a field of congressman. Cherry pick all you want, this thread started with a simple question and all to Hitler, Stalin, Min, loving communist have gone insane, triggered, whatever you want to call it. It is quite entertaining, However I have to go to dinner with my wife and enjoy life. So I will leave you all, either living in moms basement, or enjoying the freedom and government t assistance I have provided for you and say good night.
  3. Vampire the buffet slayer


    Lol, remember when the Bernie support tried to murder 10% of the GOP Congress, yeah that your people. Not me and mine, just stay off my property bro and you'll be fine.
  4. Vampire the buffet slayer


    No, idiot, you were alluding to my response to fryfan. Jesus, if it wasn't so fun to trigger to retards I wouldn't waste my time.
  5. Vampire the buffet slayer


    Yeah I know, entering a thread you have no idea how to answer the question proposed and then continued "I'm a gun owner so listen to me" bs, expecting anyone other than your circle jerk friends to actually take you serious. Triggered as fvck.
  6. Vampire the buffet slayer


  7. Vampire the buffet slayer


    Can you not see that I posted a question that had no political bias and you and another "liberal" poster both insulted me for no reason, yet I'm the bad guy. Look in the mirror dude.
  8. Vampire the buffet slayer


    Yeah, red Ryder bb guns don't count you virtue signaling cuck.
  9. Vampire the buffet slayer


    So now liberal is a insult? You must prefer socialist or communist now? And all the other insults came to two posters including yourself after you had already insulted me with no prompting. Snowflakes can't take what they dish.
  10. Vampire the buffet slayer


    I'm bent out of shape? I asked a question, and was insulted by now 4 liberals. I did not insult anyone before I was. Yet I'm the crazy, bent out of shape, unstable one. If you guys have no idea of the cost of guns or mods then don't reply. I'm the unstable one, lol.
  11. Vampire the buffet slayer


    Okay. I asked a simple question and was insulted by 3 liberals And I'm the one that's unstable. Yeah...... And antifa isn't antifascist, they are brownshirts.
  12. Vampire the buffet slayer


    Well we've got to get ready for that pussyhat wearing antifa backed civil war you liberals want. Just getting ready. Lol.
  13. Vampire the buffet slayer


    Goddamned snowflakes.
  14. Vampire the buffet slayer


    Just bought this one, already with mods, paid 800. Did I over pay or not?
  15. Vampire the buffet slayer

    Concept uniform, good, bad, or ugly?

    I mean it looks cool, I guess, but in the same sense I feel bad looking at it.