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  1. Gettleman says BPA philosophy changed this year.

    If you want to look at what some of the scouts thought about Bradberry Bob Mcginn rated the top 10 cb buy what scouts told him, yes the same scouts that said Eli Apple can't cook. He had Bradberry rated the 10th best corner. Whole article here
  2. Chris Gamble to announce 2nd round pick

    It will probably be the most he has talked to anyone since he retired. Put Jake up there, at least we can laugh at the way he pronounces the name.
  3. Bob McGinn's top 100 players

    He has ranking for each position but not for overall top 100.
  4. Bob McGinn has been covering the Packers forever and each year has a breakdown of each position with scouts views and quotes on each player in the top 10. Here is the top 100 he has. If you want to see his breakdown of each position check here. Pretty good insight on everyone and what the scouts think.
  5. Dark Horse Pick: Shilique Calhoun

    Transfer ??? You sure you not thinking of Spence??? And he was a 4-3 DE and Michigan State.
  6. Dark Horse Pick: Shilique Calhoun

    Calhoun might be the best, yes the best, pure pass rusher in this draft. Right now that is all he is. He tries hard against the run but is just to little. Most mocks have him anywhere from about 40 to the middle of the 3rd. If you can get him to gain 15 to 20 lbs you have got a Demarcus Ware. If he can't he is basically Mario Addison. Ware is worth the 30th pick in the draft, Addison is not. It just depends on if the coaching staff fells like he can add 20lbs and keep that quickness and speed or not.
  7. Which free agent corner do we bring in??

    You guys do know, after the draft, there will be some players cut. Remember the Panthers cutting Keshawn back in 2007. It happens every year. The guys will be older or have a big cap number but there will be a few guys out there that their team feels like they just drafted their replacement and will cut them before the team sees the rookie on the field at all. Wait to panic after a few guys get cut. Then panic all you want.
  8. I don't want Derrick Henry's poll or anyone elses for that matter. That might keep some people from coming to my house but that's ok.
  9. On your prospect meeting by position thread under CB you have listed Zack Snyder.  It's Zack Sanchaz from Oklahoma.

    1. Ken


      fixed. thx.

  10. Your Draft Sleepers/Favorites

    At cb Zack Sanchez and Eric Murray. Both play zone very well, Sanchez has gotten a ton of int but Murray is a much tougher player. Sanchez should be gone by the end of the 3rd so not sure how much of a sleeper he is. At safety Justin Simmons and Kevin Byard. Both are really FS but Byard is a much better tackler however Simmons has much more range. At DT Hargrave and Quniton Jefferson from Maryland. Both are extremely quick off the snap. Hargrave is not much of a sleeper though and may be gone by the middle of the 3rd. Jefferson has all the talent in the world he just seems to turn it on and off at will. Usually coming into the NFL and getting the money does not make guys more motative so if you are lazy in college you are probably going to be lazy in the NFL. At WR Chris Moore. Big and fast. Drops passes and has no idea how to run routes. The routes part can be taught, the drops part he will have to work out himself.
  11. Zack Sanchez visiting

    This is a dirty guy I can get behind.... But in reality he is very good in zone and a guy I could see the Panthers taking in the 3rd.
  12. You can't always go by combine or test numbers. If you look at the numbers, Treadwell should be no better than a 4th or 5th round pick. But when you watch him play he is the best player on the field against any team he plays. If you really want to see if a player is good or not check out There you get to see the good and bad parts of every players game. Russell is kind of hard to target. He was suspended for a year from ND for cheating on test and last year was either really good or got burnt like toast in games. Bit of a feast or famine kind of guy. Jones might be the best punt returner in this draft. He is small. Sometimes he gets lost in zone coverage as well. Then there is the whole Alabama cornerback thing where they only really play 2 coverages and they have to learn alot of different thinks when they get in the NFL. But he is really good in man and will tackle. Just on tape, Miller could be a 1st or 2nd round guy, he looks that good. But he is little, like NBA basketball skinny little. He is 6'1" and maybe weights 180lbs. But when he tackles a guy they go down, his guy is never open, and no one beats him deep. Great ball skills and reads in zone as well as any corner in this draft. But then you look at the level of competition and can he do the same in NFL? That's hard to say. He will need to eat some cheeseburgers before he sees the field much anyway that is for sure.
  13. Are numbers like p0rn to KB??? Maybe I am a little strange but to me p0rn is like p0rn.
  14. Panther sign S Trenton Robinson

    I think this is just competition for Colin Jones. Jones doesn't really play safety ever and only plays on defense when we play the buffalo nickle package. Maybe this guy can actually play safety and play special teams. The loser of the competition probably won't make the team.
  15. Carolina Panthers Mock Draft Rounds 1 - 3

    We sign UDFA Gary Peters last year after the draft. He was from Clemson.