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  1. Cam can make more NFL history

    I think the original statement was a little off.  I think he meant to say 1st QB to be drafted 1st overall, win the heisman and win the Super Bowl for the team that orginaly drafted him.
  2. And then there was juan...

    They will still say we are the worst 11-0 team in the NFL. 
  3. PFF: "Luke has broken the scale..."

    Not to put a downer on all this Luke love fest but you guys do realize PFF did not start grading until 2007.  So LT and Ray in his prime are never going to be there because that was before they started grading games.

    Can you believe that the Falcons thought they were the better team at one point this year pie. 
  5. Norman Named DPOY at halfway point by NFL Nation

    I never beat off prospective suitors, I let them do that to themselves.
  6. To all the media out there
  7. Devin Funchess.. Turning point or headfake?

    The truth about Funchess is he is much closer to Lafell as a rookie than he is to Kelvin.  People saw what Kelvin did last year and they will hold all the receivers we draft in the next few years to that standard.  It's not realistic.  Lafell as a rookie had about 10-12 catches in the 1st half of the year and then had about 25 in the 2nd half of his rookie year.  He had to learn all the postions and understand the offense and that takes some time.  I expect the same thing from Funchess.  He had to think a lot in the 1st half of the year and it slowed him down and held him back because he was thinking and not reacting.  The same thing that happens to most rookies.  I would not be surprised if he ends the year as the best receiver on the active roster and has somewhere around 35 - 40 catches.  You cant expect for a rookie to come in and play like the best rookie receiver the Panthers have had in their history every time we draft one.  But to many people do.
  8. The Jared Allen effect... #sackscoming

    I was thinking about this yesterday and today.  When Johnson comes back at the end of November, who starts opposite him?  When we first got Allen I would have said him for sure.  But with the way Ealy has been playing the last 3 games, if you look at the philly game again he played really well,  I am not so sure you can say Allen would start on the other side.  Ron would have more options for sure but just wondering who might start on the other side?
  9. No. Its where i got the name but i just thought it was a funny name. I really dont like the show that much. How many pornstars having orgamasims can u here before u get sick of it. Well i guess alot but i got sick of the show.

  10. howard stern.....who's producer is nicknamed bababoey

  11. big fan of howard?