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  1. One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

    The issue is that MKG was supposed to pick up the defensive slack....
  2. 7th rnd: TE: Beau Sandland

    I mean the profile says "not highly recruited out of HS" so went to Junior College.
  3. Game 6 vs. Heat

    Was there. Nice atmosphere. Lots of ways to look at this one so I'm going with: played like dog poo. Marvin Williams no showed. Lin did not play well. Refs had a few really critical bad calls (and rough game, part of why Lin played so poorly). Miami made shots they had no business making. Batum was wobbled. No Hawes And hornets still only lost by a possession. Too bad bad we are fuged in Miami.
  4. Gettlemen offered Norman just above 10 mill per season

    Ehh Tillman was very suspect all year and he was being paid a couple mil. Washington will be playing JNo 15 mil into his mid 30s. Take Tillman for example. Great corner in his prime. But the wheels fell off nearly instantly for him. That's the risk with older corners. Their longevity is only better than RBs in the pros.
  5. Sideswiped

    I'm trying to figure out the difference between side swiped and blindsided. Pretty sure that's the word he meant to use.
  6. The players LOVED marty hurney
  7. Brandon Boykin playing outside?

    Question-- can we even sign a FA at this point without giving up our 3rd round comp pick we get for JNo? That would "even" us out in 3 gained, 3 lost in UFA. Seems like Amini or whomever needs to sign elsewhere. I don't know how all this comp pick stuff works.
  8. Gettlemen offered Norman just above 10 mill per season

    Teams can value players differently depending on how they fit their system. We could have a Grade-A quality second string TE and we wouldn't be opening the pocket book to pay them, whereas some other team might. Gett just isn't paying 15 mil for a CB. Doesn't matter if it is JNo, Revis, or Deion Sanders in his prime with a time machine that fast forwards to today.
  9. Deangelo Williams throwing shade at Gettleman...

    I wish Tomlin would come on and tell him to shut up again
  10. COLA - Charlotte to San Fran

    That's not what is going on with JNo. He wants to be known as the best and thinks salary proves that. Won't be the first time that ego has cost someone a lot of money and quality of life. Have fun out in SF with Blaine Gabbert as your QB. The other teams will be up on you and running the ball often, so you will have even less opportunities out there. When SF cuts you in 2 years, your value will be much lower.
  11. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    Gett always has the future of the team in mind. This is the right move and that will become clear in 2017 and 2018.
  12. This team really needs both of Batum and Lin but I think Lin walks. This is team is only effective with Kemba when there is another guy on the court that moves the ball. Whether that was McBob two years ago or Batum and Lin this year, the Hornets will sink to 35 wins very quickly if they don't have another facilitator and preferably two.
  13. Hornets vs Heat, Game 1 PLAYOFF GAMETHREAD

    3 assists in the first half.
  14. Are Expiring Contracts Motivation?

    Well Marvin Williams in year one of his two year deal was awful. And much better in year two, his last year.
  15. Blockbuster Trade in the Works

    Point is, I'm highly skeptical of guys that haven't proven it for multiple years. Game film catches up to many of these guys.