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  1. I feel terrible for Penaut and Allen

    I love the attitude and passion Allen brings, but I can't see him being that needed next year.  Peanut is better suited for the pure fact he can still affect a game with his ability to cause turnovers and I think he comes back.  I don't think we bring back Allen sadly for him, as he seemed like a great team player.  
  2. Is anyone legitimately surprised?

    I can honestly say I was shocked.  I didn't think the gap between the #1 and #2 defense would be so large, but damn if it wasn't.  They handled us with ease and I honestly thought we would dismantle them and hang 30 points on them.  If we didn't turn the ball over 2 times in the redzone, both resulting in TD's, they'd have scored 10 points on our Defense.  Just a mental collapse and poor execution this day sadly.  
  3. That image of Josh Norman crying

    Hopefully this feeling resides in Norman and he comes back to this team with that same passion and fire.  
  4. Cam pouting at the podium

    Just saw the interview at the podium...not a good look on him.  More fuel on the fire for people that want to hate him.
  5. We dominated in every phase of the game

    We lost the battle we have been winning all year, the TO battle.  It bit us big time twice, in our own redzone...we got beat by our best strength.
  6. I don't believe it is all over the place.  The offensive line needs work, but aside from that, we beat ourselves with drops, fumbles and mistakes.  This Defense played lights out for what they were tasked to do, and kept us in the game the whole time. We get KB back next year, Funchess gets a year under his belt, Bene gets back and we start off next year with more experience then ever before.  
  7. Kony Ealy

    I have no idea why they kept rotating in CJ, Ealy was the clear best DE.
  8. Hate to say it but.......

    The plays took way too long to develop.  With this fast defense they should have adjusted for quicker routes and passes to the safety valve.  Cam had time in the pocket all year and we were use to it...tonight they were just so fast we couldn't hold that defense back.
  9. Big congrats to the Broncos

    Ref's didn't help, but that Defense was absolutely smothering.  We couldn't finish anything on Offense aside from one drive.
  10. And he is more then welcome to post his videos over and over.  Dudes been doing them long before YOU signed up here and they have always been great.  Calm your tits and just enjoy the damn day.
  11. I have never seen Newton hit the keep pounding drum in any of these videos.  Has he done it in any panthers self made hype video?
  12. TD goes after Rodney Harrison

    Yes!  There is few men in this league that you can't punch holes in their game and character...and TD is one of them.  RH will have absolutely nothing to fire back at him.
  13. Thats great to hear, what ever happened to George? 
  14. The Kalil brothers swap info

    Check down Teddy almost beat them...yikes.
  15. Contain Ware, double Miller.  right?