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  1. Man I remember when I thought Beason was the peak of LB skill...and then came Luke.   We have always had VERY good LBs in this league...seems to have always been a constant with this team.
  2. Your feels... prepare to be hit

    Damn it Beason, you big lug.  Come home.
  3. I remember he and TD were really close so Im sure he'd love to come back in some role with this team on the staff.
  4. Getting Benji Back

    Getting KB back will be even better because now you free up Olsen even more then before.  Even though Brown and Ginn did well, doesn't mean you still shouldn't look at adding a WR, while they did well for the place they were put in, there is always room to improve at the WR position.
  5. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Hey, Im good with it.  Glad he did something at least.
  6. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Well if thats what he did, then I will shut the hell up. lol
  7. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Up yours, he does owe them something, they put up the money to help pay for the stadium he plays in, and helps pay for the team HE PLAYS FOR.  So yeah he does owe them something.  Its like selling goods and service, I pay for a service, I expect a little professional attitude.  Get out of here sucking his balls, I love Newton as a player and I know he does great for the community, but there are times when you gotta suck it up.  He hates the media, and I don't blame him, but the fans that have supported him thru thick and thin should at least get an acknowledgement.  
  8. Anyone greeting the team back home

    If true, thats good then, I was hoping he'd be better then that.  Even after a tough loss you have to know the fans are what keeps you going on Sundays.
  9. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Honestly, that post was not about him feeling better.  All of those people showed up on their own personal time to greet the super bowl LOSERS.  The least you could do to the fans that came out was to wave, fake a smile or do something to acknowledge that you appreciate the support even in a loss.
  10. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Newton got off and went straight to the parking lot.  Not cool.
  11. Uninjured; Do we beat the Broncos?

    Defense wasn't the problem at all, and adding KB wouldn't have helped that much.  I'd rather us do a rewind and replan that game.  We could have beaten that team with a solid game plan.
  12. Is Philly made of tissue paper?

    Philly is an undersized WR who plays damn tough.  Anyone faulting his effort and toughness needs to sit down.
  13. Perhaps a double dip in OT is in order this year...
  14. No, I want Payton retired, I want to play a BETTER QB then him, and beat the brakes off them next year.  Brock is technically a better QB, bring it the fug on.
  15. Sometimes the allure of winning the Lombardi a very real possibility can change peoples minds on how they want to be paid.  Not saying we are getting a discount, but perhaps a team friendly deal the first year and backload the contract?